Stand-Up Desks, Bug Fixing, and OOO Tomorrow

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend.

One of the more significant things that happened here is that I've converted my desk into a standing desk. I've been struggling with neck pains for the past year, and finally saw a physical therapist about it. I was not shocked to learn that I had bad posture, but it was interesting to see how that contributed to strained neck muscles. Basically, my posture was causing my neck to work extra hard, and it rarely got a break to heal.

As such, I raised my desk to a height where I can work at it standing. The goal is to get me standing roughly 20 minutes out of each hour, and sit on a high stool/chair the rest. All with good posture. So far, I'm totally exhausted from being upright and on my feet so much. However, I also have less neck pain. Hopefully, this is just a matter of training my body to be less tired from the effort.

As for work stuff, I went hard on the bug-fixing today. I fixed several encounter bugs that were causing Hatter not to appear, Clearbone Valley to block item access, and St. James Parkade typos. I also fixed the issue that prevented keys from fitting directly into carry/hand slots.

Cleaning and dressing wounds (e.g. Haggerty or ATN services) got some lovin' today, too. There was a bug which caused said wounds to close improperly, which I think was a case of a missing update after the wounds were fixed. Haggerty's eye augmentation also had a bug in the rest benefits imparted, which allowed the player to be at full rest for several days afterward (and have a mismatched stat bar label).

NPCs were spawning without their equipment "weathered," due to a change I made in their initialization. So that should be fixed now. And battle now accounts for creatures that cannot run (e.g. pushing cart, crippled). Now, creatures who cannot run receive a penalty when escaping/preventing escape, and if the opponent cannot run, the creature gets a bonus.

I also added a new drug to the game, based on a player's experience in pharmacology. Warfarin (i.e. Coumadin) is a powerful blood-thinner, and can be seriously dangerous if taken. I've also changed pills to have no names on the pills themselves, just color. Medics will still know them by mousing over the pills, but everyone else must rely on the bottles' labels.

Finally, this is a heads-up that I'll be out of the office tomorrow. In Canada, we celebrate Remembrance Day on the 11th. It is also a holiday in the US (Veteran's Day). Both countries use the day to remember and honor those who have fought in service to their countries. Be sure to thank your armed service people if you get the chance!


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I like the "no names on pills" tweak... makes Medic a lot more valuable and totally makes sense too. I would not be screwing around taking Warfarin (digitalis!) without a damn good reason, though! Would love it be be useful in a sneaky "poison them" encounter sometime! :)

Take care of yourself, buddy... glad to hear the neck strain is helped with your desk changes, even if it'll take some getting used to.

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hope your neck gets well! :D

here's a few links to help with the new standing desk!
the link above is mostly about the same desk layout you're using...

And there's this mat (for standing) that helps increase your time of standing up! (mentioned in the link above)

hope this helps! ~cheers!

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Re: nameless pills, Kaaven actually beat me to it in his mod. So credit goes to him for the idea :)

And thanks for the standing desk well-wishes and tips! Right now, I'm awaiting delivery of my adjustable drafting stool, so the tall-chair portions of my day are unfortunately on a cheap Ikea barstool that bruises my butt. Butt relief soon!

And I'm definitely still building the necessary back muscles to remain upright for a full day.

But most folks say it's a short adjustment period (days to a week or two), and not becoming a hunchback is its own reward!

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