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Another bug-report. I'm also constantly beset by invisible creatures and can't see anyone else. (except for foot-tracks appearing right next to me) Whenever I encounter someone they are always completely passive and impossible to spot, no matter what I do and fleeing seems to be the only way to get out of the encounter. I,ve tried reinstalling and playing on both my rigg with windows 8 and my old laptop running on xp but no luck. I think the problems started for me after I installed the latest version of NEOSCAV. I'm not certain of this but I have played with v4.3 of this mod before and do not recall having these problems back then.

This is an issue many of us players are having with extended neo scavenger. I run windows 7....It works for some time, then no one shows up. Shoot blindly, you always hit. He has no clue whats causing the issue, it may be having something to do with the cleaners or something I dunno.

I've played earlier versons of the mod, and nothing. It only seems to be the 4.3 update of the mod...And don't blame it on the overhaul as it's on the mod itself causing the issue. All we can do is hope he can find the solution.


Nither, Pain, DMC guards, Nor blue rot shall get in my way for those gelly bears.

so it doesn't happen in 4.2 for sure? that'll provide some clues

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Is there a list/wiki for all the new crafting recipes anywhere?

Are you interested in making and/or helping with a thread so we can add the recipe lists?

They're all mostly in the patch notes but when Googled-the results tend to lead to archived threads.

I can do this easily if some folks are interested to add some input and contribute!

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chicko, i loaded your mod and tried to make a leather patch. i couldn't get it to work, it didn't show up as a crafting option.

i spawned several items into the cryo lab including a multi-tool blade, 480 lighter fluid, i made a tanning rack, 1 rawhide patch, and 2 non-chemical waters.

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Hello, I just start playing this game a week ago and start using mod 3-4 days ago.

Everything run fine until I try to craft bicycle cart.
I have all items required (3 wheels, bicycle frame and part, shopping cart box, multitool and screwdriver, and 18 small part: all things that you said on the first page)
But I cannot craft the bicycle cart, I can only craft the vanilla 'pathfinder'

I don't know if this is the right place to ask since I mainly use the Overhual 1.9 with this mod.

Sorry if this is answered before.

Hi there,

Firstly thanks for all the work put into this mod, adds so much depth to the game.

I'm having a few issues with Leather, I can make rawhide patches but when I follow the recipe to make Leather patches it won't make any.

I'm running NeoScav Extended as part of the nsepack. I've spoken to the nsepack creator who says that he has tried the recipe with just NeoScav Extended and is unable to make Leather either.

Sorry for the lack of activity, lads. I'm like next to Antartica now, I'm looking for a job and I have no internet connection where I'm staying so it will be a while till I can get back to modding again. :P

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Chile, Argentina, Australia or New Zealand?

Too bad :/
I think I figured out how to make large canisters without mixing liquids
As soon you'll get back I'll explain basic principle.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Punta Arenas, Magallanes and chilean antarctica region, Chile. :P

I have a job now so as soon as I get paid, I'll get internet and be back to modding. Also, how does that work? I mean the container thing?

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Good to hear.

As far as container goes, it could be done by making dedicated liquid containers
1.Find unspecified 5L jerry can (it has no internal inventory)
something like this

2."Use" it- encounter starts allowing to write what liquid it will be allowed to hold
(P.Water, D.Water, C.Water, Cola, Coffee, Bark Tea, Root Tea, etc.)
It will turn into jerry can with writing on it (that one has internal inventory)

3.To revert dedicated can into unspecified can, simply "craft it"

A bit clunky and unidentified water may be problematic, but this could allow to make cans that can hold large amounts of liquid without violating common sense of different liquids not mixing.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Oh yeah. There's a mod that does that with vanilla containers. It is indeed clunky but I guess it's the only way to implement non cheaty big liquid containers.

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Hi Chico,

I'm really enjoying the mod. It gives a level of depth to the game that completes it. Masterful stuff.

I've noticed a couple of things, though. The Rawhide Longcoat recipe doesn't seem correct - do you need to have the Tailor skill? Because that seems like kind of a drag...

