New Encounter Work, Item Changes, and Spoiler Tags!

I finished testing and bug fixing the encounter I've been working on, and started implementing a new one. This next one is Cameron's first, and uses some interesting probability distributions in the outcome. Should be interesting to see how it works out in practice.

I also managed to finish the artwork for his encounter. This one was one of the fastest yet, particularly given the subject matter. It only took me a couple of hours. Similar pieces have taken closer to a day in the past, so this may be a sign that my painting is improving!

Item Changes

As mentioned yesterday, I've been making some changes to the item screen for improved usability. Now, items appear to fly towards their destination when clicked. I had to work out a few bugs in special cases (like when AI picks up loot), but it appears to be working now. This should particularly help in encounters, when items are awarded to the player. Items will appear from one corner, and fly to the item and camp buttons (or cursor, if appropriate), indicating treasure was awarded.

I also changed the treasure system to support items inside items. Now it's possible to award treasure that comes inside a container, rather than as a loose collection of items. Again, this is mainly to improve the delivery of awards in encounters, since sometimes awards get lost in the random items already in the hex.

Spoiler Tags!

Also, I finally added spoiler tags to the site! After reading yet another forum post where the user did their best to warn of spoiler content, it occurred to me that this is going to be a much bigger deal once additional plot gets rolled out. So now, one can designate spoiler tags by using [notag]

Spoiler: Highlight to view

[/notag] tags in their comment. This is how they'll look:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
More plot encounters are on the way.

Finally, players can share tips and story info in the forums without accidentally ruining the surprise for others!

That about wraps up Wednesday. Hope you all have a good night, and see you tomorrow!


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Great idea on the spoiler tags! One thing though. I'm using IE9 and the button is gray with white text. Unless I really look I just see a button with a white line on it. Perhaps making the text darker, like almost black, would help? Or maybe my browser just isn't displaying it very well, or maybe my eyes need to be checked :)

What's 1+1?

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Good point! I've adjusted the CSS so the font is darker now. Seems more legible, thanks!

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