Stacking Progress, and Desura Cross-Play

I think I've got the stacking bug sorted out. I'm at the point now where all tests seem to succeed, using stacks in all the creative ways I can think of. One final test will involve just playing normally for an extended time, to see if anything comes up that I missed in unit-testing.

While I'm doing that, it should give me a chance to see if I can reproduce some of the "acid rain" and "endless combat turn" bugs people are still seeing. I'd like to get those issues fixed too, before uploading a new build. We'll see how successful I am in that regard.

In other news, I've also started working on some back-end changes to the website to support cross-play from Desura. I think I have a plan for how this will work, so I'll be writing and testing that code locally tomorrow.

That's it for today. Nothing too exciting, I fear, but it's work that had to be done at some point. It'll be nice once it's done, since I can then get back to the fun stuff :)

Have a good night!


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Thanks for the frequent updates! It's great to see swift development and good communication.

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I'm feeling a bit excited to hear about progress on Desura cross-play!

~The Pirate

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Nice to see this bugs being sorted out, also, like someone else already said, i too am excited about desura integration :). <a href="" class="js-hide">jocuri3d</a>