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NEO Scavenger: FAQ


  • Where are my Save Games?

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    Windows XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\RandomString\PathToGame\NEOScavenger.exe\nsSGv1.sol

    Windows 7 and 8:
    C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\RandomString\PathToGame\NEOScavenger.exe\nsSGv1.sol

    Macintosh HD:Users:UserName:Library:Preferences:Macromedia:Flash\nsSGv1.sol


    In each of the above cases:

    UserName is the username you use to log into your OS.
    RandomString is a random string of numbers and letters, unique to each computer.
    PathToGame is the path to the NEO Scavenger binary. For example, if your game was launched from "C:\games\NEO Scavenger" folder on Windows, the path would look something like:
    C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\RandomString\localhost\games\NEO Scavenger\NEOScavenger.exe\nsSGv1.sol

    This means that moving the game to a new folder changes where the save games appear.

    Keep in mind that on some OSes, the above folders may be hidden, by default. On Windows, you can show hidden files following these instructions. Also, you may want to verify that "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" is disabled as well. It's possible that these settings make that folder invisible to the user.

  • My save disappeared!
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    We’re sorry! Flash can be annoying like that. Try looking for help here: Save Games: Troubleshooting.

    Common culprits are usually a browser, plugin, antivirus software or cookie cleaning software that are blocking or deleting local shared objects, in which case changing some settings or creating exceptions for the folder where NEO Scavenger saves are located will solve the problem. You may also need to make sure that flash is set to allow local shared objects and that you aren't launching the game from within a temporary folder or zip file, or from a different place than where it was saved. The troubleshooting thread linked above offers more detailed tips on how to address each of these issues and on how to determine which app is deleting your save games if you are having trouble locating it.

    There are also two occasions where it is normal for no save to be available:
    a) If you are playing the Demo, which has no save function, or
    b) If you died, in which case, your save disappeared because this game features permadeath.

  • I'm having trouble with the Linux/Mac/OSX version.
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    The thread for Linux problems is here. On some distros, Linux lacks many of the libraries NEO Scavenger requires as a Flash app, causing launch errors, but looking through the thread may be a quick way to find solutions that worked for other players.

    The thread for any Mac/OSX problems is here.

    If you're still running into trouble, don't hesitate to ask for support!

  • I have a different technical problem / I found a bug.
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    The game is being actively supported and updated with bugfixes post-release, so don't hesitate to report any issues in the official tech support forum.

    Here are some useful things to check and/or include in your post, that will help the developer help you faster:

    1) Has this issue already been reported?
    Searching the forum may yield an answer faster than posting a new thread.

    2) Which OS are you using?

    3) Which version of the game are you playing?
    Are you playing the demo, the browser version, the DRM free download, or is maybe your problem specific to Steam?

    4) What steps (if any) caused the bug to happen?
    If there are reliable steps for causing the bug to happen, please list those with your post.


  • I don't like permadeath! Can you enable multiple saves / save points?

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    No. Permadeath is a core aspect of NEO Scavenger’s game design, so it will not change for this particular game.

    However, you can keep your saves safe by copy/pasting the nsSGv1.sol file in a different location, and then copy/pasting it back in after death.

    There is also a player created save game manager that you may find helpful here. (Thanks, Banjo!)

  • I die all the time. This game is too hard!
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    That's a normal reaction and nothing to worry about. ;) NEO Scavenger isn't a forgiving game. However, if you feel really stuck, here's two quick tips that may help:

    1) Your hero is an average Joe, not a hardened warrior. Going into fights guns-a-blazing is usually not the best of ideas. Eagerly fistfighting everyone around will get you killed sooner rather than later. When faced with risk-reward decisions, remember that (like in real life) when you die, you die. So be careful, use common sense, be vigilant, play defence, make smart tactical moves. If something looks dangerous, it probably is.

