[WIP] Neo scavenger comic style textures (HD)

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[WIP] Neo scavenger comic style textures (HD)

Hello everyone, here is the sample of my hd "texture pack"
I've tried to make all items and stuff more time-worn and postapocalyptic
its still in progress and now i'm trying to finish all items

Spoiler: Highlight to view


Spoiler: Highlight to view


Spoiler: Highlight to view


Spoiler: Highlight to view


Spoiler: Highlight to view

10/19/2015 Added some stuff from 'Extended NeoScav' mod

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Download (Latest) https://www.dropbox.com/s/4k5553ixqfmxlpm/retextured.zip?dl=0

Looks fantastic, so far!

I'm loving this look, and it'll be a refreshing change to try it out. Thanks. :)

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While I'm not a big fan of "the comic-book look" myself, I must say that those look amazing :D

Keep it up mate, cause if you're manage to finish this project, it will definitively be a smashing hit! Projects like this is what might keep the game going for many more years.

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These look really good, I like your art style.

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Same, it reminds me of a more "cartoon" version of the walking dead comics.

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and borderlands)

you titled it HD, why? unless you can mod the games resolution it's the same "hd" as the normal game. and you still gotta make a smaller version or it won't work

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Because it's not pixel art? xD

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i've titled "x2" version of the textures

it does look good though

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Wow, looks awesome!

I misread the title of this post as "NEO Scavenger Comix", and I was like,"Yes! a NEO Scavenger themed commix would be awesome!"

err, so get to work and make that please :)

Great idea, would look a bit silly with mods, but maybe you could team up with mod makers? That'd be amazing!

Dude that's awesome. Like really, really awesome. First Cataclysm is getting some new tilesets and now Neo Scavenger. Hallelujah.

While I love the pixel art style of the vanilla game, this new art look absolutely AMAZING!

I agree with the poster who mentioned a "Walking Dead" vibe about them (especially Telltale's graphical take on that universe) and I'd be very curious to experience NeoScavenger with this new visual style.

Stunning work!

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I love the art style of this and I also love that you put Ellies backpack from the last of us in it. :)

Oh... the glow is Detroit...Great

Really looking forward to this covering all of the vanilla artwork. Any word on whether you're going to cover any of the major or minor mods?

From the lighter fluid on the second image, he may be looking at NSE too.

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Lighter fluid is an unused item from the vanilla game actually. That is the way the lighter worked in the early stages of the game dev.

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Oh I see. Livin'n'learnin.

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Continue your amazing job **

It looks AMAZING!
I am a big fan of this art style in Post Apocalyptic Games.
It fits so good!

First of all, sorry if anyone thought this might be an update and is currently disappointed.

I'm getting worried that this lovely work isn't going to be finished. I noticed the dates in the mod, and it seems like even tho we've only seen this work being put out there for a few weeks, it's actually been a side project for hope42morrow for a few months.

Please, this is some of the best graphics work I've ever seen for this game. It's unique, it's fresh, and it's lovely. Please finish this. Oh please.

I don't know man, maybe he is a busy person?

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Sorry guys. Lots of deadlines in this month. Just did small update with Hatter, Cryo and some stuff

Super! I figured as much, I was just afraid that you might be absent because either you felt that the work wasn't well recieved, or that you had lost hope somehow. You are appreciated.

Take care of your business matters (we all have them), but don't lose the faith on this. It's phenomenal.

dude, AMAZING work

anyways what I think you should focus on now is the tiles, because they're a good chunk of what you see in the game.

I only cheat a little bit guis


Just to let you know that your post was the one pushing me into creating an account to be able to encourage you !
It's a great piece of work so far and I look forward to play the game with it.
Also I was wondering if you had already thought about compataibility with other mods. (Maybe thinking a bit too much sorry)
Anyway I wish you a great continuation !

(By the way I'm not a native english speaker so I might have skipped some grammar rules, don't focus on it ppl :)

First off: LOVING this mod! I love comic textures so this is a big thing for me. :D

I have some bug reports to submit though. I have screenshots as well if necessary.

Current res on PC while playing 1680x1080. Mod loads fine, even alongside NSExtended. However it works in Windowed mode on AUTO in Options but when you go Fullscreen via fullscreen option or CTRL & F, the textures break and they revert to the old NS graphics.

Only way that it's fixed in Options after is switching to BIG GUI option and turning OFF all the secondary options. (Fullscreen, Filter, Stretch) OR by going fullscreen, using BIG GUI option with Stretch on BUT then the sidebars get garbled and incomprehensible.

I'd love to assist with this project if I can so if screenshots are needed, I can provide them.

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

I'm back

Welcome back. Hope you've been well.

I know I'm late to the party, but yes, welcome back, stay back, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this. :)

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The selfmade rifles and sawedoff shotty look pretty nice!

Pew pew pew!

It seems with this installed I can't put storage items on my back slot. But, when it's not installed I can. I install it by just replacing the other img file. Is there something I am doing wrong? (I'm new to using mods.)

Is there any kind of tutorial for installing this mod I am having some troubles.

Just wondering if there is an updated link it seems to be broken at the moment?

Erm, it says the dropbox isnt working...?
Darn, I really want this!

C-Store spam.

Link updated ,but theres no new stuff.
Im developing my own game right now and have no time to finish it :(


Is there any way we can track the progress of your game?


Mods like this make me wish there were more adjectives in the English language. Beautiful and amazing just aren't enough to describe this one.

Your avatar and that comment, man :D

Strip the flesh! Salt the wounds! *Manical laughter*

Is this finished? fun to look at.

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How's progress? i'm already using some of your imgs , (the menu), and hoping to see the full version soon, looks very good so far.

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Is anybody else getting a dayr vibe to this texture mod or is it just me


Hope you don't mind but I edit one of your images to use on a tool I am coding since I have no design skills. If you don't want me to use it just say so.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Hi I'm not really experienced with installing texture packs and am having trouble with getting this mod to work

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

Just unzip the file into the img folder inside the Neo Scavenger game folder and replace all files (it will replace the original images). Unfortunately, this seems to be really incomplete and abandoned but what is done looks great.

Can someone please tell me how to actually install this MOD... P.S. I've tried what Marco posted and it didn't work. Most other MODS I've installed have had a Youtube on how to it. I'd recommend also doing it for this MOD.


I haven't used the mod, but i'll bet it's got a single img folder. just drag and drop over the vanilla/basegame vanilla folder and select "replace all" when it ask.

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i took a look at the download, very similar to what i said except "select all" of the images in the folder, open the basegame "img" folder, and paste.

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