BBG Website Awakens From Cryo!

It's Alive!

The BBG website is back online, stumbling from its cryo pod like a hapless amnesiac. Only instead of a hospital gown and amulet, this website's got some fancy new duds. And new tricks!

The Newsletter

First of all, we now have a newsletter! At the bottom of most pages, you'll now see a sign-up form for the BBG newsletter. In it, you can specify whether you want to get email updates about NEO Scavenger, the upcoming Space Prototype, or both. (Or neither, I guess.)

The newsletter will mainly be major announcements for each of the selected interests. Things like new builds, release announcements, contests, or that sort of thing. I expect these will be pretty infrequent, except for maybe build alerts when a game is firmly in beta. The rhythm is TBD, but I don't like spam, and I expect none of you do, either. Probably only a handful of announcements per year. And we'll dial that up or down based on what feedback I get.

A New Games Page

There's also a new top-level games page! With a new space prototype soon to be announced, it was starting to require a better way to show the BBG game list. So we now have a dedicated Games Page. Newest games will be first.

Fan Art

And we have fan art! I've been wanting to do this for a while now. And now that the new site is ready, I finally have a home for NEO Scavenger Fan Art!

There are only a few in there so far. Enough for me to test out that it works. But more are on the way. And if you have some of your own, let me know by email!

No more 401 Errors

Most of you won't notice or care, but some of you will thank the gods. The old site had this nasty case of throwing up 401 Permission Denied errors if you typed the wrong combo of words in your post. You'd have to use trial and error, editing out words left and right before you could post again, and by the time you were done, it was like...well, really annoying.

No more!

Bells and Whistles

Plus other stuff:

  • Tagging - News posts now have tags for easier searching/browsing! (Only applies to new posts from today onward.)
  • Better Worldwide Caching and Performance
  • Steam Quotes
  • Snazzy New Non-Boring Homepage - Now new visitors won't arrive at a wall-o-text. The homepage looks like an actual game page!

Plus some other stuff I'm probably forgetting. And it'll continue to evolve as we work out the kinks.

So take a look around, let me know what you think. Hopefully, this makes for a more enjoyable and functional experience for all!


Rovlad's picture

Shortcut icon for the site is missing! It's there in the page source code, but not on the server. - file doesn't exist.

dcfedor's picture

Nice catch! I hadn't noticed due to my browser cache.

I've added it to the theme settings, and it should start to appear as your (and/or the CDN's) cache expires. I think you can force it by searching for something new (unique URL).

New one is:

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Rovlad's picture

Yep, it works now.