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Feature Voting

So depending on the edition you buy you get various Feature votes. I am curious though, do these votes reset? I voted on a couple of things and only have 1 vote left but the things I already voted on when implemented go away so do I get those votes back for newer features? If not, why don't we?

Hey Sentai and Welcome,

I'm pretty sure the votes you casted stick. In other words the vote you cast goes towards the total number of votes for that feature. You can buy more feature votes though if you like. I'm thinking of doing this myself caues i would like more craftable items but thats besides the point lol.

As far as getting the votes back? No. And I believe it's because it would basically make the votes "cheap" if you could vote over and over infinately.

Oh and you could be voting for a new feature (seeing other players bodies on the map is not currently a feature but is votable). It just depends on how popular it is and what the dev has in store allready as far as i understand it. So basically the features you see are all the planed features that we know of at least. I dont think you will see any new features on the feature list, as most of us wouldn't of had a chance to vote on it. Any ways hope that helps. Take care!!

But if I can take my vote back what is the difference? Might as well not vote for the 2 most things you want, which in my case are already top voted, and just save them or use them on items lower down on the list. I get that they can feel kind of cheap and that feature voting is more of a luxury then a right but if I can take away my own votes anyways then it sort of defeats the purpose.

Oh I didnt know we could retract our votes. I just voted and left it at that. I apologize then cause the above information cannot be correct. Also it sounds like you can only vote for one feature at a time, by the way you described in your original post. Is that true? When you spent a vote that feature was gone and you got to make another pick based on the features that were left? I don't know cause I only got one vote with the package I bought.

Well that kinda sucks so even if you had enough votes to make your favorite feature more popular you woulnt get to vote on it more than once. Any ways all I can think in that case that would make sense is the votes you spend are weighted. Like your number one pick bears more weight than your second and so on.

If I were you and didn't hear from Dan in the next week maybe shoot him an email or try leaving a new Post in technical support. I'm probally just making things more confusing lol.

Nah, not confused. I got the package with 5 votes and there is a + and - Button. After I add a vote I can retract it right away and put the point in to something else. Also as far as I know, first pick, second pick etc isn't counted. At least not that I can tell from my end. Also, I can use all 5 of my votes at once if I wanted to.

Edit: I take that back, and up arrow and down arrow, no plus or minus. :P

Oh ok. Yeah I just jumped back to the features to see if I could get my vote back. It just asks If I wanna buy more. So its as I thought I guess. You just hadnt completed your feature voting so yeah ok. Oh and glad to hear you can spend them how ever you want. Thats cool. Good luck.

Hmm... maybe I just failed and didn't notice to complete the vote. :P

It was prolly just glitchy or something and didnt take the first time. No biggie.

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the delay. Been busy with bugs lately.

It sounds like you probably figured it out, but basically your vote only counts after you submit the form. So the up and down arrows let you choose how to assign votes, but they don't get counted until you submit the form. After that, the votes are added to the overall stats that everyone sees, and deducted from your account.

So far, there is no plan to refund votes as features get added. E.g. when the combat and wound features finally got added, they were removed from the voting chart, and those votes were gone.

It's possible that I may do promotions in the future to encourage more voting, such as giving all customers one free vote to refresh the feature list. But that's not a guarantee, just an idea.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Aww I always imagined that the voting system was designed to gauge the current desires of the playerbase. With re-usable votes it kind of makes sense: at any given time you can see what people are looking forward to most. Let's say I voted for Feature X 6 months ago, but now that it has been so long there is a more urgent area that needs attention it would make sense if I could move that vote over to Feature Y. Or if Feature X gets completed all of those guys can then reprioritize what matters to them. It just seems like a better way to gauge current interest.

With all that being said, I do understand that from a funding perspective it makes more sense to encourage people to buy more votes. I thought I could reuse my votes but I was still tempted to buy more just to support the development and get that little bit of extra edge to what I want.

Anyway, just my 2c.

Um, so how do I get my votes to my account? I bought the game through Desura, and then registered an account there, but don't see an option to link the two accounts..?

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I can not answer you that sadly, Dan is going to have to help you there. I am doing to assume there is a system for this but I bought the game on the site and got my Desura key afterwards.

You should PM him though if you can't get it solved.

@MrMakeveli, I see what you're saying. And I agree that it is helpful for players to constantly update their preferences as old feature requests get fulfilled, and new features need attention.

The feature voting page is a list of things I'd like to do, but it's bigger than I can afford to do without help. I can probably manage to finish a couple things from that page on my savings, but the rest require more funding. So when a customer uses their votes, it's like they're dropping dollar bills into different cookie jars to fund a feature that's important to them. When the feature gets developed, the money in that jar is spent.

There may be times where I want to "freshen up" the voting page, and I might give out more feature votes to existing customers. However, for now, a vote cast is gone forever, like my rent money :)

@Zael, customers who bought the game through Desura should be able to link their account to here soon. I'm actually working on that right now, and will post news to that effect once ready.

I'm still not sure if I can grant votes to Desura customers, though, without making it possible to cheat and get "infinite" votes. So it's possible votes can only be obtained through bluebottlegames.com. I'm looking into that.

Lastly, the forums are still a good place to make suggestions and talk about game design. It's true I can't read all the posts, all the time, but I do try to pop through various forums and threads to see what people are saying. Quite a few features in the game are the result of forum posts!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

When put in that money context, that makes a lot more sense.

Also I am sure there are people who would love to help you in various ways, why not open up submissions, create an app of sorts and see what people apply to. Granted, coding is most likely your most needed help, but other people can take the strain off of you, like answering forum posts, dealing with Desura, dealing with Steam etc.

I see this feature to connect Desura accounts to the forum accounts here is now functional and, indeed, working quite well.
Thank you very much for your hard work Dan!

God promised an end to all wicked people. Odin promised an end to all Ice Giants. I don't see any Ice Giants...