Falling in Combat

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Falling in Combat

Not sure if it is a bug, but I keep dying in combat because I am constantly on the ground, Even if I am able to stand up, I seem to be falling 3-4 times more often the enemy in in my fights, even when I only use the standard attack (single melee) option.

That will most probably not be a bug. Sometimes enemy NPCs make overly use of actions like Tackle, Headbutt, Trip and Lure.
If it lands correctly, Tackle takes you down and makes you lose a turn. The same applies to Trip ( maybe you don't lose a turn ), while Headbutt and Lure only have a chance to make you fall.
It's also possible that, once you're on the ground, the enemy will kick you, making you fall again.

Of course, if you do keep falling to the ground constantly there might be something wrong. If that's the case, try to post a few screenshots/transcriptions of the combat log.


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Yeah, this could either be a really unlucky combat, or a bug.

As evil_genius says, there are a few combat moves that cause falling, such as tackle, lure, trip, and kick. If the enemy used any of those on you, you would fall. Also, certain battles are more likely to cause tripping, due to the "Terrain" rating. "Difficult" and "treacherous" ratings will make most people trip all the time, though only when moving around.

Do you remember at all what the combat log said? (message window at the bottom of the screen) It should mention if you were attacked, or tripped, etc.

It could also be a bug. There's a pretty bad memory bug in v0.951 which is causing all kinds of strange behavior, so I wouldn't rule that out. I have a bunch of fixes in 0.952 which may help, and I hope to get that uploaded this week.

Thanks for the bug alert!

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Falling down seems to be an active pass-time for the game's hero.

- He falls down constantly in the dark. I was an Eagle Scout, and when I was 12 years old & a clumsy nerd I was able to negotiate through the forest at night without a flashlight & not fall every 5 minutes. It's actually better not to have a flashlight if you're running around at night, because it kills your night vision.

- He falls down in combat. Alot. Even with the melee skill, he apparently isn't as coordinated as the garden variety thug. I've fallen down when my opponent was prone & nearly helpless.

- EVERY SINGLE TIME he sleeps, he falls down. Literally, he actually falls asleep on his feet & then falls over to hit the ground. It is actually possible to bruise yourself sleeping.

I'm reminded of that game KWOP when I think of how often I fall down in Neoscavenger. That's how I imagine the main character walking around.

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Oh man I'm Laughing my ass off after reading Khemehers reply.

It's true though you do spend allot of time picking yourself up lol

That reminds me, I forgot to mention that athletics also affects tripping in combat. Terrain has less of a chance of tripping a creature if that creature has athletic. I figured melee was more about your ability to attack/defend, but navigating rugged terrain would be better covered by athletic.

Some creatures, like dogmen, have athletic by default, so they'll trip less.

Also, it sounds like night blindness and tripping expectations vary from person-to-person. This post is one where players were actually asking for more difficulty in the dark (back then, nighttime was much easier).

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I'm starting to associate walking in NEOScavenger with that old game "QWOP." :)

But at this point, I think I'm going to shut up & see what the new build looks like. Could be some of the changes you've made will affect the QWOPiness of combat.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

As far as night blindness and tripping expectations goes, the current system feels realistic and is fair in my experience.

The falling in combat problem seems to have gone away with the .952 build. Thanks