Permanent crippling?

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Permanent crippling?

I've got this issue after encounter with Blue frog preacher - two serious wounds and criplled arm without broken bones. One wound completely healed in several days, meanwhile wounded arm still has "severe bruising, severe pain and crippled" status after two weeks of everyday medical care available, like new bandages, nanobots and hydrocodon. I've game ver. 1.13 and Patchwork mod v.0.98.3 installed.

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Sorry to say but this sounds like an issue of the mod, and the dev will probably not be able to help you with it. I've never encountered this in the vanilla game, and the patchwork mod is, well, a complicated patchwork of things that messes up too many things in the vanilla game to be easy to troubleshoot. You may wonna take it to the mod's thread, if it's still being updated.

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