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Okay first off, I love this game. Played the demo and I knew I had to have it. Well worth the 10$. The only thing that is stumping me is the infection. After every cut I dress it with clean rags and take anitbiotics. I'm not sure of any other way of preventing infection but it seems that once I'm infected there's nothing I can do to stop it.

Does anyone know how to prevent infection, and how to remove it once already infected?


Yeah it's an easy fix. Just gotta wash it out with water. Put a bottled water in your hand and take out the liquid and go to the medical screen and put the water on the wound. Purified water is best. Then redress the wound with clean rags. I hear alcohol also works but I haven't tried it yet. If you have the botany skill make sure you make some (Whatever it's called) tea. The tea and antibiotics stack on top of each other to keep your immune system healthy. I always have like 20 purified water with me and two teas to use at a moments notice. And then just rest and make camp for the night and the wound should heal up nicely.

Oh also as a side note you can carry three backpacks. One on your back and one in each hand. Your only option in a fight is to punch but I always run away anyways. Also you can put a rifle on your shoulders if it has a strap without having to take off the backpack. I always keep them with me and then sell them at junk town. It's an easy way to make like 400-600 bucks.