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Bug: Send Me a copy

1)Doesn't seem to work. Sent two emails via this website and i ticked "send me a copy" and both times it didn't work.

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Hey layarion,

Thanks for the heads-up! It's possible that this is a bug in the site code, but unfortunately, it's also possible this is a problem with spam detection algorithms on certain mail providers. Ever since this spring, emails from this site have been ignored periodically on certain providers. While most cases have been limited to MS services like Live and Hotmail, Yahoo has a similar detection system which could be affecting things.

I was able to setup my site's mail server such that these services started delivering the site's emails again, but I've recently had another set of outages, and I'm probably done trying to solve such technical issues.

Instead, one reason I hired a web development company for the site redesign is to hopefully tackle this problem by having the site built by competent professionals, and not me :)

I think the best approach here is to see if this problem persists when the new site launches, as it will be essentially a completely from-the-ground-up rebuild on a new hosting provider with new email settings.

Also, sorry for the delay in responding! Been bunkered down on the new project, managing the web dev firm, and mobile port lately, and have admittedly been neglecting forums.

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