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Hey Chiko can I ask if there is a method creating a means ending turn whilst within the crafting menu.

I know it sounds like a pointless addition to the game, but I noticed whilst trying to create the more intricate items within your mod such as the leather vest that is simply brain meltingly repetitive to perform due to the constant reset after simply two pieces of skinned hide or leather.(two out of forty in my case because I had all Items ready for the full set)

I love the mod truly man and I love the realism within it but after I managed to craft the armor the only thing that went through my mind after it was (see below)

"I now hope to only indulge in mechanics and leave sewing to die in a abandoned pit where it belongs until I can endure the monotonous process of clicking in the same pattern 460 times in succession over 16 minutes because I am unable to pass time naturally for the sake of bloody realism."

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Can't do anything about that. It's a hardcoded game mechanic thing.

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Damn...Well that is a shame because I love the idea of crafting some cuir bouilli medieval style armour but simply due to the tediousness of crafting this **** I don't think that I will actually ever bother creating it again.

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Could you possibly reduce the time for tanning the hide.

I believe this would aid with realism simply because a dog and dear produce six hide and I believe that a dogs/dear skin would fit on most tanning racks quite easily within reality.

Also can I suggest a sick but cool feature that would really horrify most moral individuals ....Human skin leather .... I think this would fit in the game quit well simply due to the game already having cannibalism so why not finish its silence of the lambs relations by incorporating this.

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Regardless of the skin type and size, tanning would actually require at least like 3 days or more. The way tanning works in my mod is actually really simplistic compared to the real thing, which require multiple things and steps to do and there's not even the danger of the skin rotting away.

You can even skip making rawhide since you can just buy them from the ATN enclave or get them from reversing their rawhide longcoats.

About human skin tanning. It's a decent idea but it would require lots of work since it would produce different gear and the like. It would be even more work if we also mak it so it affects other things like encounters or DMC/Sprawl reactions to it.

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Oh I have no issue with the time it takes but I still believe that it seems a little unnecessary due to the awkwardness of crafting taking so much bloody inventory faffing and item resets.

I enjoy procuring the Items necessary and the realism in time it takes to craft them but I wish I could simply avoid the IRL time consumption whilst clicking the same buttons over and over again in succession, looking at a boring grid box with aesthetically pleasing items.

Almost as if I was boosting blacksmithing in Skyrim or being Stanley from the Stanley Parable.

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Well, tanning could work differently. I could make it so players can only tan more than one leather patch, maybe 10 at the same time. Then all that is needed next is to wait 3 days for it to be ready. Kinda like how making alcohol currently works.

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To be fair, the current system of "fur chunks" was never meant for a proper clothing production. It was, I guess, meant to represent a desperate but unskilled hobo cutting pieces of fur to make a makeshift, patchwork "whatever to wear".

If the tanning was to be made proper, trappers should be able to take whole skins of each animal (like the dogman's pelt) and tan them as a whole pieces. Then, those tanned furs and skins could be used to make a proper clothing from them.

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Hmm... makes sense. I will make it so trappers can get whole skins off animals. Leather Vests should need leather sheets instead of patches to be crafted and the like.

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YES!!!....I mean...erm...Thanks my man I can't wait to see it implemented, that is if you do implement it.

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Why would a human skin clothes be more scary? How would the enemies even know it's human and not pig or dog leather?

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True that, unless it is wore raw and all bloodied. :P

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So I've been chatting with a friend about the Soldering Iron and I've decided it shouldn't be used to repair scrap metal armor or to make the bicycle cart or be used on anything that is not electronic related.

There are 2 options:

-Add a Welder. Using a welder and a welding mask as main tools to repair/craft mechanic related items. It should only be found in Auto Repair Shops or sold in the Junk Market. It should also be really heavy and the only way to carry them in by hand or in a vehicle.

-Forge Welding. This method would require a medium heat source, a Workbench (or something similar that cannot be moved from the tile) only found in Auto Repair Shops, a Hammer and Pliers.

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Don't forget the power for that welder :D I'm pretty sure it couldn't be operated from a battery, and would have to have a connection to the "normal" power grid.

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Hmm... a way to implement that would be for the recipes to also need a working power tap like the ones in the sprawl or a repaired power outlet from a city hex.

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No but you can crudely weld using a car battery and two jacks along with some welding alloy, speaking of which you need welding alloy....Don't even ask how I know this my good man you truly don't want to know.