    2) NEO Scavenger isn't the base building kind of survival game, it's about roaming around with the few things that you can carry and surviving day to day. So pack light and move about a lot. Staying in one spot for long is very rarely a good idea (and that includes the Cryo Facility at the very start of the game).

  • Blue Rot is unfair and incurable!
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    Yes, it is unfair, plagues are mean like that. No, it isn't incurable. To deal with it you can take the kind of precautions that may protect you from infectious, airborne diseases and/or try to find its cure, which is actually an interesting part of the game's story.
  • What do I do next?
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    NEO Scavenger's story will never hit you over the head. There are a few specific quest-type kind of moments, where someone may ask you to do something for them, but these are only a small part of the story. There are hints hidden everywhere if you pay attention though, so read all texts carefully, chat with NPCs and pay attention to different appearing hexes as you roam the wilderness.

    It also pays to remember that you cannot access all of the available story and lore content in one single playthrough, no matter how thorough you are. To get a better understanding of what is happening to Philip and the world you need multiple playthroughs, with different builds, making different choices.

  • There's this story encounter where I always die.
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    There is always a way to survive encounters. If you have really tried all paths and still keep dying, try approaching it as a puzzle: What hints does the text give you about what would help in this case? What skills/items/knowledge would it make sense for someone to have, in order to get through this? There is always a viable answer to the problem (or usually a few of them) and common sense will often get you surprisingly far.
  • Oh no, I've been exiled!
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    It's okay, happens to the best of us. :) That is just one of the ways the story may unfold. Your game isn't over, there are still plenty of places to go and things to discover, and you can still access the endgame. No, you can't get back in now, unless you do as the game tells you and wait a whole year.
  • I have a suggestion. What if you added....?
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    With the game now finished, big feature additions or gameplay changes are highly unlikely. However, making suggestions may still give the developer interesting ideas, and maybe they can help shape the next game Bluebottlegames tackles.

    There are however plans for enhanced modding support for the game post-release, and there are already some great mods for the game. So if there is something you really would like to be added / be different, try modding it or look around the modding forum to see whether someone already has.


  • Can I get a steam key if I bought the game elsewhere?

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    If you bought the game from the official website, your Steam key can be found in your download page.

    If you bought it through Desura or the Groupees Be Mine 5 bundle, unfortunately, I've had to stop giving out keys to these customers in the wake of Desura's bankruptcy. Without any way of verifying purchases anymore, there is no way to separate legitimate customers from folks randomly asking me for keys. If it's any consolation, NEO Scavenger is pretty regularly on sale these days for 75% off. Typically that's less than 4USD for a copy.

    There are currently no plans to offer steam keys if you bought the game from other DRM-free stores, such as

  • Will you add Steam achievements / Steam Workshop?
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    No, sorry. Due to engine limitations the developer has explained that this unfortunately won't happen.


  • How do I install a mod?

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    Some modders have specific directions on how to install their mods. In case they don't, this is the general way of how adding a mod works:

    1. Download the mod.
    2. Decompress the mod.
    In order to decompress / unpack / unzip the mod file on Windows, you will need a program like 7-Zip, WinRar, etc (similar free programs exist for Mac and Linux users). You probably already have one such program on your computer. If not, you can download one, they're small, free and useful.
    3. Find the game folder, the folder where NEO Scavenger is installed in your computer.
    (For the Steam version: Go to your Library, find NEO Scavenger, right click, find Properties, go to the Local Files tab and click Browse Local Files.)
    4. Copy the mod into the NEO Scavenger folder.
    To make this perfectly clear: What you need to copy is the *content* of the unzipped mod folders (from step 2) into the game folder (from step 3). Don't copy the whole mod folder, copy whatever is INSIDE the mod folder.
    5. Overwrite the "getmods.php" file.
    (When you copy the mod files in step 4, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the getmods file. Say yes.)
    6. Start the game.

    *This process will only work if you download one mod. For using multiple mods, see the next question.
    *Remember to uninstall and reinstall the game before installing a different mod.

