Plot Work, and an Interview!

More "mysterious" plot work today. Writer's block got to me pretty early on. When it strikes, I just can't seem to think of or settle on encounter ideas and flow that I like.

Fortunately, I've found one way to help overcome the block: write some crappy text. It sounds silly, but it seems to work. I just start putting down whatever comes to mind, ignoring how stupid it sounds, and soon, better ideas start coming to mind. Before long, I can start replacing the dummy text with newer, better options, and really start to get motivated again.

The funny thing is, even though I know this technique works, it's really hard to force myself to commit dumb plot to paper. Oh well, I guess folks just get better at that with practice.

Interview on The Digital Fix

Also, an interview with me was published today! Jake Tomlin of The Digital Fix wrote a two-parter (Thanks Jake!), and the first part can be found here. In it, I talk about such things as quitting my job to start my own studio, inspiration for NEO Scavenger, and the state of the games industry.

Worth a read if you're interested in the subject of game development, or considering writing games of your own one day!


Stormdancer's picture

Nope, that's not a silly idea at all. If all you have in your head is dumb ideas, you need to flush them out onto paper, to make room for the GOOD ideas.

It really does work. NaNoWriMo helped teach me this trick.

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I've read similar things about brainstorming in meetings. Maintaining a criticism-free atmosphere helps everyone get ideas out there without self-censorship, and kicks things into high gear.

It would appear we are our own worst critics, sometimes!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games