P.S: I am curious if it is possible for welding rods to degrade overtime because I know they mainly consist of tungsten but would they survive ages of environmental exposure when being kept within leaky degrading garages

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I don't know much about it but I imagine you would need more than one car battery for that.

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I used three batteries in series for my art project but I have heard that you can use two (the welds turns out absolutely horrible looking but it does work just as a FYI)

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

three sounds about right. They will be alternatives to power taps so they should provide enough power for other things too. Unlike power taps, though, the power in these should be finite and not much so they would need recharging.

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Guess I'll go for the Welder option then. Also:

Car Batteries and Welder.

I'll add vehicles as scavenge locations in ruin/town/city hexes for the car batteries but they will also be found in auto repair shops. As I mentioned before, welders can either be found in auto repair shops or in the Junk Market. Mechanics will have better chances to find car batteries.

Car batteries can store lots of power but using them to power other things will probably use more than one charge.

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Hey Chiko nice Sprites or Cool textures you got there... :D

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don't forget about tactical glasses and hats!

hhmm... tactical glasses and hats?
this might take some time to think..

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Hey Chiko, I really appreciate what you are doing here and was wondering if you needed any help with graphics or something. I mean, if you want help I wouldn't expect payment or anything; I just really like this project and would be proud to be of assistance.

Thanks for the offer, but modding this game is actually pretty easy. I usually need help with writing encounters like grammar stuff and the like since english is not my first language but I already get help for that in Steam.

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That's fine man. Keep up thrle good work! Cheers.

PS do you have any helpful secrets for making the pixel art or do you just do it all by hand?

I actually just use art from the game and then make edits on them. For instance, the tool kits, ammo boxes and welder are all based off the med kit. The welder also has parts from other pieces of art. There are a handful of them I've made from scratch but those are usually small, like cigarettes, glasses and soldering iron. Some of it is just rescaled and sometimes recolored images found in the internet.

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That's really cool man, thanks. Also, you have very good English, better than a frightening amount of native speakers.

Hello Chiko I have a problem... I don't know what went wrong but I unpacked the RAR file with a RAR extractor and copied the contents *Images get images and Neo Game* But it repeated error on start up and announced it couldn't find images "Spear and other weapons such as bat" and other misc things any clue what happened?

PS: I tried using a fresh download of NeoScavenger.

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It sounds like you are putting the images folder directly into the vanilla game folder. The .rar should have 1 file and 2 folders inside, just copy all 3 right into the game's directory without making any other changes. The getmods.php and the folder callled "0" will replace the ones already there. Once the unpacking is complete, the modded game should be ready to be played.

Check the Modding Talk section for better install instructions in one of the stickied threads.

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Hi, so, I'm loving the game, really addictive and beautifully tricky. Great stuff.

But, I have a seriously annoying issue and I seem to be the only one. I've checked the forums for ages and can't find anything about this problem.

I am running the Extended mod with Shouldered mod, and after a while enemies just vanish from the map. I can see tracks appear as if people/creatures were moving there, but no enemies. The whole world becomes desolate.

Also, if I manage to wander into any encounter, it comes up as an "Unknown" and I can search for them, and search for them, and search for them, and show myself, and wait, and wait... for ever. They never become revealed and I have to run away from the fight. Even if I try to engage them again, the same thing happens, so they can effectively surprise me when I'm asleep, I can't find them to fight them, so I retreat, then they steal my camp stuff because I can't get back on that tile they've stolen from me.

It's very, very frustrating, and I can't tell if it's something to do with the mod or what. I've followed the install instructions to the letter (as far as I can tell) and I don't know what to do. It pretty much makes the game unplayable.

To clarify though, the game seems to become this way only after a while of playing, and sometimes if I exit and load up the game again it fixes itself for a short time, but something must trigger this problem because it soon busts again.

PLEASE HELP! and thanks.

I love the game and really don't want to give up on it.

It's most likely a compatibility issue. This mod makes extensive modifications to some of the vanilla game, rendering it unable to work with most mods. Your only hope for having them both is to see if someone merged the mods into one. If you are using a mod merge already, then it's best to report the issue in the thread for that mod merge since the issue is not happening with the mod alone.

