Did I just screw up?

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Did I just screw up?

So I was just north west (about 7 or 8 hexes) of the sprawl looking for loot when two humanoids land on my tile.

First one is a looter, who tries to attack me but is quickly dispatched by the other stranger. The stranger has a whiskey bottle and is moving towards me, so I threaten him (I have a loaded hunting rifle and a composite bow equipped) and he doesn't respond, just keeps walking towards me.

Now, this is my longest ever played char and I don't want to die stupidly, so I unload on the bastard. I kill him then realise, he's an ATN Warrior. I've still never even seen their base yet in any of my playthroughs.

My question is, will that entire faction be hostile to me now? As far as I can tell he was a lone wanderer and I killed him in a relatively quiet place (DMC guards were kicking around but that's it). I really hope I haven't angered the tribe.

I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think killing just one of them will make them immediately hostile. I'm sure if you keep killing them that will change, but mistakes happen and I'm pretty sure that they'll overlook one or two.

Aye but when that 'mistake' is, I shot his face off, then whilst he was bleeding to death, stunned on the floor, I bent down over him and strangled the life out of him.

Then I butchered his corpse and ate off a slice.

So yeah one mistake.

Oh...well...cannabalism....yeah...that's bad.

In my experience, as long as you're not close to the ATN Enclave and you left no survivors or witnesses, you should be fine.

~ S1eeper

Yes it turned out to be fine. They welcomed me in and cured my wendigo cravings.