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Debug Menu/Console/Mode

Since this is my first post on this forum, I'd like to start off by saying "Hi there!" to all scavvies out there!

And now for my suggestion: I'd love for the game (At least while in beta, much like Caves of Qud) to have a debug menu or debug mode available, so that we could test out different things and see if it breaks.

A few things the debug system could be used for:

  • Reveal the map.
  • Reveal enemies.
  • Spawn items.
  • Spawn tiles or cities.
  • Spawn enemies.
  • Give the player diseases.
  • Harm the player.
  • Give/Remove the players skills.
  • Give the player the option to not die, if he should have ordinarily.
  • Set quest status.
  • Reveal encounter outcomes.

It'd make the process of finding bugs less of a hassle, without having to play for hours to discover the odder ones.

This seems like a good idea, perhaps not now but when bugs are a bit more frequent.
One thing that seems to be missing from this list is "Show all locations", where location-related encounters occur.

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