More Item Work and Bug Fixes

I decided to do a batch of bug fixes this morning, to catch up with the latest bugs reported in the forums. Those fixes included:

  • Fixed degraded item outputs for noise trap, tunic, fires, and splint. (E.g. noise trap was degrading into rifles)
  • Added code to prefer cheaper/unsocketed items when using quick recipes. This should prevent more valuable ingredients from being used in recipes while less valuable ingredients exist.
  • Added code to identify items in stack when stack head identified. (Was just identifying top item.)
  • Added "water" property to water items, so only water can be boiled to make pure water. (E.g. not ketchup or corn-a-cola)
  • Added botany skill as required ingredient for tannin tea.

I also tried reproducing a crash bug involving hiding and combat, as well as a fullscreen exit bug, but wasn't having much luck making them happen. If I can figure out how to cause them, though, I'll get to work on fixes for each.

For the rest of the day, I continued adding new items and recipes. Here's what they look like:

IMAGE( A travois, broken glass, and the new whiskey drop.

The big, wooden object is called a "travois," and is basically a primitive wagon or sled. It's a long, rigid, wooden frame atop which one can put cargo (usually tied down), and the player drags one end while the other ends of the poles drag along the ground. It's not the most convenient transport, but it's possible to make with few tools, and it's better than lugging the cargo by hand.

I also created a series of items related to broken glass, seen below the travois. Ignoring the droplet, clockwise from top left they are the broken bottle, glass shiv, and shard.

The whiskey bottle is now an equippable weapon, roughly on par with a branch/stick. It'll break pretty easily in a fight, though, and might even cut the wielder. Once broken, the bottle becomes a broken bottle and some shards. Each of those can be wielded as well, and pose similar chances of breaking and self-harm in a fight. The broken bottle will further break into shards, while the shards dissolve into nothing. And that entire degrading chain can be forced via the crafting screen, if one just wants to go straight to the broken bottle or shards.

The shard can be combined with a flexible small or medium sheet to make a glass shiv, which has similar characteristics to the shard, with a much lower risk of self-harm.

Unfortunately, the self-harm can't be forced to the hands, so the cuts can appear anywhere. The shard and broken bottle items have "sharp point" and "sharp edge" properties, so they can be used like a knife in certain recipes. Also, most of the glass recipes use "brittle, rigid" properties, so if any other brittle/rigid stuff gets added, one or both of these glass pieces may be obtainable from that, as well.

Lastly, I decided to take some players' advice and standardize the whiskey drop to match the other liquids in the game. Now, it has the same size as water, but can stack 6x (as opposed to water, which only stacks 1x). This was more of a big deal when lighter fluid was around, as small droplets could be mixed in a container with no penalties. However, it'll be good to treat all liquids in a similar way, for consistency.

That's all for today. I have a few more items I'd like to do tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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It might be worth seeing what you can do about having injuries forced to a certain body part. I imagine that might become more of an issue later. Hopefully it can be fixed.

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