Hiddden Complex?

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Hiddden Complex?

Hello All,

I was getting ready to download this monster of a update when I stumbled upon something interesting. Under the NEO trailer there are three rows of pictures, in the middle row fourth picture from the left there is a picture called "Discovering A Hidden Complex". It's definately an encounter but you cant read all of the text cause the picture opens up behind the trailer. Anyways it's killing me wondering if anyone has seen this encounter in the game or not. No spoilers, just wondering if there is another plot encounter out there that hasn't been discovered. That picture can't just be an accident from deleted or lost content that didn't make it in the game, out of all the pics that could of gone there.

That pic is indeed a new encounter, but it hasn't launched yet. It's one of the major encounters in the new content build that's coming up.

Most of the new content won't have illustrations yet (unless you want to wait 2 more months :), but a couple will.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games