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[Solved] File not found.row:0


I just downloaded the .tar.gz file from humble bundle and extracted it. When I run ./NEOScavenger I get an instant error

File not found.row:0

The copy/paste error is

Error #2032

File not found.

I am not running any mods and the demo was working fine.

v1.14 3/1/2016


Im assuming you're running Linux, and I know almost nothing at all about Linux, but till the dev can get to this post, you may wonna take a look into the Linux troubleshooting thread here. Some Linux players have to install some dependencies before the game runs properly, and there might be helpful posts that walk you through that in there.

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Thanks linibot, I am indeed running linux - Ubuntu 16.04

I've checked that thread already. I installed the dependencies suggested there so I got the demo running fine. The actual game boots too, I just get this error from the game itself (which seems like a mod related error from the other threads)

Also a couple minor unrelated points;
- It might be an idea to package the game contents within a folder within the tarball - I untarred into my Downloads and the files went everywhere (tarbomb). Although unlikely, this can overwrite existing same named files.
- In the humble bundle, the DRM files are under the game title 'DRM-free builds' with the correct author and OS types, while the steam key is under the game title 'NEO Scavenger' with no author or OS types. Might be a little confusing for new customers.

Okay, I think I have an idea now, the Linux thing threw me at first and made me not question whether I'd seen this one before - which I have. ;) It hinges on this: Does the game run normally? Because if yes, then that is not a real error.

Copy/pasting the developer's answer from here:

The 2032 error is indeed a missing file, but this may not be a problem. By default, the game will look for neogame.xml, the old data format. Since v1.1, this has been replaced by separate .xml files for each data type, instead of neogame.xml. It just looks for neogame.xml first for backwards compatibility (e.g. old mods).

So if your game is running normally, please completely ignore this error, it is basically nothing more than a notification at this point.

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Hi linibot, thanks for your continued support.

The game does not run properly, loading is stuck at 0% with this error before the main menu can load. I cannot ignore it.

I do not have a neogame.xml file (as I would expect with the latest release) to even test.

I'm sorry to say that this is about the point where I'm out of ideas. Aside from uninstalling and reinstalling to ensure that this isn't something as simple and random as a corrupt download or a corrupt decompression (which I assume you have already tried), I don't know what else could be causing this.

I appreciate how cooperative you have been despite not being able to run the game at all, so my last suggestion would be a quick email to Dan (the dev) with a tech support request pointing to this thread. The developer is a one man team and his resources are spread pretty thin these days, so occasionally it pays to get his attention outside the forums. Alternative ways to reach him can be found in the contact page.

Thanks for your patience and I hope this get resolved fast for you.

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I ran into the same issue (file not found.row 0, with the 2032 error code). I had noticed some comments in another thread talking about how sometimes there were difficulties locating files via relative/partial paths, so on a lark, I decided to try running the executable via a full path rather than a relative path. To my (pleasant) surprise, this appears to have worked. I was able to successfully load the game, created a new one, chose abilities, and picked an action for the initial choice in the game. I then saved and quit, and tested restarting, which also allowed me to continue properly.

To make matters simple for me in the future, I just created a shell script with the full path of to NEOScavenger in it , although that is clearly optional.

Hopefully that trick will also work for you.

For reference: I also downloaded from the humble bundle, was running v1.14, and am running on a Debian system (unstable/sid, so no particular version that would make sense).

Full path execution worked first time - never would have thought of that!

Thank you unidave!

Brilliant, thanks unidave. :)

Making a note of this in the linux thread, to make it easier to find in the future.

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