NEO Scavenger Price Increase, and Launch

Hey Folks! I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that I'm nearing the end of NEO Scavenger's beta/Early Access. Once NEO Scavenger switches to "released," the price will increase accordingly from $10(US) to $15(US). So if you were planning on purchasing NEO Scavenger, you may want to do so now.

Why the Price Increase?

The current beta/Early Access price of $10 was meant to reflect that the game was unfinished, and may have missing features or content. Because of this incomplete status, and the possibility of bugs, the price was discounted for folks who wanted to support the project and didn't mind the issues.

However, now that the content and features are complete, and the focus is on the last few bugs and balancing, the price will increase to $15 to reflect its finished nature. This price puts NEO Scavenger roughly in the middle range of indie titles, with several notable examples both higher and lower in price. I think that's a fair mark to aim for, given that NEO Scavenger has received much acclaim, but also has some flaws.

When Will the Price Increase?

The date will depend on how soon I can upload a stable build, but I'm expecting it to be within the next week. Strong possibilities are Friday, December 12th, or Monday December 15th.

Will the Price Ever Change Again?

It may, and I reserve the right to apply discounts or participate in bundles at any time, but that's likely a long way off.

Will Development Continue After Release?

I'll probably update NEO Scavenger after release with bug fixes and enhanced modding support. However, more content and features are unlikely. I want to make sure the released version is as stable as possible, and that modders can do cool things, but I'd also like to start exploring new projects. So basically, I won't be abandoning it completely, but I will be ramping-down effort as I start to move on to "the next thing."

I totally reserve the right to add a new feature if I can't resist, though :)

What Is "The Next Thing?"

It'll depend on many things, including how well NEO Scavenger does, how the market changes, and other factors. Probably the first order of business is to take a long vacation and recharge my batteries. However, I usually get anxious to make stuff before too long, so I'll probably start looking over my list of project ideas to see what makes the most sense.

Possibilities include a tablet version of NEO Scavenger, foreign language translations, a sequel, a different game in the NEO Scavenger universe, or maybe something completely different. Probably in that order of likelihood.

Thanks Beta Players!

I'd like to thank everyone sincerely for their support and feedback as I developed NEO Scavenger over the past 3+ years. It's been a long haul, with its share of highs and lows, but I'm really amazed at what NEO Scavenger has become. I truly couldn't have done it without you all, so thank you!


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you are so welcome!
I may have not been here the whole time but the past 3 months i have played so much and enjoyed so much thank you for making this game. if you could hear me i would give you standing ovation.
This game is truly fun in a mix of old school and new fun ("old school" meaning you still get to use your imagination)

hopefully i will get to see a sequel...if not im happy

oh and a Zombie version would be a crazy thought?

"I did it for you"

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*does a little dance* ;)

Time to pick up some Christmas presents it seems. :)

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I wonder how, in the light of final-phase releases, will the open entries of feature/bug tracker be handled. Should we expect, barring things mentioned under 'Will Development Continue After Release?' a feature/ticket freeze soon? Or are some of the major/critical-level entries planned to be put in in the next few days (unlikely, given how many of them there are)?

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Does it mean we should safely assume it's time to turn to mods for all our 'knives & lead pipes' needs? Can we hope to find that fake, realistic k***** (doubly hidden content!) of +2 against stereotypes in future installment of the series/another game?
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You're welcome, mate.

It's been a blast helping develop this amazing game with you, even with simple suggestions (still absolutely THRILLED we got modding!), and of all the "early beta" games I've bought into and been part of, it's not only been the best (and most fun!) game, but you've been the best and most awesome developer too.

I'm very happy to hear the game won't be abandoned after "launch" (IMO, there are still one or two things I think should be officially added, such as a basic "knife" that's long been missing) and that you'll continue to support modders who I'm sure will continue to add to and expand this game long after. But I'm hoping you have a fantastic and much-deserved break, mate, and wish you all the best!

Now, where's my dogskin hat? :P

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Just came to say congrats on the 1.0 release, and thank you for all of your hard work and community interaction on the development of this delightful game.

Also: I would play the shit out of an Android tablet version of this game.

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Congratz on finishing! Enjoy your vacation.

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Congrats! Lol yeah for finishing the game, actually was happy so it means yep this > Will you be creating an Mobile Version more specifically, an android version of the game?

Jaco here.