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I am actually working on several headgear items right now, and a hood is among them. The problems are in compatibility - some items just don't look "right" with one another. If you can, find yourself a Hazmat Suit Hood and try it with a Tactical Vest - it just looks bad. But those are marginal cases. My big worry is actually not to make the mod too unrealistic.

Since it was mentioned, I might as well ask for some feedback. Here are some of the, more ready, concepts:

From left - a rag hood, a welding mask, an alternate gas mask and a Norman helmet (this one won't be in the game, it's just a drawing exercise - or maybe something to be found in museum?).

So folks, aren't those a bit too... Mad Max "crazy post-apocalyptic" for NEO Scavenger?

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Love the new headgear! The hood looks perfect as-is to me, as does the medieval helmet (I agree it doesn't really "fit" the vanilla game, but I'd love you to share the graphic if you don't plan to include it).

I think the alternate "crappier" gas mask is sorely needed; I assume it will only hold one filter compared to the vanilla one that holds two? Love the design, though I wonder if the "snout" part needs to be a little longer in the graphic, if possible?

The welding mask (along with a hockey mask) is something I've always felt was missing from NeoScav vanilla as a post apocalypse "staple". The visor looks great here... maybe widen the faceplace a tiny bit near the chin to make it look less like an enclosed helmet and more like a face mask?

Awesome to see new additions to this mod, though! As I've said before, I find it hard to play without it, now!

EDIT: Have to add how much I like the "hobo stove" item... another thing I wanted to craft (and cook on) since I discovered NeoScavenger!

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Love the look of those. How about being able to pull up the hood on the hoodie? That hood looks a bit 'medieval cloak' for a modern hoodie.

I don't think it's possible to go 'too much Mad Max.' Like, ever.

I would love a gasmask with the hose coming out, maybe have it go over the character's shoulder?

While we're on the topic of addons, what about sunglasses? Dark wrap-arounds, some mirrored aviators, and maybe a futuristic/80's sci-fi version. Yeah, they're pretty much useless, but I guarantee everyone would pick them up if they had nothing else using the slot.

Love the new/upcoming artwork.
But I have one issue with NS - chips. Size of bag and chops themselves is so... odd. It would make much more sense to make chips 1x1 or 1x2 and bag - 3x4 (1x2 folded). Didn't want to bother dev, so what's your take on this?

First of all, thanks for all the feedback and sorry for the delay in responding.

@Banjo - since those are all work-in-progress still, I will be working on them some more - I will try to elongate the mask a bit, and see how it looks like and how it fits with other items (item layering can be a real obstacle in this game, sometimes). And I'll work some more on the welding mask - it does look a bit too helmet-ish to me too :D

@DarKcyde - the hood is meant to look like that, cause it will be a separate, makeshift kind of headgear and not a part of anything else. Sadly, the way that items layers work in this game, stuff on the torso is always under the items in the head slot. That means that hoodie sprite will always be drawn under the headgear (or the gray head of the paper-doll itself).

Not to mention - Chiko's mod already have this :D

The "elephant" gas mask is something I want to do as well, but I have to see how it will work out. And I have like 8-10 sprites for goggles/glasses already, but am not really happy with them yet.

And while I love my Mad Max as much as any other guy, I have to say that I kind of like the "normal" style of NEO Scavenger's world - real people, even if brutal murderers, would almost always choose a pair of jeans over a set of Sado-Maso gear, any time. And so, while I don't really mind adding weathered, rusted, etc. items, I don't want to cross the line between those two styles too much. That's why I am asking ;)

@Mshock - the chips bags are meant to be those giant, family-size ones you can buy sometimes. And the not-exactly-fitting size is a commentary on the fact that the chips packs are always filled with more air than the actual chips. I have no real problem with that and actually think it's a clever way of delivering a sort of social commentary.

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How do I get this to work with the cheat mod?

Oh... the glow is Detroit...Great

The next update just landed!

It provides compatibility withe the one and only new build of the game (0.9952) as well as bringing you two new toys to play with.

If there are no compatibility conflicts between the two, you need to modify the "getmods.php" file so that it loads the Cheater mod folders after it loaded Mod of Doom.

