Help me make a squirrel snare.

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Help me make a squirrel snare.

Love the game so far, but boy am I hungry! This play though I took trapping. I have stringx3, branchesx5, a multitool, screws galore and yet I cannot construct a squirrel snare!

Is there something I'm missing? Do I have to hold the multitool, if so which hand?
If I don't hold the multitool, does it go in the crafting box?
Is there no multitool?
Am I off on the requisite number of strings or medium branches?

Really, I've been trying for 30 minutes now...



I missed this at first too, it's not obvious. You have to actually drag the trapping skill into the craft bar with everything else for it to work. When a recipe says 1x knowledge of something it means you have to put the relevant skill in. Also when you've made it don't leave it lying on the ground waiting to trap squirrels like I did. You actually have to scavenge a forest with it like you would use a crowbar scavenging buildings. Enjoy your tasty squirrels :)

Oh wow! Thanks, i had no idea how to use it, to catch squirrels, YOU SAVED MY SKIN!

Spreezy, thank you! Now it seems obvious! You're the best! Now I can plump up
and wait to be killed by a dogman!