[Mod] Teleport Mod (v1.0) (new location, campsite and items, with BBC and MmMoD compatibility)

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[Mod] Teleport Mod (v1.0) (new location, campsite and items, with BBC and MmMoD compatibility)

Tired of having to walk everywhere? Sick of the long return treks between locations you've already visited? You need a personal teleporter!

Heavily inspired and based on Kaaven's old (no longer available) testing mod "Magic Mirror", this expanded Teleport Mod will - with a little effort - grant you items that allow you to "fast travel" between the game's major locations, as well as adding an interesting new location to explore, and a new campsite as well.

Teleport Mod v1.0 (test version)


This mod comes in several flavors: "cheat" and "regular". In either version, before you can teleport anywhere, you must first acquire a "teleporter" item. This can either be spawned by also using the Big Bad Cheater mod together with this one (see that mod's readme for info on how to use it to spawn items) or by finding one somewhere in the world map.

There is, in fact, a new location added to the map (see "Spoilers" below if you want specific directions and info) where you might be able to find such an item, as well as some other useful stuff.

Once you have a teleporter item (there are two kinds added by this mod, though right now only one can be found without cheating/item spawning), you will be able to right-click and "Use" it to call up the teleport menu. From here, you will be able to select from any available locations.

When using the regular (default) version, this will only include the locations you have already visited so far; you must first find a location before you can teleport to it.

When using the "cheat" version of this mod, however, you will have access to all major locations in the teleport menu, whether you have discovered them or not! Be warned that using this "cheat" version is not advised until you have completed the game at least once, if not several times, to avoid being spoiled on the more exciting and hard-to-find locations. As always, though, it's your game so it's up to you!


Unpack this mod to your NeoScavenger folder (it should end up in the subfolder "Mods"). The included "getmods.php" file will activate the mod automatically.

For expert users, also included in the package is "getmods.Teleport.php" (a backup in case you accidentally delete the new "getmods.php"); to use either of this, copy the file to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename it to "getmods.php".


There are "compatibility patches" included for use with DnaJur's Big Bad Cheater (BBC) and Kaaven's Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom (MmMoD) mods. Copy either "getmods.BBC+Teleport.php" (BBC+regular version), "getmods.BBC+TeleportCheat.php" (BBC+cheat version), "getmods.MmMoD+Teleport.php" (MmMoD+regular version) or "getmods.MmMoD+TeleportCheat.php" (MmMoD+cheat version) to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename to "getmods.php". If you have everything installed as instructed (this mod and BBC or MmMoD), everything should work.

If you want to use both BBC and MmMoD together with this mod, you will need to use either "getmods.MmMoD+BBC+Teleport.php" (normal version) or "getmods.MmMoD+BBC+TeleportCheat.php" (cheat version).

When using this mod with MmMoD, you will now be able to teleport to the new locations added by that mod.

When using this mod with BBC, you will be able to spawn teleport items in crafting, if you have the Cheater skill.

Most recent compatibility (as of writing): BBC v5.5, MmMoD v0.88b.


Also included in this package is the file "getmods.TeleportBeta.php". If you use this as your getmods.php file, it will load a variant of this mod where the Teleport Bracelet requires electricity to work. This is how I initially intended this item to function, but for some reason whenever I give it "container space" inside, the bracelet becomes very glitchy and often freezes the game (albeit temporarily) when you try to equip or unequip it. I have no idea why this is the case (perhaps a unknown bug with the game itself, since no other wrist item has "container space" as far as I recall). I would very much appreciate anyone's help in fixing this bug, so that the bracelet can be made to use electricity correctly and thus have the increased limitation that I intended.


Most needed new graphics have been created, however the new campsite uses the same image as Exam Room 17, which I plan to change when I can.

The new location has no unique tile; when I can best figure out how to add one without conflicts, I will.

I may continue to expand the new location and camp site, perhaps with more to be found (at increasing risk) in the lower levels where their experiments were taking place. Perhaps even a small storyline of what they were doing there and what happened to the place. I very well might "lock" the entrance, too, making the player complete a small quest or find an item elsewhere (such as the DMC) in order to gain access to it. Feedback on this is welcome!


Huge thanks to Kaaven for his original Magic Mirror mod. When that was made (temporarily) available, I was already working on trying to create a "teleporter mod" and his helped enormously in how to do that.

The art for the new location's interior is a slightly cropped version of the painting "Medic", by Joakim Olofsson (used as per his copyright guidelines). You can see more of his amazing artwork here.


Only read this section if you want to know more details about what exactly you will find in this mod!

Teleport Items:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
There are two of them added, a Teleport Bracelet and a Warpstone. Right now, both work identically. The Warpstone can only be spawned using BBC at the moment, and can be crafted with string to create a Warpstone Necklace that can be worn. The teleport bracelet can be spawned with BBC, or found while exploring the new location added (see below).

New Locations:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Arrowhead Labs is located at grid reference 9x57 (northwest, roughly diagonally up and left from the ATN, and diagonally down and left from Camp Greyling). It has no unique tile (consider it "hidden" in whatever hex type it randomly uses). Inside, via the ground floor office, you will unlock a new campsite (including a water cooler for storing water and a locker for storing items). If you wish to explore further, you will need a crowbar or the Strong skill to pry open the the elevator doors, and a light source to see when exploring the levels below. As well as a teleport bracelet, you will also be able to find a Mechanical Doll down there as well. But don't venture too deep or you'll die!

