What is the reasoning behind the lore and the beastiary?

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What is the reasoning behind the lore and the beastiary?

Hello again!

I was wondering was is the reasoning behind the choices of weapons and the beastiary?

It seems to be set in a relatively close future, but the weapons we get are old and rubbish even for our time. I mean, one would use a machete over a cleaver and I believe the former is more comon than the later. (machetes can be bought for 10$ at canadian tire for exemple unlike cleavers which are more specialised and mostly used by butchers) Same for the rifles...

Why dogmen? We all know that radiation doesn't cause a thing but terrible sickness and death. What is this cherokee none sense?

Talking about that, why the humor? Isn't a game that we are suposed to take seriusly. For exemple, the health system is very deep and realistic, the death system is very harsh, the game itself it pretty tough but then you have completly absurd newspaper and ''dogman'' roaming the world. Its ambigous, the humor with this kind of gameplay just doesn't make a good mixture. Fallout did it well, but it is not working here. I would personnaly go for the very dark and realistic path instead of that hermaphrodite.

Im a little bit worried about the direction concerning these points, I believe they are not very tasteful or thoughtful. These kinds of choices need a little bit of research and reflexion, otherwise its a mess.


I don't even know where to start talking about what's wrong here. I'm willing to entertain the notion that this game is a bit rough around the edges & needs to be refined - but that's kind of the whole point of the thing. As far as the rest...I hate to say this, but I don't think you're wired to really appreciate what's going on.

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Hey daedrick,

Those are fair questions. The most concise answer that I can give is that it's personal preference :)

The long version takes a bit more explaining, and I'm not sure where to start. Though I bet at least a few folks are also curious about my choices and plans. So I'll answer in the order you ask:

When does NEO Scavenger take place?

You're correct that it's near future. I didn't want to set it so far into the future that it feels like Star Trek, but I wanted it far enough that there would be cool tech to use, and time for the apocalypse to settle a bit. Think Rifts and Shadowrun, except the tech is harder to come by on Earth.

Why are the weapons so limited?

Time and budget, mostly. I didn't have time to add all the weapons I wanted, on top of all the other content and systems I needed to create. So I chose a handful of weapons as a starting pack, and I plan to add to them over time.

I wanted there to be at least one blunt weapon, one bladed weapon, one gun, and a fist, so I chose some of the most common household variants I could think of. Additional weapons, like the multitool, saucepan, crowbar, and sticks, were tools first. I just made them double as weapons, since it made sense.

Some day, I'd like to add machetes, carving knives, handguns, chainsaws, firewood axes, etc. But as you can see from the voting page, most folks would rather see other things get updated first.

Why dogmen?

This one's trickier. I'm hesitant to explain why, since it sort of spoils some of the story. You are correct that radiation is an unlikely source of mutants like dogmen. However, nobody said anything about radiation :)

Dogmen are primarily there to signal to the player that the world is not the mundane one you and I live with right now. As I mention on both the setting and feature pages, NEO Scavenger is a world with supernatural activity. There are going to be creatures and powers beyond explaining in NEO Scavenger, and I wanted that to be clear.

Again, think Rifts, Cthulhu, and Shadowrun, though probably not as over-the-top. X-Files may be a slightly better approximation. Mulder would call the dogmen supernatural, but Scully would say there's a more plausible explanation for them.

Why the Humor?

Again, it's more a personal preference than anything. I want NEO Scavenger to be grim, but I also don't want it to take itself too seriously. Some dark humor or absurdity helps break up the overwhelming despair. Even sci-fi horror films like Aliens add a little levity from time to time.

Also, real-life newspapers can be pretty absurd. I used to think the headlines in Sim City 4 were ridiculous, until I started seeing real headlines and thinking, "wow, these are almost worse."

Will You Like This Game?

I don't know. Probably not. I realized about halfway through this post that we've spoken before, and you were fairly unimpressed back then as well. You don't appear to like the art, the gameplay, the audio, the setting, nor the UI.

In short, you seem to want a different game than I want to make.

My suggestion is to wait a while, and come back some time in the future. There may be a day when I release a version that allows more modding. And if you're up for it, you can try editing out all the supernatural and humor elements. I suspect there are at least a few players who would also prefer a more "The Road" style experience, and that's probably the way to have it.

Sorry to disappoint, and hopefully you find what you're looking for!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for the answers, fair points and thanks for the links. I will do as you said.