Podcast Interview, and Triple Boot Success!

Hey Folks!

Recently, I spoke with Dan P, of Infinite Lives, about such topics as games we grew up with, influences for NEO Scavenger, school, work, and more. If you feel inclined to reminisce about days of yore with us for an hour, check out the podcast at Infinite Lives!

I also have some good news: the mobile dev box is finally up and running again!

As mentioned before, my old laptop is barely able to handle much more than plain text web browsing these days. And development on that box can be pretty slow.

I do have a newer MacBook Pro that I've been using for making OSX and Linux builds. However, it didn't have Windows installed. So when I finally bit the bullet and installed Windows, it clobbered my Linux bootloader.

It took several hours of finagling, many restarts, several forays into the depths of partition software, but I think I've finally got my Linux back. I can now boot into OSX, Lubuntu (Linux), or Windows.

The trick turned out to be reinstalling Linux after Windows has its way with the partitions. I had to setup a bootloader partition, a swap partition, and an ext4 primary partition, but once Linux installed on those three, the EFI bootloader was able to see all three OSes again.

Now begins the long process of installing the necessary dev software. Editors, servers, IDEs, Flash versions, Photoshop, etc. It could take a while.

However, it's good to know I've got a more powerful machine for dev on the road. And now, it can fully handle all platform builds!

Have a good night, all. And see you tomorrow!


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Hi, i know this comment has nothing to do with this post but.
You should add a mod index on the Nexus (www.nexusmods.com)
and you will get more advertisement for free.
and they have the Nexus Mod Manager, and if you work with them you might be able to make easy to install multiple mods.
-: With Love

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Hey Gabe71,

Yeah, I'm thinking I may need to look into setting up areas on NexusMods and ModDB for NEO Scavenger. Players can share tips here easily, but sharing mods and revisions is a bit harder. Those other sites might be a better fit.

That's something I'll probably research a bit once I'm back at the home office. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games