[Merge Mods] MmMoD + Bottle Label + Shouldered + Fishing [for NeoScavenger v1.04+ and MmMoD v0.91+]

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[Merge Mods] MmMoD + Bottle Label + Shouldered + Fishing [for NeoScavenger v1.04+ and MmMoD v0.91+]

Want to use Kaaven's amazing "Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom" (MmMoD) mod along side ALL my own existing mods (Shouldered Mod, Bottle Label Mod and Fishing Mod)? Here's the easy way to do so!

I already did this for Chiko's NSE mod (here), now I'm doing the same for users of MmMoD. Simply download and use the premade getmods.php file and "patch mod" I've made for you below.

Choose the first one if you want to use the game's normal skill selection, or the second download if you want to also use my Classic Skill Selection mod. I suggest the first download, especially if you're unfamiliar with the game (and because I prefer the new skill selection method myself), but I wanted to offer the choice for those who like the "old way" better.

Option 1: Merge for MmMoD and Banjo's Mods (default "15 point" skill selection) v2.0
Option 2: Merge for MmMoD and Banjo's Mods (classic "choose 4" skill selection) v2.0

As always, instructions are included and please let me know if you have any problems with this.

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banjo your the best thanks for this ive bin looking on how to get your mods and MmMoD together this really helps.

ps can you by anychance get the extended neoscav in the merge to that would be awesome

thanks alot banjo

Here is the link to the page: ENS + Banjo's mods

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I think he meant all of them working together.

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Basically I want all the mods banjo made and the MmMoD and the extended all in one just so it would be a pack

Oh, then well, it's not an easy merge. ENS and MmMoD add so many items and overwrite code that it would take a long time to do. Others have tried too but, couldn't do it.. I wish they could be merged, it would be a fun mod.

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Sadly, it just isn't feasible to make a MmMoD+NSE "patch", as the work involved would be staggering. Not to mention, both mods take often very different approaches to "re-balancing" the game (increasing difficulty in places, adding new skills, altering weapon stats, etc.). I personally wish there was a "new content only" version of either or both mods that left the base game alone apart from adding new skills, battle moves, items, enemies and locations (that would be - with a lot of work - possible to merge, too) but as each "mega" mod develops, it becomes more and more a completely new experience and one that simply cannot be reconciled and combined into one single mod.

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Alright, possible stupid question (I'm not the best with this kind of stuff). This download is just the getmods file, right? So I also have to download MmMod plus all of your mods and move them to the Neo Scavenger folder, then overwrite the getmods file with yours. Am I correct?

Yes, you have to download the mods listed above to make the getmods.php work.

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Yes, that's right.

Although requiring a little extra work on the user's part, this means I am not treading on the toes of other mod creators by messing with or re-uploading their work... and it also ensures that you have unaltered "pure" versions of each mod should you decide you'd like to play with a different combination (say, switch from MmMoD+BanjoMods to NSE+BanjoMods) without needing to reinstall said mods, since which "getmods.php" is the only factor in telling the game which mods should be loaded and in what order.

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Updated and fixed for the latest game version (v1.04), MmMoD v0.91, and my updated mods!

This will let you play NeoScavenger with Kaaven's spectacular "Mighty (mini) Mega-Mod of Doom" (MmMoD) Mod AND with ALL my mods (except the still-being-updated Teleport Mod). Make sure you download the above mods first, though, as they are not included here.

IMO, this is the "cleanest" way to play the game with multiple mods at once, since using this "patch" method does not involve altering the original mods (or base game) in any way, yet all the work is still done for you to make everything work together nicely. It also has the added bonus that you will be using the latest versions of each mod available (because you downloaded them yourself), and that at any time, you can switch to using a different "getmods.php" file and play a different mix of mods should you wish to.

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