Games That Are Like Neo Scavenger

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Games That Are Like Neo Scavenger

This thread is for people to post information about other games that are similar to Neo Scavenger, either for inspiration or just so you can try a survival game that doesn't involve dogmen. Elements we are looking for are survival, realistic needs, intricate crafting systems, etc.

A few games that come to mind are:

Zafehouse Diaries: A zombie survival game that focuses heavily on the relations and stress involved with putting 6 different people with their own skills and prejudices in a group and escaping a zombie infested city. The characters are randomly generated with professions that give them skills and the game measures the relationship between each person. If morale is down and tempers are high don't expect them to watch eachothers' asses for very long. Dwindling supplies and the ever present zombie horde requires organized scavenging runs and caution. Gunfire will attract zombies from all across town, but this can be used to drive them away from the rest of the group. Random events and encounters forces the player to make tough decisions and the goal is to either find parts for a car or find clues about when and where the rescue chopper will land. It's made by an indie company and they are still adding more to it.

Liberal Crime Squad: Originally made by the guys that made Dwarf Fortress, they made it open source and abandoned it, a forum of guys picked it up and made it into an awesome and hilarious game. Liberal crime squad puts you in charge of one man, living in a radically conservative nation. (regardless of your political beliefs this is a spoof and meant to be funny, which it very much is) Based on your answers to 6 or so questions you character starts with a variety of skills and the ability to recruit new members in three ways. You can convince them by talking to them about the issues, you can kidnap them and brainwash them through excruciating and hilarious torture techniques, or you can date them (gender doesn't matter, because you are just that sexy) and make them your love slave. Whoever you recruit will have their own skills and will be able to conduct raids on major strongholds of conservativism, like banks, pharmaceutical labs, police stations, etc. The combat is complex and extremely brutal, and the sheer amount of different tasks you can do is mind numbing. You could play the entire game without committing a single crime, just by writing to newspapers and voicing your opinion, or you can go on a crime spree that would make Ghenghis Khan think your a pretty bloodthirsty dude. Hilarious game, one of my favorites.

Haven and hearth: Basically the game Don't Starve but in MMO form. Pretty fun back in the day, I'm not sure its still got as big of a community now.

please leave links when you post.

Cannot say that I recall off the top of my head game which I'd play with the same mood/impression I have of NEO Scavenger. I've played plenty of survival games, plenty of post-apocalyptic ones but neither them nor the ones mentioned here - though good games in their own right - were really similar for me.

I think the closest thing would be Robinson's Requiem and it's sequel where injuries can have consequences, you have to scavenge and craft stuff, you're thrown into largely hostile, unfamiliar world.. and with enough perseverence you can outgrow simple, improvised tools you find, loor or make and access really hi-tech stuff. The mood kinda is close to what I feel in NEO Scavenger - at times - as well.

Generally, good games though they didn't age well and the controls/UI take away a lot from the general enjoyment so if you'll ever want to uncover these - revolutionary in their own time but somewhat user-unfriendly - pieces of history, feel free to, but remember that you have been warned.

When I saw Robinson's Requiem's demo, it fired up my imagination when I was a young kid, but I could not get my hands on the actual game. Years later, when I finally found it, I realized how broken the controls were and was really disappointed. I had to wait for NEO Scavenger to fulfill this survival fantasy.

It always boggled my mind why the actual "survival" genre (not wave of zombies survival) is such a non-existent thing. Especially the survival in an existing world, cause there are few games out there that do the "do it all yourself from a scratch" thing, like Minecraft, aforementioned Haven and Hearth or Wayward. But since I prefer utilizing an environment, looking for stuff and dealing with what you've got over this whole DIY progression system of "making a wooden tool to get stone to make stone tool to get copper to make copper tool to get...", my choice in that matter is actually narrowed to this one game only, as far as I know.

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It's because what mechanisms and drives those games are based on, I'd be willing to assume:

Games like Minecraft use the human drive to progress, to achieve and attain more and the satisfaction the player has from that. The crafting, the ability to see with your own eyes what is being created with your own hands. There's also fulfillment created by the 'wealth', as in 'This is my house. There are many like it, but this one's mine. I've made it myself and it belongs to me'.