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that shoulder mod is out of date. the merger that comes with it is for NSE 3.8 and that's not the only problem with it. the merged nse option banjo has included with it inserts code that is more out of date than that because I guess he didn't go through all the subfolders he has.

so if you gotta have it, you can wait for banjo to update it. or you can update it yourself and remove all the obsolete code. option c is to use the overhaul mod, which currently has the shoulder mod included with it and nse 4.3. on the overhaul I think I have the shoulder mod updated properly, so give it a try. I still may have missed something with it though but so far no one has reported a bug yet since my most recent update.

old and outdated code can have varied effects on this game.

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Interesting... I shall try without the shoulder mod and play with just the Extended mod for now.

Layarion, I did try out your overhaul and I'd love to get it working, but I had the same issue. I feel the shoulder mod is the cause then based on what you're saying.

I may be slow but I struggled with your installation instructions...

When I download the Overhaul, do I then have to download the Extended mod and copy its img folder and the getimgs.php over to the Overhaul files, or is that already done for me? Same question with the shoulder mod.

I watched your videos and saw you doing that, but I'd like clarification on what exactly I do, because I feel like I'm missing something.

Apologies for being a pain, and thanks for your replies.

post back on your findings with nse only

step 1:

  • download nse 4.3
  • open [NeoScavExtended]
  • copy the folder [img]
  • go to the [NSEPack] you downloaded from my post
  • open [NeoScavExtended]
  • paste

step 2:

  • download shouldered mod 2.0
  • go to Mods>shouldered>Mod
  • copy the [img] folder
  • then navigate to NSEPack>shoulder
  • paste

assuming all else is done right it should run after that

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Okay thank you, that's perfect. I'm not sure if the shouldered mod is going to work but I'll try.

Right now, Extended is working fine on its own, seems to be stable without the shouldered mod.

Freaking great mods guys, very good work.

Okay, I did a fresh install of vanilla game.
I downloaded and installed Overhaul.
I followed your instructions exactly.
I moved your getmod into the root of the directory, overwriting the vanilla getmod file.

The game loads up to 24% and freezes. It's stuck on "loading images... row: 714" during the loading of the NeoScavExtended.

it was a problem on my end, i think i forgot ti ukpdate the getimages.php

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DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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Well it's working, thanks for that. So far no problems.

Hi Chiko, I've been experiencing the same problem with searching in encounters. No other mods loaded, just NSE, and the behavior EnglishInfidel has been experiencing is a bit different than mine.

Overworld view is similar, I can spot tracks but even with the EagleEye perk and standing on hilltops for a sight bonus does nothing to help spot NPCs and beasties. NPCs that are not hostile are visible, so perhaps it has something to do with the Hiding behavior code? Not sure how it's calculated, I'm a rookie coder at best.

In encounters, I largely have the same problem whereas the save/reload fix doesn't help often if at all. There's been maybe one encounter where I saw someone in the overworld, snuck up on them while they were apparently asleep and engaged with a very unstealthy character & he failed to spot me the entire encounter. Perhaps the problem works both ways? The typical experience is what English described; I've gone as many as 50 turns without spotting encounter opponents. Sometimes the game will crash outright if an encounter starts while my character is sleeping - won't even go into the proper encounter menu, just get stuck on the "something approaches" splash that precedes said menu. The really weird part is that a "attack randomly" option may come up without identifying the opponent and apparently give me a impossible one-hit kill.

Running Steam version of the game on a 2.6ghz CPU, 4.0gb RAM laptop with a NVIDIA NVS 4200M video chip (think GeForce 200 series level power). I doubt it's the hardware, except for perhaps the occasional crash, but who knows.

Hope this helps give some clues to what might be throwing a wrench around. I'll revert to a previous version of NSE and/or NeoScav and see if anything similar happens.

Oh, also I've been having some difficulty crafting with animal fur. Are the recipes for it subgrouped under other recipes or can it not be used in the crafting of rawhides and the associated Tailoring production tree?

P.S. Thank you so much for making this mod, aside from the above issues, I LOVE it! Frankly, I put NeoScav down for awhile until your mod piqued my interest. Really hope you continue working on it, I'd like to help with the art if you need another hand.

Hmm... I just started a quick game and I found a Bad Mutha on turn 3, when exploring near Zom Zom's. I got a dog on turn 7 but I could only spot it after it attacked me and retreated from combat but that is usually normal, dogs are kinda sneaky. I saw an NPC wander at the distance but I didn't have the chance to check if it was a Bad Mutha or a Looter. All seems to be normal so far.

I have no idea about the save/reload fix you are talking about but if the game crashes, it sounds like some other issue. Both hostile and friendly NPCs use mostly the same skills/flaws, just different chances to spawn with them so that's unlikely. I also checked the code for hiding and tracking conditions and there's nothing wrong there.

