Power Outage!

Sorry for the delay in updates today, folks. We had a mighty wind sweep through today, and it must've knocked down some power lines. We were without power for about 6 hours, and the internet took a few hours on top of that to get sorted.

I managed to get a little done this morning before the outage, and stacking items are partially working. There are some issues with edge cases, including one infinite recursion bug. However, the idea seems to be working in principle. And the magic recipes are acting like normal stacks of paper!

I'm going to try to put in a few hours this evening to make up for lost time. Hopefully, we can get back on track. Never a dull moment in the mountains!


Dusky's picture

Magic recipes? I've been wanting to put a game in but just haven't made it a priority lately. But I'm getting excited now so Neo Scavanger tonight!! Is the stickied known bugs up to date? I hope so!! Just kidding!! lol

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