Mobile Help Screen 1.0

Hey Folks! I managed to get a first draft of the help screen done today, but not before Windows/nVidia decided to make my life difficult.

I spent the better part of my morning trying to understand why the game was suddenly running at 5-10fps instead of the usual 30-60fps. None of the relevant code had changed. I didn't update any library versions. The computer appeared to be working normally. Restarting, rebuilding, and release/debug didn't seem to make a difference. And it was only affecting me, not Tiago.

After several hours of scratching our collective heads, I decided to check the Windows Update History. It appears that Windows 10 tried to update my nVidia drivers the other day. Without asking me. And worse, it failed, without alerting me. I guess my PC was just using a software renderer after that, because manually updating the driver indicated I had no previous version installed.

It's nice of Windows to be updating drivers and all, but c'mon! Let me know if you nuke them out from under me!

Anyway, that's fixed.

And then, I was able to resume working on touchscreen help UI bits. Here's the current draft:


Not that anyone will ever see it :)

It's not exhaustive, by any means. But it's a sort of cheat sheet that quickly gets some info across, and hopefully those completely lost will find their way here. NEO Scavenger mobile isn't much of an improvement in intuitive usability, I'm afraid. But on the other hand, I think it maintains the same sort of "once you get it, it works well" utility.

Also, I have no idea what I'm in for with the mobile crowd. I barely knew what I was in for with the PC crowd, and I'm a member! Here's hoping the mobile users have at least a drop of patience with my clunky UI choices :)


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Yep, no one will ever see it, can confirm that. ;) But other than that it doesn't look too intimidating from where I'm sitting - which admittedly is not a good position to gauge new player reactions from. The only thing I had to look at twice was the Precision Drag (I have to tap THEN hold to drag&drop? Or is that toggle dependent? Still not sure.) But it still sounds like a "can get used to it" thing. We'll all find out soon enough. :)

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Thanks for the sanity check/insanity verification :)

And the pick-up/drag/precision drag thing is probably easier to demonstrate than describe, but it's pretty easy once you've tried it.

  • tap an item, it gets picked-up and just sits there until you tap/drag/hold.
  • tap a picked-up item, it drops at tap coords, or returns to where it came from if no space.
  • drag an item, nothing happens.
  • drag a picked-up item, it follows the finger and drops when released (or returns home).
  • tap-and-hold an item, a context menu opens (rotate, take/drop, destroy, use, etc.)
  • tap-and-hold a picked-up item, same as dragging a picked-up item, but it offsets a bit above fingertip so you can see small items better (my fat finger always occluded lighters, and I couldn't see what I was doing while dragging, so this feature was added)

Tiago reminded me to add a stack/single help blurb, and that reminded me I have no such indicator without a cursor. I'm going to make a cursor toggle button for it like the take/use/destroy one currently in the UI.

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