"Are you REALLY really sure" for destroy cursor

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"Are you REALLY really sure" for destroy cursor

So I'm currently raging since I had accidentally switched to destroy cursor mode and clicked makeshift bag with tons of goodies inside. Everything is gone in a second...

Had three flashlights in that bag and sterilized water ;-; Why destroy cursor has to destroy everything inside bag and not just dumb them outside of it?

Anyway, yeah, would be good if it asked a question in case it was a misclick :P

I would suggest to use hot-keys instead of switching the cursor modes. This way, you will be much less likely to click on something you did not wanted.

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I actually didn't even intend to use cursor modes, I had turned them on by accident <_<;

I've done this too. I'd vote for either a confirmation message or an undo command, because the select/transfer/use/delete buttons are soooo small and close together, even on a full screen...

An undo command would also be great for an accidental click on Death Cap mushrooms or poison berries. I've done that too, and the punishment is out of proportion to the crime.


Poison berries, my @$$. I know Brussels sprouts when I see them.