    The main thread where the developer explains installing mods is here. If you're more the visual type, there's a guide with screenshots on Imgur (thanks money123451!) and also a fan made video tutorial.

    Most mods for the game are announced in the modding forum. Some can also be found at Nexus. You can find a regularly updated list of mods and their status, with basic descriptions and links here. (Thanks Kaaven!).

  • Can I use multiple mods?
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    That's a more complicated question than it sounds. Here's a general answer:

    Big, complicated mods that change many aspects of the game usually don't work together. They overwrite too many of the same things. (Extended NeoScav and MmoD are a good example of two mods that can't be merged without extensive reworking as well as balancing issues.) However smaller or more specific mods may work easier with each other or with bigger mods, if they don't both change the same aspects of the vanilla game.

    In order to use more than one mod, you need to merge their getmods.php files. This post by the developer and this fan-made guide (Thanks money123451!) have some basic instructions on how that works. Again, please remember that not all mods can work together, so even if you do everything right, your game may still fail to load due to mod incompatibilities.

    So to use multiple mods together you have to edit some files yourself. If that looks and sounds too complicated to you, that's because for some of us it is. ;) Thankfully some modders may have already done the work for us. If they have, there is probably a note of that in their mod's thread, telling you which other mods their mod is compatible with and providing you with already merged getmods.php files. Some players may also offer their ready-made merges (with different combinations of mods) in the Modding Forum.

Further Development plans

  • Will there be translations/localizations? Can I help translate the game?

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    Unfortunately that isn't possible right now, mainly because the engine cannot load non English fonts. If you are curious about the details, the devlog for January 2015 has a number of posts on the subject.
  • How about a tablet version?
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    There is both an iOS App Store and Google Play version of NEO Scavenger available.
  • Will there be a sequel?
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    Yes, the developer plans a sequel of Philip's story further down the line. At the moment he is working on a game that takes place in NEO Scavenger‘s solar system. If you'd like to learn more about it, you can follow the development progress in the BlueBottleGames devblog.

Other Questions

  • Can I make a Let's Play or similar video of this game and monetize it?

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    Yes. Here's your official permission slip.
  • What is the Yukon Edition? Can I upgrade to it?
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    The Yukon Edition used to be a time-limited way to support early development. It is no longer available, and there is no way to upgrade to it. As a thank you to those generous early supporters, it included a unique item called the Jar of Screaming Eyes. That item is also no longer available. Which is okay: while it was a nice item, you are not missing out on any game content for not having it.
  • I have another question.
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    Ask. :) There is a friendly, helpful community hanging around these forums, and Dan is a dedicated developer with a hands on approach, as much as time permits. Someone will be around to help you soon.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Is there anyway i can make traps,(Cage traps, Deadfall Traps, etc.) So i can protect my base or capture animals?



No. The only "trapping" in the game is using the squirrel trap as a scavenging tool in order to get small squirrels, and even that isn't all that helpful unless you're really starving or as a supplement when using botany as your main food source. As for base protection, NEOScavenger isn't really the base building kind of survival game, it's more of a roaming about - discovering stuff - hobo simulator. ;) That's so by design, which is why there is really only one actually safe location in the game, and that only while you pay. :)

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

If possible can you tell me the meanings of the code phrases in the game files?

Here are some that I "THINK" are correlations:

aContentIDs = containertypes

vProperties = itemprops

nGroupID = treasuretable

Hey James! FYI, if you want to see some more data file info, check this thread out in the Modding Forums:

NEO Scavenger Modding Documentation

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I have been trying out the mods for a few months and i really want to play them all, but i found i am blocked from most of them since the modders do not update or just gave up completely, so could you make a place to download the older versions so they can be compatible?

