Mobile Bug Fixing Ensues

Hey Folks! As we close launch day plus two, the flurry of PR activity is getting under control. I've caught-up on most of the threads and discussions (and reviews and questions) here and there. And while there are still others I've missed, this is a good time to start bug-fixing.

I've already had some fixable bugs reported, as well as good suggestions to improve the user experience. I can't solve everything just yet, but I can at least start.

One of the first things I want to see about is making double-to-to-zoom optional. I've received quite a lot of feedback on this feature, and many wish it weren't there (or at least, were surprised when it happened). And since others still like it, this seems like a good thing to add to the options screen.

I also started looking into ways to maybe increase the encounter art size in 4:3 screens, since the balance there tends to favor the text over the illustration. This one's trickier, though. Getting that stuff to fit is really hard, as even though it looks like there's lots of extra space, it's not quite enough to exactly double the image size. Even if the text is reduced to tiny font (half size). Other UI stuff like the message window and encounter items/options get overlapped.

So more tinkering is needed here before I can continue. Still, it feels good to be addressing even a few of the concerns that have come up so far. With any luck, I can reduce some of the pain points mobile users are having.

Have a good weekend, all!


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Ungodly amounts of crashes. Sometimes stays stable for hours, and then crashes, wiping out all your data, other times even crashes on start. Crafting is glitched out, does not allow me to create simple things like Medium string or put a strap on anything. Otherwise it has great potential, just not sure what will happen with it, so I'm not buying yet.

Edit: Something must be done about the resolution, the zoom in concept is nearly unacceptable on smaller phones.