You survived 3.39 hours

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You survived 3.39 hours

So after my last horrible run ended i decided to try to get better results i made my character less of a fighter more of a runner bad choice. first hex i go on to look for some supplies i encounter a dogman... A DOGMAN can someone turn on the benny hill theme? Fast foward about 6 minutes of Using RUN and RETREAT and i escape it then me being me i go back to the town and what do you know he is still there. I am a true idiot i get killed by the dogman because he cut up my leg. I think i have came up with a slogan for this game "Welcome to NEO Scavenger where the dogmen wait around every hex." i hate dogmen. i really do.

- A friendly neighborhood scavenger -

I think the dogmen must be queuing up at the Cryo Facility waiting for their turn at the next poor new sap to step out the window and get eaten. Still, impressive that you've been running from a dogman for about three hours. That's some stamina! Shows what the right motivation can do with athletics.

Dogmen 1: dogman 3 get ready here comes another sap trying to scavange that area!
Dogmen 2: that one look's juicy he don't even have a weapon too easy!
Dogmen 3: i'll take this one down!
Dogmen 4: why does he get the new ones and i get the ones with the rifles?
Dogmen 1: shutup dogmen 4 we all know dogmen 5 died a brutal death being punched to death by a naked scavenger you are his next of kin so i expect you to avenge him!
Dogmen 4: i hear that guy gave up on life because he was strong enough to murder a dogman naked with his bare hands while naked.
Dogmen 1: i would kill myself if i was able to murder the alpha without using my claws.
Dogmen 3: wait i should be going after that guy.
Dogmen 2: too late he just found a rifle and 20 bullets.
Dogmen 3: well crap.
Dogmen 4: i hate it here.

That would be there average chit-chat before the feast about the scavenger killing himself after owning a dogmen with his bare hands that was my best playthrough i was doing so good i managed to kill a dogmen naked with my bare hands after that i drank as much poop water as possible i survived 25 days and i was selfless i was hoping i would die from a dogman clawing me to death.

- A friendly neighborhood scavenger -

I managed to kill a dogman with nothing but the hospital gown, a pot and some whisky. I expected to die, so I got roaring drunk and went in swinging. The dogman ran at me, tripped up and I managed to break its arm and have it coughing blood before it got up. After that some good luck for me and terrible luck for it left me unscathed and the dogman dead.