[Mod] Shouldered Mod (v2.01) [for NeoScavenger 1.04+]

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[Mod] Shouldered Mod (v2.01) [for NeoScavenger 1.04+]

To be honest, it always kinda bugged me that you can only carry weapons on your right shoulder and bags on your left in NeoScavenger. Maybe it's for game balance, but I can't see why one shoulder is so "special" that it can only hold guns, and the other bags.

Hence, this little tweak mod I made for personal use; it was the first mod I made, in fact. However, after seeing a few people post requesting this, I decided to share it publicly.

Shouldered Mod v2.0 (for NeoScavenger 1.04+)
Shouldered Mod v2.01 Hotfix Patch (requires v2.0 first)


With this mod, you can "sling" long firearms (rifles, shotguns, gauss gun, laser rifle, etc.), crowbars and long bows over either shoulder. Likewise, you can carry small bags (right now, just the birch bag) on either shoulder too.

This mod also includes a new "strapped" version of the laser rifle (and matching recipe), as well as changing the original version so that you can no longer sling it over your shoulder without a strap. No other stats are changed.

The final change this mod makes is purely cosmetic and "fixes" a personal irritation of mine: the unidentified names for shotguns are now changed to "shotgun" and "military shotgun" (for the Perforator and SBS4, respectively), since I found it baffling that even the most firearm-ignorant person wouldn't know the difference between a pump-action shotgun and a hunting rifle. Nothing else is changed besides the unidentified names, and Ranged skill characters will still identify the weapons in more detail as before.

Note that when making "strapped" items "dual shoulder compatible", I deliberately left out the duffel bag and compound bow, for both balance and realism sake. It is possible (if cumbersome) to carry a rifle slung over each shoulder; it would be pretty hard to move if you had a full duffel bag or two compound bows hanging off your back in the way the game arranges them.

That said, I believe in giving folks options; if you use the included "getmods.ShoulderedPlus.php" (put it in your main NeoScavenger folder and rename it "getmods.php"), you will be able to put duffel bags and strapped compound bows on either shoulder too without any limits at all.


Unpack this mod to your NeoScavenger folder (it should end up in the subfolder "Mods"). The included "getmods.php" file will activate the mod automatically.

For expert users, also included in the package are "getmods.Shouldered.php" (a backup in case you accidentally delete the new "getmods.php") and "getmods.ShoulderedPlus" (described above); to use either of these, copy one of them to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename it to "getmods.php".


Included is a "compatibility patch" for use with Kaaven's MmMoD. If you use that mod, copy "getmods.MmMoD+Shouldered.php" to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename to "getmods.php". If you have everything installed as instructed (this mod and MmMoD), you will be now be able to sling the new double-barrel shotguns from MmMoD over either shoulder too.

I have also included compatibility patches for use with Chiko's NeoScavengerExtended (NSE) mod. To use both mods together, copy "getmods.Extended+Shouldered.php" to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename to "getmods.php". You will now be able to sling waterskins, strapped spears and makeshift longarm weapons from NSE over either shoulder.

Note that due to the complexity of both mods, you will not be able to use both NSE or MmMoD at the same time.

Most recent cross-mod compatibility (as of writing): NSE v3.7, MmMoD v0.91.


I consider this mod "finished" as it stands, unless anyone finds any bugs (please let me know!) or a future NeoScavenger version (or NSE/MmMoD mod updates) renders it in need of updating.

26/03/2019: Fixed broken links to download. Note: this is NOT an "updated" version of the mod for the current stable build, that is something I'm still working on... I just wanted to make the dead links active again.

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Damn man, hope you make a compatibility patch for Chiko extended mod soon!

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   \( •_•) F
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Updated to be compatible with NeoScavenger (test) v0.9960b+. This is only a minor tweak, since the only real change affecting this mod was the addition of recipe "categories".

I also took the opportunity to add compatibility with Chiko's NeoScavenger Extended mod (since someone asked, and I wanted to do it). However, I have NOT tested this patch much, so please let me know if it works okay for you!

