A foreign friend!

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A foreign friend!

Hello! I am a player from china.Today I accidentally came in this site.I found there are many players here,So I registered an account.In China,Not many people play this game , we are gathered in a place called“tieba” together to play,I wish I can find some friends here!
(My English is not good,so I am sorry!)
With my best regards.


Ok, who took my campfire?


Welcome to the forum, wqinsgg!

It's true, we haven't had many players from China coming to the forums, but it's nice to know you have your own NEO Scavenger corner in tieba. :) If you or your friends have any questions about the game, need help with anything or have a story to share, please don't hesitate to post!

(And by the way, your English is good enough, no apologies necessary.)

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:)I used translation software,(not all!)so there is no mistake.I have some friends in tieba,but they don't know I registered an account.well,the forum have some chinese players?In tieba,there are some good players,they can solve our problems,One of them made a mod,the name is “Doomsday company”(uhh...My translation skill is not good haha.)Do you know this mod?And I want to find a foreign friend to play and talk together,Do you kown QQ?I think we can play together.

well im also from another country and im also a foreign, im probaly the only player that plays this game here ._.
But i aint from your country...Lithuania

Ok, who took my campfire?

Ok.I know.uhh...I think you can recommend this game to you friends.I recommend,too.but they seem don't like this game.haha

One played it and hated it, too hard even though its supposto to be like that xD

Ok, who took my campfire?

I recommend this game to a girl,to my surprise,she like it.but she hardly ever play now.