There are lots of conditions that affect a character's ability to remain out of sight or to spot. I also made some changes to NPCs recently which give some a chance to spawn with skills and flaws they didn't before, including tracking and hiding so it's possible most of the ones that spawned in your game had those skills. The chances are small but it's still possible for a lot them to spawn with them, if unlucky enough.

There are some "NPC only" conditions in some of them so I will check them and see if those affect it and if so, see if I can remove or make some edits accordingly. The way NPCs can have skills in kinda cheaty and they can spawn with a lot more skills than flaws so I could make an NPC only flaw that makes them a bit clumsy, which could make them easy to be tracked and spotted. The chance would be small but still there.

Also, there's an NPC type that is extremely hard to spot but not to track so you can see someone leaving a trail but remain invisible. They are named Looters but I call them Cleaners. Their purpose is to pick up equipment lying around on the ground and disappear with it. They are really attracted to loot lying on the ground so if you are standing in a hex and there's stuff with monetary worth on the ground, they will constantly annoy you until you either leave the hex or get rid of the items on the ground. Luckily, campsites are invisible to them so your stash will always be safe from Cleaners. Their real purpose is to remove "free" loot from late games, which is really common in the vanilla game and makes scavenging unnecessary. It's possible EnglishInfidel encountered one or more of these guys, not that I think about it.

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Yes I was also getting the crash when somebody approached me when I was sleeping. It freezes when you click "continue" where it should then load the encounter screen.

Are you completely sure you're only using the Extended mod, and not any others? Because removing the shoulder mod seems to have 100% fixed my issues.

Hey! Thanks for a great mod, it definitely spices up the game. Just a quick question regarding repairing a Scrap Metal Vest...

So I have the Mechanic skill, hacksaw, claw hammer, pliers, a spare sheet of scrap metal, the vest itself, a soldering iron with a live (20) battery inside and plenty of solder in the correct box. I even tried adding the utility cutter, duct tape, spare parts etc, but to no avail. I made the vest from junk parts so it came out 6%. I have never used the vest, as I was hoping I could boost the % using the repair recipe. Should I be able to do it, and if so, what am I missing? Thanks!

Hmm... it seems all the needed tools and ingredients are there. Did you also added the mechanic skill? Anyone can make a scrap metal vest but only those with the mechanic skill can repair them.

Edit: Oh wait, I missed it and it says that you indeed added it. Imma go check the recipe in the files.

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Just confirming that I had the Mechanical skill included in the component box. Learned to do that the hard way after scratching my head with some other recipes :D

Same here. It's kinda common with recipes with lots of ingreds like this one.

I also found the issue. The scrap metal vest is missing the "scrap metal" tag in it, which prevents them from being used in recipes. It's easy to fix so the next update will have the fix.

Pew pew pew!

Glad to hear. Is it simple enough that you could give a short guide on how to change it manually on my end? I would like to get it functioning within this playthrough if at all possible.

Oh btw, I found another strange bug concerning the Windwalker scent killer spray bottle. When I placed it on the bottom of my shopping cart, it actually went one line too low, so it only took 3x3 space. I seem to be able to replicate it by placing the cursor on the lower half of the fourth line of boxes. When I then click, the bottle moves so that the top of it is on the third box. I have no idea if this has to do with your mod or Neo Scavenger in general, but I can only replicate the issue with that item.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that the scent killer bug is not only relating to graphics, as I can place items on the fourth line, just above the spray bottle.

Well, if you have notepad ++ it would be a lot more easier. Look for the itemtype number 172, also known as scrap metal vest. In its vProperties line, just add "4" at the end and that should do it. The new vProperties should look like this:


With that done, the recipe should recognize the item.

The inventory bug is really weird... imma take a look and see what the problem is.
Edit: The bug might be related to the actual height of the item, which is 3.7 instead of 4. That's the same height of the plastic bottle, which was the item I based these ones.

Pew pew pew!

It worked perfectly :P Downloading Notepad++ really helped, and it was easy after that. Thanks for the quick replies!

Now that I finally got the scrap metal armor to 100%, I took it for a spin. I was rather disappointed when it fell apart within 2 days. Is it supposed to degrade so fast? I did have to fight one guy with a rifle and he did get 3-4 hits on me, so the vest probably saved my character's life. The hits probably degraded the vest somewhat, but the speed of breaking apart felt really fast.