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Mod: anatomy HD

Replace the file in NEOScavenger\img folder with this one to have a more anatomically detailed view on your medical screen.

I hope BlueS1980 doesn't mind (I tried to contact them via PM but with no reply) but I made a quick "proper" mod version of this for those who want to use it without messing with their vanilla game files.

Anatomy HD Mod for NeoScavenger v1.0+

Full credit to the original author; all I did was package it up so that it works like any other mod (i.e. you now don't have to replace any files to use it).

Combining it with other mods obviously has to be done by manually editing your getmods.php files to include it, but since it only makes one single change, it shouldn't conflict with anything.

If the author objects or returns and wants to do this themselves, feel free to get a mod to delete this link/post. I don't want to step on anyone's toes with this, I just didn't want this neat little mod to go unused and ignored.

26/03/2019: Fixed broken link to download. Note: this is NOT an "updated" version of the mod for the current stable build, that is something I'm still working on... I just wanted to make the dead links active again.

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I certainly don't mind, Banjo. Thanks for the upgrade, and thanks BlueS1980 for the assets. We certainly need more people like you guys.

Is this mod still viable for 1.13?

Strip the flesh! Salt the wounds! *Manical laughter*

Technically, it's just a picture replacement, so should work regardless of game version.

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Updated download link!

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