Easter Eggs:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
My teleport bracelet art is loosely based on the Liberator teleport bracelets from the cult 1970's TV show 'Blake's 7'. "Warpstones" can also be found in the 'Final Fantasy' videogame series. "Arrowhead Labs" is a reference to the awesome Stephen King short story 'The Mist' (and the less-awesome movie version that was based on that story).

26/03/2019: Fixed broken link to download. Note: this is NOT an "updated" version of the mod for the current stable build (I believe it is incompatible, in fact!), that is something I'm still working on... I just wanted to make the dead links active again.

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i don't get the files they are all messed up for this mod but it works?


I can't get the "getmods.MmMoD+BBC+Teleport.php" (normal version) to work. The reason is because there is an error in the NEO Scavenger folder, inside of the "Mods" folder, inside of the "Teleport" folder, then inside of the "Mod" folder, in the neogame.xml.

I keep on getting error "#2032 row:0"

///CI/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/NEO Scavenger/Mods/Teleport/Mod/neogame.xml

About 90% sure I didn't screw up, I didn't change any code in neogame.xml

I hope you can help me or at least I helped you!

Really looking forward to playing! :)

Project Zomboid.....Look it up.......

For those having trouble:

I just tested with a fresh download of "Big Bad Cheater" (v5.5) and MmMoD (v0.88) and my game loaded completely using both the "cheat" and "normal" getmods.php files (once they were renamed and moved as per the readme).

My first suggestion would be to make sure each of the three mods are installed correctly (each mod author prefers a different folder tree structure and folder naming system).

However, I don't use the Steam version of the game, so maybe that is the issue? I've had problems with other Steam games in the past when using mods (another reason I avoid it like the plague whenever possible!) but I thought NeoScav mods generally loaded okay?

If any other Steam users (and non-Steam users) can let me know if they can load the mods or not, it'd be a big help solving this.

Do please let me know if/when you make any more progress, as I'd hate to think people were missing out because of a silly mistake I've made somewhere here!

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I've tried running the mod without any other mods installed. It gives me an error line 16 instead of error line 0. I don't have enough Hacking skill to determine what's wrong, so I can't help you further.

This is next on my list to update, folks!

In the meantime, I'd love some feedback on the "non-teleport" parts of this. Do you want more to do at Arrowhead Labs? More encounters? Unique threats? Puzzles to solve? Is it too easy or too hard to get inside and get the loot, considering how powerful it is? Do you like the "camp" it provides? Is the water cooler useful for storing water at camp? Do you feel the location is balanced enough? Would you like an encounter/quest to add it to the map to find?

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well more story/thoughtful encounters is always needed in Neo

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holly cow i just noticed this mod

OverHaul Mod
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Mines gets stuck at parsing treasure types.row: 162

I've installed it with BBC and MMoD and I have followed the installation instructions so it should work.

Any help?

Okay, so I've downloaded the ZIP, I put the 'Mods' folder in, i took the 'getmods.BBC+Teleport.php' file and renamed it 'getmods.php'. Then I moved the new getmods.php to the NEO scavenger folder. Now, whenever I start up the game, it says failed to find file row 7? I've tried all the compatibility getmods but none of them work. Not even the beta will start. I have no other mods installed, and the only getmods that works is the default one.

UPDATE: I fixed it! I was unaware I would have to download BBC as well. You should possibly include that in the readme.

The game seems to load to a certain place then just stops any idea ?

It also says at the Top " Teleport mod not found

Ah geez, any easy way to find Arrowhead Labs? I can't really find a reference point, and I'm running around the northwest of the ATN trying to find this place and avoid being eaten by dogmen.


I couldn't find it too - guess you need a BBC version of mod to make a necklace youself. I don't get yet why Arrowhead is not showing but it must be a problem with it being incompatible with the newest game version (some encounter tags changed or something like that).

Using NEO Scavenger version 1.14, with this mod I was able to trigger the encounter for Arrowhead Labs and all of the content seems to be working as intended. The hex with Arrowhead Labs does not have a special appearance and it is not marked (no label on the map) until you enter it. When you enter the hex, you discover it automatically.

To find it, go

Spoiler: Highlight to view
roughly 10 hexes south and 30 hexes west of Camp Grayling

and check the hexes nearby.

Broken download links fixed! Sorry the mod is not properly updated for the latest NS version, but hopefully I'll get to do that at some point soon. At least it's now no longer "lost" thanks to broken links! :)

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Banjo, the game has an official Discord group now. You should join us, even if only as another means for your mod users to reach you.

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Heya! I've never used Discord, sorry. Not really a fan of social media, as I prefer old-school forums where threads get preserved for others to read (and email for private correspondence)... but I'll admit I don't know much about Discord as a platform.

I've been invited to join a few "channels" there in the past, but never really understood the site (it looks more like a group instant messenger than a forum).

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it is a group instant messenger, but is made for small or very large groups. it's popular because it streamlines voice, video, and text communication. mush less steps are needed to get people in and more user friendly, while being free. so that's why it's popular. Some companies like BlueBottle have an official presence on there because it helps to have one, especially in the gaming crowd.

it's not perfect, from an admin perspective...but the users don't really notice that. but ya, modern and streamlined instant messenger.

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just is case, here's a link directly to the games discord: link

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Someone was already asking if you were on the Discord today (pressumably to ask you about your mods) so i know at least one person was looking for you there. though most questions in the modding section on Discord are less about getting the authors attention and more about general stuff like what mod X does and how to install it, how to merge, and general stuff. so i can't say until today that i've seen people getting on Discord specifically to reach a specific author.

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