That's why there still plenty of people grinding their life away in poor, linear and repetitive, 'kill 20 boars for the quest' MMOs where since months all the progress can be summarized with 'you level up by killing monsters to be able to use this glowing sword, to kill more monsters to level up to use even brighter glowing sword'. It's very superficial, but for them getting more shiny sword is an achievement, some goal to strive for. And after that there's another and another and poor kids cannot stop the game despite, in reality, being more bored and irritated by the time-waste than not.

Though you should take a closer look at Minecraft or Haven and Hearth - they do have plenty of actual environment use, especially the latter in the earlier part of the game where you don't really care about tiers of tools, you just need a damn shovel. Both are great games (though again, in H&H it depends on who's your neighbour), though they're of rather different mood and setting than NEO Scavenger, as I've said.

Minecraft is much more than just getting better tools. The time until I get my first diamond pickaxe isn't more than a warm-up phase.

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And that is the whole point, game like Minecraft have "survive and utilize your surroundings" theme going on during roughly first two days - later it turns into The Sims - trying to build the prettiest house in the neighborhood.

Imagine Minecraft game where player can make simple weapons, but cannot make tools at all. Player would have to travel and look for axes and picks in the countryside or, for the better ones, in the underground. At first depleting those closest to you but having to go for longer trips farther/deeper to replace used ones - all while avoiding monsters and trying not to starve. That would be what I I call survival and resource management.

I do get that most people prefer to get prettier houses and shinier swords (as long as they are not golden swords - how's that supposed to work?), I just don't get why "survival genre" seems so unsuccessful or at least greatly under-represented.

The H&H seems very unintuitive to me. My character can't do nothing, with skills that seems to not work or block my further development and a big, empty world. Maybe I need more time with it but I feel I am not going to like it.

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Ever tried adventure mode?

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Nope. It blocks first tier crafting, right?

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No, but you can't mine blocks without the proper tool.

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You know, i always live underground. Personally, i dont like building for the simple fact that i know i can build great things. Its almost like being a god, it gets so utterly boring after so long that i just stop. I have all farms underground. Literally all you see of me is a wooden door in the side of a mountain. If you went in there, itd be like the Hive from Resident Evil lol

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A bit late but I thought I would throw in my two cents. A good survival mod for Minecraft is Terrafirmacraft (TFC). It is a little unintuitive (you will be using the wiki a lot) but it has real survival elements and getting metal is really hard. I don't really know ant other games alas.

Do not buy zafehouse diaries before tying it for free first. It will most likely do not work on your pc, and the only answer you will get in the forum is "It is your own fault. Oh, and no refunds"

There's a survival graphical roguelike game similar to this one called UnReal World. It's about wilderness survival... about life in ancient Finland in the late Iron Age and Northern Folklore to be more accurate. It's pretty harsh at first and you might die a lot, especially when you reach winter unprepared. You can craft a variety of things, trade with NPCs, Hunt animals for food and hides, build your very own house, plant crops, rob people, slaughter entire villages, eat people, etc... The game world is pretty big and there are different factions to encounter.

Graphics and sounds aren't anything special but then again, this is a roguelike so gameplay is what matters. It also allows limited modding of graphics, sounds, items, crafting and cooking recipes so I already added some nice content to my game. :3

It wasn't free before. It went free to play recently.

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Ohoho it's f2p now, sweet. But what about those poor saps who paid $50 for all the versions?
It's a good game, but eye kicking kids... Damn those eye kickers.

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No idea. Maybe they got access to some locked features or stuff like that. It got an update recently too. One of them makes archery more awesome, which is the skill I use the most. Same with Neo Scav... I just like killing from a distance with arrows. :P

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Yeah, but recovering all the missed arrows takes a while. ;-)

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Lol it does. But since modding is allowed in that game I added other 4 ways to make arrows so you could just make more using one or more of the 5 methods to make them. To rebalance this a little, I made it so arrows made using easier methods take longer to make and are usually of poorer quality.

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Haha! This is actually pretty cool!

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How odd, I was JUST playing it.


