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I DID IT, I DID IT, PHILLIP KINDRED, You. Will. LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE. (I know this isn't really that monumental, but- IT IS FOR ME AND I FEEL GOOOOOOD! 3 freakin' days of making freakin' tea to sell to feed myself, and uhh, pay for nano robot treatment. (By the way, any of you consider that abit exploitative? I dunno, I think making tea for profit could be a legitimate practice in the wastelands.) BUT I LIIIIIIIIIIIIVE, ohhhh, I haven't been this happy in a game for awhile. THANK ALL THAT IS SEXY AND NUTRITIOUS AND uhh... I'm gonna go keep playing.

And I gotta say, I'm almost glad to have taken such a long break from this game, it's a real joy to have that sense of adventure and discovery again, and I love what's become of the game. Praises to you sir Daniel! Glad to be back. :D

Welcome back! And, you're not the only one - by far - who comes back to this game nowadays, too.

And sure congratulations beating the odds. Now, you gotta be smart and survive the rest of... Hm. Yeah, well. Fat chance...

Hehe. :D

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Hey! Welcome back to both of you. I don't think selling tea in this is exploitative, I think it's one of the few long term skills people should choose (botany). Not everyone can be a heartless, stone cold wall of clubs and bullets you know!

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)