Also, I was wondering if you could implement some way for Gauss rifle parts and ammo could be scavenged on a rare basis? I imagine hardware stores and perhaps military stores would have the items required, though I don't know if you'd be interested in going into that much depth. I just find it annoying that the only way to build a Gauss rifle is through

Spoiler: Highlight to view
downing a DMC drone...

on top of having survived long enough with Mechanic and Electrician skills!

Anyway, awesome job, man. You make this game.

All the best in your future endeavours.

Staying out of trouble, I hope? Don't want to have to waste good bullets on your sorry hide.

Hmm... Maybe I did a mistake with the rawhide longcoat. I don´t have my laptop here right now but I'll take a look when I get back home.

Also, I´ve been thinking about adding a new marketplace. Either near or in Zom Zom´s. Maybe DMC drones could be found there. I also want to make it so selling DMC guard equipment in the Sprawl is forbidden or could get you into trouble, so players would need to go elsewhere to sell that stuff, hence the need for a new marketplace.

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That would make sense. The only downside I could see is that DMC drones way over 250 kilos, but the price of $1000 sounds about right. Not to mention the benefits of marketplaces like the ATN are offset by the hostility of the wilderness around them.

There's one other thing I forgot to mention, but is definitely lacking in the game: traps for the trapping skill! I don't know where you stand on it and I know it would take a fair amount of time to implement, but I always thought that was a gaping hole in the game's logic. Basic stuff like spike pits or nets slung through structures (to disorientate invaders with poor vision) to shotgun shells primed under floorboards with the Ranged/Mechanic skill.

It's just an idea but, perhaps with an additional point required for the Trapping skill, it could add another dimension to camping in unknown territory.

EDIT: I also found problems with some other leather crafting recipes, such as the pistol holster.


Staying out of trouble, I hope? Don't want to have to waste good bullets on your sorry hide.

I actually tried to make traps like those but it's really complicated. The closest thing I can do to implement them is to add a codition to them that allow players to use a new combat move but there's no way to make them work passively.

Pew pew pew!

That's a shame. Perhaps, depending on how effective the trap is, the camp condition provided is that the 'lure' option becomes more available and the terrain becomes more treacherous for any attacker? Maybe they could begin combat in a fallen, stunned state? I guess snares would work well enough for that, with perhaps pits disguised with a stick lattice and foliage...

Staying out of trouble, I hope? Don't want to have to waste good bullets on your sorry hide.

for some reason everybody is invisible and i dont know why

It's a known bug associated with this mod. Chiko hasn't managed to nail it yet, but it may be associated with the Cleaners (explanation on the Cleaners here).

Btw, I'm only answering for the modder because he has said that he may have some problems accessing the internet often for a little while.

P.S. Good luck with the new job Chiko, dress warm. ;)

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Thanks! Also, the bug is most likely the sums of a number of conditions that turn NPCs invisible. I will have to take a look at a lot of conditions and make some changes there.

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I love this mod but every npc is invisible for me too and it kinda ruins the game but im sure this bug will be fixed some day... or is there any way i can compeltly remove the cleaners? And enjoy this mod

it should be noted that the cleaners being the cause of the bug is just a wild guess and may have nothing to do with it.

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Oooh sorry didn't know that

Since installing the most recent version of NSE I've noticed that my Crowbar w/strap no longer functions as a scavenging assistance item, but crowbars without straps do.

Also, in my current game I've come across a bunch of the nanorobot medical kits and was disappointed to find out that I couldn't disassemble them with my electrician skill for electronic parts. They certainly seem like electronic devices to me so is there any way to add them to the list?

I'll add those to the next patch. I have no way to upload the new version yet but I'm fixing all these at home in my days off.

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Hi everyone,
Quick question - what is the recipe for repairing door systems and damaged power outlets. I used pliers, screw driver, bunch of electronic and assorted small parts parts, solder with battery, solder coil and electrician skill. Am I missing something?

Repairing power outlets turns them into a powertap and they need somewhere to store the power so you can get it out. So you need all the parts you mentioned, pliers, screwdriver, electronic and mechanical part, a soldering iron and some solder, and a laptop battery to hold the charges you're going to put in it.

Annoyingly you can't disassemble a powertap once you've built it, so there's no way to reclaim the laptop battery as far as I can tell. :(

I haven't figured out the door systems yet.

