Dogman Fur Coat - Any benefit?

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Dogman Fur Coat - Any benefit?

Aside from keeping me warm, does the Dogman Fur Coat do anything that the basic fur coat does not?

I read on the forums somewhere that it 'intimidates' my enemies, but I don't see any effect indicator in battle or current conditions.

Can anyone confirm if it does anything?

Many things that happen ingame will have no indicators and are only hinted at - and possibly noticeable by long-term observation. The Dogman Fur Coat is indeed one of a couple of items that will influence your chances at indimidating your opponent. Succesfully intimidating your opponent includes everything from succesfully using Threaten and Demand Surrender in battle, to AI deciding to run away from combat on its own, to AI trying to avoid combat with you.

When deciding whether to attack you or whether to run away in a battle, the AI may take a number of things into account that influence their behaviour, including your condition, their condition, weapons carried, how scary you look, how "brave" they are and how much their faction likes you. Those two last things have a "starting level" that's different for each faction, and plays a big part in how much your actions and decisions will make a difference.

So some factions are dead set against you, some are going to be more willing to get to like you if you behave in a positive way towards them and some will be just neutral. Similarly, some factions are going to be "foolhardy" and attack/not run away even when they clearly look like they may lose the fight, while others may be more cautious/cowardly and easier to intimidate. BadMuthas for example are one of the factions most difficult to influence: they start the game both by having a very very negative attitude towards you (so trying to chat them up isn't gonna help much) and by being very hard to intimidate (so you need to be really scary and/or they need to be in a real bad condition to actually run away from you). In the same way, other factions may be easier to influence though, at different levels.

In short: If what you want to do is avoid combat by looking scary, that can work, to a varying but actually noticeable extent. The Dogman coat isn't gonna do it on its own, it isn't a free pass. Threatening oponents in combat with a Dogman coat on will have a better chance of succeeding than without it, but a number of other things will be taken into account as well.

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Thanks very much! I had no idea there were faction levels!!! I've gotten like 80 hours into this game since I bought it Feb. 3rd, and I am still learning stuff.

Kind of wish it was consistent on reporting benefits of worn items, or faction gain/loss though. Like "Wearing 3 dog moon" for example shows up, but "Wearing Dogman" does not, so it's difficult to gauge what is helping you or hurting you at times.

Yeah I get what you mean. This game does expect a lot of us. :) What's funny is that, because there are many such things that work "under the hood" occasionally false rumours spread about what this or that item does or about how a certain mechanic works. XD Since I'm not one to look into the code, I occasionally even catch myself spreading the wrong rumour, after a year and a half of being obsessed with the game. ;) Thankfully someone always checks the actual data and corrects us. I personally find it adds to the charm of the game, but I can totally see it could be annoying at times.

But feel free to ask if you catch yourself wondering about such things. I'm sure one of us can inform or misinform you in an entertaining way. XD

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I find it's best benefit is the selling price, making hunting dogmen profitable.

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I personally feel that AI and bad mutha, etc. Tend to attack or follow me a little less when I wear Dogman Fur compare to my other play-through that I didn't pick the 'trapper' perk.

I like that it's unspoken. Considering that the Dogmen are the scourge of Michigan, seeing some guy -wearing- one is a good indicator of his badassery.

Then there's that weakling that just finds a dead dogman, and just happens to be a trapper. Then he wonders what killed it..

Because that happens all the time, right?

There is one more thing Dogman Fur Coat differs from common fur coat. As far as I know it offers better damage protection, that is, it serves as "armour".

That's correct. It provides double the physical protection of the patchwork hide tunic, in addition to a morale boost which causes enemies to flee more easily.