Game Footage, Store Page, and Admin

Hey Folks! Bit of a mixed-bag today, as I tied-up some loose ends.

One of the top priorities was to get some game footage to Josh (trailer producer) for cutting into the trailer. Yesterday's tests left us with some workable settings for capturing mobile game footage, and I had about 5 files to upload. Some crafting, map movement, freezing, bandaging, scavenging, and combat. There's still more to record from our wishlist, but this is a good start, and gives him a chance to test drive the footage for issues.

I also reviewed Josh's (composer) latest ship-editing track. And as usual, he delivered the goods. I told him it conjured images of a draftsman hovering over backlit ship schematics with a cigarette into the wee hours of the morning. Which also inspired me to scribble some new notes about the space game.

I stumbled upon the Google Play developer page settings today, which is a bit alarming. The amount of stuff I accidentally discover in publishing a mobile game is worrisome :) But I guess the good news is that I discovered it now instead of later, and there is a nice blurb, logo, and background image for my company now.

In the meatworld, I managed to get my internet service scheduled for the new house, as well as post office change of address/forwarding. Both were a lot less painful than expected, though I reserve judgement until both are actually in process :)

It was actually a pretty productive day, in retrospect. Not any coding, but a whack of stuff that needed doing got done!


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For clarity and brevity I suggest the terms "audio-Josh" and "video-Josh". :-)

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Not bad! I may have to start using those :)

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