Crew Debugging

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We ventured out into the city for an indies meetup yesterday, and met some really nice people! Let me tell you, it is so nice being in a place with other game professionals. I forgot what talking shop felt like after 4 years in the woods :)

Today, I turned my attention towards the crew interactions. I've been having a bit of trouble telling what's going on when my crew interact with things and each other, and I finally decided to start working on a UI to show feedback on their current status.

So far, this meant repurposing the dialogue window at the bottom of Crew Sim mode so that it was a rolling message log, like in NEO Scavenger. Now, it'll show the portrait for the current selected AI, and any messages that were triggered while selected. It doesn't clear when selecting a new AI, so the message log just grows and grows, with different AIs' messages listed in there.

I'll probably want to adjust this so it only shows the current AI's messages, and this might mean storing a message log on each AI. This would also allow me to see not only current messages, but to dig into the past a bit.

I'd also like to add some AI queue info, and maybe some stat bars or other feedback to help me debug. And I suspect a lot of this could find its way into the final game for user info.

It was a really boring day of work, though. UI is not fun, and even Unity's fancy UI system has some hurdles to figure out. Plus, it was like the hottest day ever today. (Literally, this may have been a record high for April.) And working in the attic takes its toll.

Anyway, I'll be continuing on this tomorrow. And if I can get it such that AI are more interesting to watch, maybe I'll post some animations or images. And if not, maybe I'll sprinkle some more inspirational mockups from the artist :)

Anyway, hope everyone has a good night!


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According to my attic experience in summer you'll sit there in underpants with towels to soak up all the sweat. Good luck with that.

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