Hey will10219! Sorry to hear that some of the mods have fallen behind. Unfortunately, keeping old versions of the game on the site isn't possible, since there are too many. (Each version requires 7 copies of the game to cover all platforms and editions.)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

ok, well if you can't do anything thats fine, but if you can at least do one old version it would be much appreciated:)

If you already own the game on the computer is there any chance of you being able to get the the full game on the phone for free because you already have it on the computer?

@Fat_Ass_8, unfortunately, no. There are a lot of barriers to overcome in making that happen, and I'd still probably leave some people out and/or give copies to the wrong users.

A lot of folks ask about this, and it's got me wondering: have any other games successfully done this? I ask because this seems like this directly violates Apple/Google policy. Not to mention, both severely limit how many keys you get as promo.

Like, did Terraria do this? Minecraft? Day-Z? I'm genuinely curious.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Sort of...ios users are pretty much left out in the cold, but much like how on pc you can sell a game on steam and still offer a drm-free copy fine, making an apk of the full version available is an entirely doable thing, if you look on the humble store, cosmonautica and cook,serve,delicious both grant the apk and the pc copy together if bought there, and out there omega's preorder included the android version as a bonus as far as examples I know of...a mass gifting to all pc owners regardless of where they bought it however, would probably be a far more complicated thing

If I'm not mistaken, you can install a game from downloaded file on android, I've done it for rebuild 3.

hey guys... just signed up to this site and made an account because I have no idea what a (homeTec "fireguard" compact fire extinguisher) is used for?... (obviously for putting out fires!..."duhh!" lol... but is it useable for that purpose?, and used in any crafting recipes? :)

(EDIT) personally if I had a fire extinguisher I would use it as a makeshift crucible for a furnace! (if its a steel one!) :D oooo look at mee!... mr iron man! lol :'D

(2nd EDIT) ps... love this mod! (neo scavenger extended mod) :)

Hey Striker,

If this is about the NSE mod, you might have more luck asking in the modding subforum, on the subreddit, or the discord channel (links at top of website, and on contact page).

Hope that helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hey, another question.

a) as a player, what will the haxe engine do for me?
b) as a mod author, what will the haxe engine do for me?

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Until it's ready, a lot of this is theoretical. But the list looks something like this:

  • Faster performance - Haxe actually uses the GPU for graphics, whereas Flash rammed everything through the CPU. So framerate should be higher and more consistent.
  • Real save games - No more need to save Flash cookies and deal with the numerous cookie-clearing issues. Save files and preferences will now be saved to the hard drive like a normal game.
  • Better Linux support - Ability to use hotkeys in fullscreen mode on Linux, which Flash could not do. Hopefully fewer driver/library issues, as well.
  • Better save/load integrity - I can't be 100% sure on this, but I suspect some of the corrupt save game issues may be due to Flash. Particularly in data-heavy saves.

Ultimately, it's an honest-to-goodness desktop app now, instead of a web app being played through a projector.

As for modders, I don't know that there is any big difference yet. I'm trying to make sure old mods will "just work" as they did before. The performance improvements might enable more mods at once, or more complex mods. And depending on how things go, it might be possible to dump log files when loading. But it's too soon to tell.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I tryed to change music and I did (changed names of all of them to names of the files that were in side there before) but it won't work. can anybody help me fix that problem??????

ja sam ja

This probably won't make a difference, but are they all in mp3 format?

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)


ja sam ja

How is the Haxe port of NEO Scavenger going?

I know that Ostranaut just released in EA, but the last post I saw about Haxe was 2 year old.

I am also interested in this, especially with the deprecation of Flash.

Adobe is within their rights, but I'm pretty sure there's a lot of silent resentment at them.

Thank you for reading this.

I bought this game on my phone with the same Apple ID I use on my iPad and it won’t transfer. It won’t let be even buy it again and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

@WhippyDino, sorry for the issues getting it to run on your other device!

There should be a "Restore IAP" button on the main menu Options screen. Clicking that should refresh the app's in-app-purchase status and restore full version. Let me know if that helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games