Compatible with NeoScavenger v0.9960b and higher
Compatible with Kaaven's MmMoD v0.81
Compatible with Chiko's NSE v2.8 (and probably v2.9)

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I use this mod with NSE, it's so useful! Thanks

It simply refuses to load the shouldered mod at all! I'm using the steam version, and I cannot get a single one of your mods to work for me, is this because I am on a mac?

The .rar file directory structure and getmods.php assumes that you have a folder named Mods in SteamApps/common/NEO Scavenger in which the Shouldered mod folders exist. AFAIK this is a user-made directory for convenience because other mods like NSE assume that they're top-level folders.

You can either create a folder named "Mods" in /common/NEO Scavenger and drop the "Shouldered" directory in there, or drop it somewhere else and update your getmods.php strModURLs with the correct location.

Hope this helps!

Small Glitch found while using Mighty mod with your Shouldered mod.

The shotguns have their ammo container capacities changed in Mighty. So your mod loads last gimps them all to a capacity of 2 shells each gun.

Simple enough to change until you get around to doing it.

How to change:

Go into the shouldered mod and "edit" the mods xml file. Find each shotgun that should have more than 2 shells to use and change the container to 3-4x1 depending on the weapon. Then save and play. It will allow you to use the Mighty mod weapons as was meant.

This should be fixed to use MmMoD's shotgun tweak if you use that combo version (included)... someone let me know if it isn't!

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bug report: anishinabe bow, when worn on the other shoulder has a big red X on the map because the game doesn't agree with the image used for slot 13

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Thanks, mate... fixed in the latest update!

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Updated to version 2.0, for use with NeoScavenger v1.04+, as well as the latest (as of writing) MmMoD and NSE. However, PLEASE let me know if there are any remaining bugs or cross-mod incompatibilities, as I've only had time for minimal testing.

My Mods:SaveMan|Fishing|Shouldered|Bottles

Updated with v2.01 hotfix (you will need to download and install both the original v2.0 mod AND v2.01 patch).

* Updates NSE compatibility to NSE 3.8
* Fixed broken code for NSE patches

Download in first post.

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what is "Over_Plus" in the directory?

also, this needs to be updated. the mod itself isn't out of date but all the extra folders are. for example, merge_nse is now obsolete because nse doesn't have a laser recipe in it's new folder or it's override.

update: so impatient i looked at the xml for the plus and i think it's safe to say this is an optional folder for those who don't think the duffel bag and the compound bow should have the balance changes or limitations put on them like the default mod does.

im curious why you didnt make a "plus_NSE" version then

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I am having trouble running your fishing mod and shoulder mod simultaneously. I found how to switch between the two, but can't figure out how to use them together. Thank you for the mods and thanks for the help.

Have a great day.

I seem to have found a little problem, when using MmMod and Shouldered Plus, the directories are a little fudged up.

The getmods.MmMod+ShoulderedPlus.php lists the url as &strModURL10=Mods/Shouldered/Over_MmMoD_Plus
when the folder it's trying to get to is called Over_Plus_Mmod.

This causes some sort of issue, Neo still runs with the bug but I'm not so sure what it stops from happening.


you realize neither have had their MMoD mergers updated in a long time right? if you want it to work, it's time to learn how to merge.

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Hey everyone,

I am well aware that the mod creator isn't active anymore, and his download links are gone.

However, a few people made mod merges for this mod

I am hoping if anyone could re-upload me to the original mod? All I want is the shouldered mod, otherwise I want to play Vanilla.


I'm really interested in this mod, really hope someone would re-upload Shouldered Mod soon

Its on the nexus

One of my first mods, and one of the few I really wish the game itself included in an update.

Download links are updated; I totally understand that many folks might want this and only this mod. That's why I made it separate in the first place, and not part of my other, more expansive mods. Like bottle contents, it's a "quality of life" mod rather than a new content one.

I hope to update the mod itself eventually, but at least now it's no longer "lost" (thanks to Dropbox shutting down public files!)

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Hi Banjo. Any chance you could update this mod pls? I really think this should be vanilla

Would this get an update?