Smallpox, and More Content

I added smallpox to NEO Scavenger today.

"Smallpox," you ask? "Wasn't that eradicated in 1980?"

Almost. It was eradicated for all practical purposes. However, there are currently two stores of the virus on the planet, locked away in secure facilities, for purposes unknown. And while most feel that there is no "public good" reason for keeping them, including the World Health Organization, the two government keepers of the virus refuse to destroy them.

So what are these governments doing with the virus? And what happens when those governments lose power? Interesting question!

I decided to make the virus active again in North America, and wrote some new headlines to hint at the origins of the resurgence. It's been a while since I've added lore like that, and it was fun putting it together. I should do some more!

This was all part of the encounter batch I added today. And it was a pretty successful push. I have maybe a few dozen mini encounters left before I can start testing them. It's been a long wait since the last build, and it's meant a big slow-down in bug fixes and features.

However, I'm pushing to get this done as a top priority, given that more encounters/plot has been at the top of the voting page for months now. The game's overdue for more encounters. I just wish I could do them faster :)


pointsource's picture

Really nice, the more status changes and diseases, the better!

But I really think you should add the flu too, it's the most common infection, come on!!

By the way, I just received the post card with your lips printed lol!!

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Very true, third world countries get populations crippled by things as simple as the common cold. Smallpox might not even necessary when you can consider the things that can kill you without modern medicine to ward it off.