So where is Night Vision?

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So where is Night Vision?

Night Vision is a skill that you're supposed to be able to get. I've seen it listed in YouTube vids, and you can actually see it registered in the tables if you open the exe file up in a C++ editor. However, in both the current beta & demo builds on-line & download, it doesn't appear. At least not for me.

So what happened to it? Thanks.

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Hey khemeher,

Welcome to the Forums. When I first started playing night vision was available. As far as i could tell from listening to people here talk about it, it was overpowered and everybody used it. Thats cool though to know that it hasn't been completely cut from the game. Maybe it is just getting balancing tweaks or something.

There are night vision googles for sale though.

Good Luck!!

Yeah, it's still in the game, but not accessible to normal humans. Dogmen have it as a starting trait, though.

It was pretty overpowered, and became the dominant strategy in early builds. Plus, it was a bit too supernatural for a human to start with, so I restricted its use to dogmen.

There may be ways of obtaining it in future builds, though, either as an ability or via equipment (like the currently available night vision goggles).

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