This game is a fighting simulator, right?

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This game is a fighting simulator, right?

I think the best run I had was about 2 runs back, when I picked Melee, Tough, Athletic, and Strong, along with Myopic/Metabolism and Near-Sighted/Botany.

Beat the hell out of the first dogman in the cryo bay so bad, I went over and took the surveillance video as an item. Shit... that tape is worth 50 bucks and bragging rights.

I stumble out of the bay into the world... and lemmie tell you, no one prepares you for the crazy that happens. So, I managed to scrounge up a shoe and a plastic bag in the first town I got to, and tried going east. No further then one square away from town, I meet a so-called "bandit" with a rifle.

Dear God, he's got a gun! :O



What do I have... A shoe, a hospital gown, a grocery bag on my back, and a dogman beat-down tape in my hand.


What ensued was a fight that lasted until evening, with me beating the ever-living crap out of him... for 5 hours (YES , 5 HOURS)....... WITH A VCR TAPE! He managed to ran away once, and I ran out of points for my turn and had to wait one turn to track him down and tackle him. And damn... was it graphic. I punctured his lungs by breaking his ribs and gave him a concussion, WITH MY FISTS/TAPE; not to mention the bruises, cuts, and blood coughing he was doing. He ended up passing out and I just kept wailing at him (presumably screaming word salad, because that's what you do when you're in full blood-lust) until he died from brain trauma.

Got his gun, pants, shirt, and other shoe.... along with a ketchup packet, which I promptly ate; Ketchup never tasted as good... ever.

Ja Pierdole, Ale Faza.

Epic +1 for having a tape that didnt shatter on impact with another man's skull. :D

that is really cool. i actually have been going the other way. tracking/hide/stealth. can avoid almost all conflict. cool that you can do it both ways

go forth

Another day, I was having a similar build to you, beat the crap out of every living thing (could handle even dogmen pretty well, due to having medic, too).
Yeah, but then i met him!
At first it looked like one of those weakling looters (feeble, frail) with a gun equipped so i charged at him.
Suddenly *BOOM*-Dead...
The gun was loaded and he gave me a shot right to the heart.
Life's not fair.

No its not, no its not.
Funny how everytime i met somebody with a gun, i always was like-HOLY POOP COVER! and then, they ran away...
And one time, i decided to follow...
I managed to get close to the ''somebody''(looter) and then he shot me (from 1 move/turn away) IN THE FREAKING HEAD.