Is there no longer an upgraded version of the Knife Sheath? I've got all the materials listed in the OP but the Knife Sheath itself isn't showing up in my Available Materials pane in the crafting window.

I've been using the bird's nests I've scored as a sort of egg carton for carrying around eggs on my travois, but I just discovered that you can't put a boiled egg in a bird's nest. Is this intended?

It's not intended but I wouldn't store boiled eggs in there. :P

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So I just found my first Metal Locker and was super excited to see what I'd get out of it. I hit Use and it gave me an encounter screen telling me it's an electronic lock and gave me 2 options, Do nothing and Give Up. I figured I'd need my laptop or something to get more options and they were in my travois, so I picked Do Nothing and figured I'd pull them out and get them powered up. But to my surprise the Locker was gone from the inventory screen once the encounter closed. Is this intended or a bug?

1.I think you need RFID software for electronic locks (smartphone or tablet)
2.Most probably that was done for balancing (though it makes no sense- I wonder what is the difference between Do Nothing and Give Up)
3.Since we talking about Lockers I think there should be a way to distinct one locked by a key and one locked by a keypad. It can be either by name (Mechanical and Digital) or by picture (one is basic locker, another has keypad)?
4.It would be awesome if there would be higher tier lockers that need both- software and lockpics. Mostly because all safes I have seen in my life have both- numerical code(mechanical or digital) and lock. So opening such should be 2 stage process- crack the code and after that deal with lock.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I had assumed that Do Nothing would have let me take a 2nd crack at the safe while Give Up would have removed the item from the game. Removing the item regardless of which you pick is really dumb, why would you ever want to just get rid of such a find especially if you happen to get one really early in the game. Just remember where you found it and come back once you've got the tools...there's no reason at all for it to ever disappear.

For the record I had a smartphone with the RFID software, but it wasn't turned on when I started the encounter so it didn't show up in the options window. I lucked out and found a 2nd safe a few in game days later and was able to crack that one using the smartphone by making sure it was turned on before starting the encounter. I was less than amazed by the loot...4 iSlabs, all locked and of varying condition (98-4%)...if I had iSlab cracking software I'd be happier about it, but as it stands they're currently junk and I'm out of room to carry them with me till I get my hands on some cracking ware...found them in a wrecked town with only a single 'any old spot on the ground' campsite...I'm not expecting them to still be there when I get back to them :(

You are correct. Do Nothing is not supposed to delete the box so it's a bug. Also, removing the item is way to clean the place of junk coz these things can keep spawning.

Pew pew pew!

I don't like that the scrap machete and scrap metal vest don't craft at 100% condition when you can't disassemble them to get the materials back to rebuild them with higher condition materials you may find later. And the amount of solder you need to repair the vest is just silly, you may as well just build another one instead since you'll find the parts faster.

I also dislike that you can only use duck tape to craft the scrap knives and scrap machete. Duck tape doesn't even make that great of a gripping surface for use as a handle, you'd be far better served with some rags or twine (ie medium string) on the grip and those materials are much more commonly available.

The move cost to light the Can Lantern is ridiculous. Using Trapping to rub a couple stick together to light a fire costs less than lighting some tinder in a box?! You gotta do something about this man...it shouldn't cost more than lighting a torch.

Another issue with the Can Lantern is that once it's lit it doesn't count as a source of flame so you can't use it to light a camp fire or a torch. That doesn't make any sense at all to me.

What's the recipe for that? I have yet to find a Can Lantern at all...

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

My bad! I didn't realize that Gariba's Extras and Mics mod (GEM) added more stuff than just what's listed in the OP for that mod. The Can Lantern isn't from NSE, it's from GEM and I just figured that out because I had to go look up the recipe for the Can Lantern and couldn't find it in NSE's .xml file.

Doip. Understood! :D

Man I've been seeing this post and have been scouring the Internet threads for answers on WTF was a Can Lantern and was too shy to register and post on the forum to clear it up!

Damn! We could've both answered each other's question easily with that month-long gap! Hah! good to know it's sorted though.

You folks are making me wanna take a tap at approaching other mods...

