Saved by the Martyr

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Saved by the Martyr

I was scavenging in the upper region of Michigan when three dogmen sprung out of nowhere and engaged me I managed to keep to of them away killing one of them with a rifle and injuring one. I forgot to monitor the third one who knocked me over while juggling between the targets. Using the light advantage of the extended neo scavenger mod I tossed dirt into the eye of one. I finally decided I could not survive with both of them right there. at the end of the turn there was a looter/stranger. he engaged one of them killing it, then the next except the second killed him, thanks to this random chance of a NPC entering the battle field I was able to escape the battle. I managed my wounds when the same dogman tracked me and I finished it with my spear. That was the end, I was alive, lucky, and I had a few new coats.

"People wonder how anyone can be an outcast out here...Hang out with me and you'll understand"

Now that's luck. I rarely see another human up there and the A handful for an Eye move only has a certain chance to appear but when it does, it can make a difference. I never go to dogmen territory unless I have a scent killer. :P

Pew pew pew!