New Faction Work

I continued work on the new faction today, and focused on some of the wearable equipment they have. Similar to DMC guards, it helps to visually distinguish someone based on their clothes, even if it's not 100% reliable. Plus, it means some new toys and customization options for players!

Here's what some of them will look like in the field:

IMAGE( Cyberpunk browncoats? Biker cowboys? Only time will tell!

Not all will look exactly like this, of course. But many may wear such clothes and carry recognizable decorations and tools. I still need to sort out their typical loadout list, then setup their spawn region.

After that, I think I'll have enough to work with to setup their trading post. I just remembered today that I'll need to create some conversations for them, too. Even just placeholders, as I'm sure you guys are getting anxious for a new build soon :)

Rest assured that I'm trying to assemble all these pieces as fast as I can. It'll be good to get your feedback on the new faction, lore, backstory, and items!


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Do we have a new sheriff in the Punk Rock City?

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Also, is it only me or do he looks like he's smoking a cigar?

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I think this new faction is some sort of group of traveling merchants or some new breed of flashers... if they ask if you want to see a puppy, walk away.

lol wat?

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And hang out in abandon cinemas, with the occasional swings and round a bouts for fun..

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IDK, Kaaven, but I do know that I want that coat!

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Lol @ the street flasher. I, too, was thinking that when I was drawing the art for the coat. "They kinda look like they're jonesing for some indecent exposure..."

@Kaaven, I think you're right about the cigar, and it might be just the right combo of face pattern and the shoulder-slung bow.

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Oh boy, haven't commented on a while on Neo Scavenger's dev, but I thought this was "comment-worthy", not that the others aren't, I'm just lazy. Anywho, I just read a more recent post on the game's dev, and I now know that the "war club" is actually based off an Ojibwe war club? In my head, that just clicks you're going to add Ojibwe, no? I like the idea of the weapon and I love all the work thus far, but are you actually going to make "us" 'cyberpunk'?
I like the clothing and stuff, just preferably not so much the'clockwork-machine-y-high-tech-supposed-to-be-indians.... Just my personal opinion. If you don't mind replying, I'm just wondering on what this new tribe/faction is going to be like.
Other than that, just felt like congratulating you on your awesome work on being a developer.

Keep up the great work,
- Derpy criticizing Lambtic

EDIT: I forgot to add, I don't know really what I was thinking, screw original Ojibwe, if cyberpunk is what you want, I think it'd be kinda cool. You are the developer after all xD

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