I guess you could say that this is pretty much a clone (definitely not a copy/rip-off mind you) of Neo-Scavenger and is absolutely amazing if you don't mind ASCII graphic sets (better play some Dwarf Fortress *shakes fist* if you do mind)

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

I personally love Cataclysm: DDA and am looking forward to a full release, so check it out, see if you all like it.


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Started playing C:DDA yesterday, I think I must have gone through at least fifteen people so far and I haven't even survived for a full day yet :/ And I have played the tutorial (after getting the first four people killed because I didn't know which button closes doors)

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This is an Xbox 360 game but nevertheless i love it. Fallout: New Vegas on Hardcore mode. You have to eat, drink, and sleep. The amount is very poor tho XP I could eat one meal a day, two bottles of water, and only sleep once per week and i would be perfectly fine.

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I play it on my PC. Good game though again, not much alike NEO Scavenger. But since the thread turned into 'post-apocalyptic/survival games in general' (should thread name change be in order?) rather than NEO Scavenger-alikes, a couple of titles that may be interesting:

Underrail - giving me kind of Fallout 1 & 2 vibe because of some locations, it may be quite an interesting game, once finished.

DayZ - quite known but I guess I'll throw it out there for any parties interested. Open-world zombie apocalypse survival with the importance put in the 'survival' part. Especially since some supplies are hard to be found, yet people - including other players - will gladly murder you for them - plentiful. Started as a mod for Arma 2 game, now gets it's own standalone version.

More limited in scope, but plenty post-apocalyptic, the indie game Caravaneer comes to mind.

The developer is currently making a more advanced sequel, sponsored via Kickstarter but I got the impression he's aiming for action over micro-management of resources.

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I hope nobody says or did say minecraft is like this game XD

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I'd say no game is like NEO Scavenger, but people obviously have different understandings of the term "like".

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Iter Vehemens ad Necem

IVAN is actually pretty fun. Too bad is no longer under development. The game has so much potential.

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Burntime for the Amiga and PC. Has scavenging, crafting, food and water requirements. You can hire other characters and is competitive multiplayer. Also has pretty good atmosphere similar to neo scavenger. The interface is a little rough though and combat can be frustrating.

I didn't have a problem with combat, you just have to click on your opponent fast enough, which is extremely easy with a low game speed.

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Since people brought the thread to my attention again, as per 'Post-apoc survival RPG' theme we got now I'd like to share a link to another game which, for some reason, I forgot to mention last time - Caves of Qud.

Quite decent roguelike, with some crafting, exploration and obviously, scavenging for resources - from parts necessary for another hi-tech device to some edible plants. Not typically post-apocalyptical as the land isn't completely ravaged and desolated (though NEO Scavenger doesn't take part in a wasteland either, so it's fine - and yes, I plan to remind people of that given possibility) but there is certain vibe of lore forgotten among contaminated ruins and wasting civilisations, making me think of a mix of Dark Sun setting and one of Gamma World, depending on location.

Currently development seems somewhat suspended, though if there will be enough interest, i am sure new additions for the game wil be provided.

There arent many games like neo scavenger its too complex with makes it better than others but it does show simularities to dayZ were you can heal youreself find weapons and change youre clothes it still is not the same game because it is based on zombies. there is also will to survive wich is coming soon and is like project zomboid but over all i dont think that many games show the hard but fun survival type game like neo scavenger does.

I'm pretty bummed that there isn't a Fallout rougelike. Deon's Wasteland mod for Dwarf Fortress makes the Adventure mode pretty close, but still doesn't have that kind of feel. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead would probably be better for a Fallout overhaul if they could ever fix the NPCs xD

Though there is Fallout: 2238 which is a mod for Fallout 2 that turns it into an MMO. If you haven't heard of it, I would check it out. It can be pretty brutal. Blue Suit hunting is a sport :D

So you want a game like NEO/Minecraft? Unturned. It's available through steam and it is ftp. Have to juggle sickness, hunger, thirst, all the good complicated things like that. All while finding cool loot. Downside is, it is early access and still in Beta. Multiplayer is almost totally managed by clients like Hamachi for now so don't expect to go prancing off with your buddies into the zombie infested ruins of society. But all in all great game.

Why are Laser Rifles so hard to find? People should be able to find random laser rifles.


