Plot Design

I took a step back today from specific encounter implementation, and looked at the overall story elements. I think a lot has changed since I started NEO Scavenger, so it was good to get a fresh perspective on the big picture.

I forced myself to answer some questions about premise, character motives, and geography/timeline, and I think I made some useful discoveries. The overall players and places are still pretty intact, but I realized some new things about them. I also have some new ideas as to how the story can be told with a protagonist that can't be predicted (i.e. letting the player make meaningful choices, rather than railroading then down a linear storyline).

I also had a bit of "guilty pleasure" time researching cryptids (legendary creatures) of North America. There are some really cool stories of creatures in our ancient (and often recent) history. Many creatures which seem to be untapped by modern games, so it should be fun to introduce them.

I've been thinking about moving the dogmen up north, so they're less common in the south, and the cryptid research was part of that move. If dogmen move north, I need to decide if anything will replace them in the south. NPCs will, for one thing. But anything else?

As it turns out, there are some good candidates for the southern beastiary. Some new northern neighbors for dogmen, too! I may not add them all right away, but it helps me get an idea for the way things are in the wilderness.

It was a good day for design, overall. Not a lot of final content was created, but some good structural elements. Looking forward to continuing this tomorrow!


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Very cool! Glad to hear the update.

Are these creatures mainly native american legends? From colonial times? Industrial?

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I'm looking at both native and modern folklore. Things the locals saw, or thought they saw in their own backyard. The kinds of things one might find in an episode of X-Files. After all, why make creatures up when local communities have already done that for you? :)

And in some cases, like with dogmen, the legend corresponds to both native and modern myth. Both peoples believed they saw upright dog-like humanoids in Michigan, especially at the edges of civilization. There's a lot of forest in modern Michigan, and even more so after the apocalypse. Plenty of room for all manner of beasts to grow unchecked :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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The mere mention of the word "cryptids" gives me the shivers. The good kind of shivers.