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

Hello again Chiko! I've discovered a slight problem, not sure if it's just me being stupid but i can't seem to be able to craft the Upgraded Leather Knife Sheath, I've got the needed items to craft it, but the Knife Sheath does not appear in the crafting options, it simply does not exsist there. IMAGE(http://i.imgur.com/CLH2Ykq.jpg?1)

I've looked around to see if i missed it or had dropped it somewhere, but i do have it in my inventory, it simply wont be registerd as a crafting material.


I've had this issue too and done a bit of digging in the mod's XML files. The recipes for both sheaths are there, but I think the basic Leather Sheath's ingredient entry is incorrect so it doesn't register as part of the recipe for the upgraded Leather Sheath x3. The basic Leather Sheath won't even show up in the Available Ingredients pane if you leave the crafting interface after making it. If you store up enough materials to make both sheaths without leaving the crafting interface the basic sheath will still appear in the Ingredients pane but it doesn't seem to register as part of the recipe for the upgraded sheath.

So I just installed the mod this morning (After failing to install my first neoscav mod all last night!!) and it's working fine except for one issue, I can't find any targets in combat. I use the move search and nothing happens I've also spammed search and spammed all the other moves too but nothing happens. I can't attack or see a target and they don't attack me either. I thought maybe it was a certain target but the tracks tell me its all sorts of creatures from strangers to deers etc. I'm guessing its a glitch with the mod because I never had problems like this in vanilla.
Sorry if this is in the wrong place or if its been answered before but I've searched for an answer all day and can't find anything to help me. Any help would be appreciated,thanks.

Just figured it out, I had filter and stretched on in my neo scav settings I just turned them off and problem solved.

Problem back again I play for a while and everything is fine and then out of nowhere everyone is invisible and I can't attack them and they can't attack me....

Did you change the odds to find some items while scavenging? Because since i've installed this mod i could be able to find vehicles other than bycicles (they should have made at least some variants like bycicles with racks/baskets) and i didn't find no bags or backpacks, and this limits my chances to survive and make a profit if can only bring with me only things that fit in my pockets lol
If this is true and i'm not just unlucky i would like to know if there are place where most likely i will be able to find those items

Edit: OK, i was unlucky, crap it's hard to find them now

That's the point of the game, it's suppost to be hard, I mean, if everything had already gone to hell and you where in cryo for years on end, i think most backpacks and bags related items of good quality would be taken first, so yeah, it's hard, took me forever to find a backpack aswell, but i survived just by making sacks after sacks, That's the whole point of improvising on the go, ain't suppost to be a cakewalk son.


Hi Chiko and others, thanks for the mod, great stuff.

I am trying to repair a power appliance in an abandoned office block and I can't get the recipe to repair. I am using Electrician, Solder iron with charges, 5 solder, 6 electronic parts 20 mechanical parts, pliers and a screwdriver.

I am not getting an option to repair, only to dismantle the solder iron. Have I got the ingredients right, am I missing something or do I just need more parts?

Well my good friend, i just happend to come around the recipe just now on how to fix the power outlet and the building light, it's simply this.

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Power Outlet:
1x Pliers
8x Solder
1x Soldering iron(withpower)
1x Screwdriver
1x Electrician Skill
1x Power outlet
4x Small mechanical parts
8x Electronic spare parts
1x Laptop Battery

Building Light:
1x Pliers
3x Solder
1x Soldering iron(Withpower)
1x Screwdriver
1x Electrican skill
1x Flashlight
3x Small mechanical parts
1x Building lights
5x Eletronic spare parts.

and you got your very own jury rigged power outlet which has the risk of killing you! in real life that is.



The answer to your question depends heavily on what exact kind of appliance you're trying to repair.

Helldrone has given the recipes for turning a damaged power outlet into a power tap and for repairing broken lights in a building. There are a couple other types of things that can show up in a building though.

The recipe in the mod file for repairing a Damaged Kitchen Stove is:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Electrician Skill
a Screwdriver
a pair of Pliers
a Soldering Iron
10 Solder
a Kitchen Stove
15 Electronic Spare Parts
10 Small Mechanical Parts

and the recipe for repairing a Damaged Door System is:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Electrician Skill
a Screwdriver
a pair of Pliers
a Soldering Iron
10 Solder
Damaged Door System
10 Electronic Spare Parts
10 Small Mechanical Parts