A survival game where you have to scavenge for resources and fight off aliens on an alien world. Real time, and it's a great game. And being a Human isn't the only option...

Being one old gamer (by modern standards), and seeing this topic necroed... err, "revived" :D , - i proudly present the diamond in the rough, the uncut gem of early days of PC games:

Another World (details - , sorry about forum engine breakign the link)

Vector graphics, AMAZING music and digital sound emulation played on a PC SPEAKER - the small speaker which usually only makes a short "beep" sound when PC is powered up (!!!), the hardcore approach of "there is only one life, and any hit is an instant death", only softened somewhat by the waypoints system, the amazing athmosphere of complete unpredictability and indeed alien nature of the world player character is put into - are distinct features of the game. As is significant complexity of the game's puzzles and mechanics, and nearly complete absense of clues about what's what.

I don't know if there are ports of this game to modern systems (didn't read the article i linked - there probably some info about it), but like all old games, it should work in Dosbox, i think.

Speaking of old games, i also dare to put Star Control 2 to this topic, too. Its campaign mode is about survival and gathering resources and making relations in space full of mostly hostile aliens. Oh, and it's brilliant, too. There is a port-and-refining project for it, making Star Control 2 playable on modern systems and fixing small glitches and bugs of the original game, called "Ur-Quan Masters". It's F2P, available at . I highly recommend to play it if you never did, and i highly recommend not to use any guides or walkthroughts for playing it through for the 1st time, too.

P.S. Star Control 2 is the game where i picked up "hunam" term, which i use occasionally when circumstances are right. Good old Fwiffo, hope he survived through and happily ever after... :D

P.P.S. Interestingly enough, both those games were made by individual developers; just one man made Alien World afaik, and two men made Star Control II. Neo Scavenger is being made in the similar way. :)

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Way to go!

Another World was frustratingly hard, but I daresay it had one of the best laser guns. There is a port for the latest versions, I think, the 20'th year anniversary.

Both of those games are pretty awesome. I remember playing them a lot when I was in highschool. I never managed to finish Another World, though. It was too hard for me back then. A lot of games were. :P

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Awesome they are, indeed. One more thing about SC2. Many players - including myself at some point, - were very disappointed to learn that there is the time limit to SC2. Nearly 4 years of in-game time, - which translates to barely few hours real-time, if that much, of hyperspace flying. The only thing in-game about it - is extentsion of the limit by 1 year (to the new total of 5 in-game years), which is, naturally, not much helpful.

Until now, i was thinking that this problem is impossible to solve. But just now, i found this post (and the link in the quote there): . Didn't try that mod myself yet, but it's the 1st thing i've seen in all those 20+ years which hopefully allows to _really_ extend the time limit in SC2! :) Hopefully, page will last for at least 100 years... Real-life. :)

P.S. No, it's still can't be possible to collect 12.000.000 interstellar credits to buy the answer to the question "why your bridge turns purple" from Melnorme. Even if there would be enough lifeforms in the sector - which is suspect there are not, - amount of ICs is stored as a 2-byte integer, means it can't get higher than 65k, in principle. Sigh...

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

The Purple Bridge question was never supposed to be answered.

Even if you cheat in those 12 million credits, you still can't get it. Still, though, fan theories do state that the color of the bridge does determine what a melnorme trader is currently doing. And Purple apparently helps them to better see their consoles.

As for the time limit, well, I myself have deliberately ran it down before. The Galaxy is a significantly better place without the Druuge and the Mycon.

Was coming here to tell everyone about UnReaL World... ended making a list of games at my download list hahaha

Sharing some indie knowledge, i think one of the first or maybe first game i played from thi genre was Avernum series, from spiderweb softwares... Geneforge of the same inc. its a piece to RPG lovers too.

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I haven't tried the Avernum series but I used to play the Exile ones a lot, specially the second one. Good times.

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Exile series was one of my favourites, back in the day. Such a big, interesting world... Yeah, Exile 2 for the win!

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I think i got some spiderweb older games in the past just to do a look, but Avernum and Geneforge for me was enought for years of play.

I can say the same about Avernum, got a demo version from somewhere when i was ten(+-). it was love on first look :D

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Once again I know this is an old topic but Knights of Pen and paper. Check it out.

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