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Bug on 9952b, the leather suit case overlaps the grid a by a few pixels when it's in your hand. I just died and forgot to take a screenie.

Update sounds awesome, but I have a small question.
The mod says FolderZero, but even as I have updated, my folder is still labeled as "0".

Is something wrong with my version of the game? o_o

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It doesn't really matter how the folder is named (I changed the name from "0" to "MoDZero" simply to make it easier for other mod makers to figure out what is what). What is important is which folder is called in the "getmods.php" file and what the in-code identifier is. So if you copy my mod into your game folder, as it should be, the basic "0" folder will remain, but it's not being used anymore, since getmods.php provided with the Mod of Doom does not call for it at all. It uses the "MoDZero" as a source of the overwrite mod (in-code identifier "0:") instead.

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Finally, another update! Hope you'll like it.

A little pop-culture knowledge test.
One of the new items, woolen winter hat, is based in it's design on a head-cover worn by a certain fictional character from a movie/TV show. Can anyone correctly tell who that character is and (to make it a bit harder) name a town with which he was particularly linked to (and how)? :D

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Cake walk: Jayne from Firefly unwittingly helped a small town by dumping his loot over the town while trying to escape. They named the town after him because they thought he was trying to help them. Jayne's knit hat was made by his mother.

Just registered to answer and to thank you Kaaven for your wonderful mod.

Almost on spot :D The town was called Canton and they did not rename it, they built him a statue :D Still, close enough. Congrats!

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Does this work for version 0.9960b?

It might, but is not officially compatible. I will try to upload an update soon, most likely later today.

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Just added a download link for the mod version compatible with the newest test build (0.9960) of the game.

No new items or any other additions this time. The two minor changes (other than combining stuff between the mod and the game) I made are:

- the spawn point for my dogs have been moved way more south, away from the Cryo Facility, to avoid overwhelming the players. The old dogs are not "added" to the new ones, because Dan forgot to make them a faction :D

- made changes to both mine and vanilla flip-flops. Mine can be now lost randomly, but the vanilla ones do not cause blisters when worn on the wrong foot (seriously?) and one cannot run while wearing them

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First of all, fantastic work on this mod, it really adds so much to the game, and i'm very impressed by it.
I'm not claiming to know anything about the development of this mod, and i'm not trying to be insensitive here. But i have some entirely subjective issues with this mod, which i'll try and explain and ask for help with here.

I have this vision of a 'Vanilla+' type of mod. One that just adds more item variety without including any more advanced systems or changes in balance. This mod being closest to that vision it still strays a bit too far from the vanilla experience. In many ways improving on it to be fair, but it's just not what i am looking for.
My real question is therefore: could there perhaps be a way to add only some of the extra items to the game, the additional clothes being a good example. Either as a separate mini-mod. or maybe some kind soul could instruct me in how to tweak my game manually myself?

The reason i'm asking this here and not through a private channel is due to the slight chance that someone else might share my opinion on this. Will greatly appreciate any help or further discussion on this topic.

Hello mate! I'm glad you the mod, at least to some extent.

First of all - the Mod of Doom was never meant as a simple variety addition and instead it aims at 3 things. First is to make the game slightly harder/more realistic, but not by ramping up the stats or tweaking RNG. Instead it adds more variety of items, in order to lower the chances of player to find the optimal gear (so the items are deliberately made "worse" than the vanilla ones). Secondly it adds more story/locations, unrelated to the main plot-line in any serious way. That part is still WIP. The third thing is generally tweaking/adding what I think is lacking from the vanilla game, but really should be in the game. Things like few more cooking recipes, dirt/parasites system, contraption crafting for electrician/mechanic and removing of the particularly silly simplifications like the "glass-tipped spear of total destruction" and the "dogman fur of weather resistance" are from this category.

Now answering your questions - there is no easy way to rip any features / items from the mod, without basically building new one yourself. So without modding knowledge and too much free time on your hands, you won't be able to extract those things, I am afraid.

As for me making a separate variety mod - it's a possibility, but not in the near future. I simply don't have time to build two mods at the same time. Once I am done with this one, I will probably tinker with making the resources more modular - I actually already went into the realm of separate resources in the Fields of Dead mini mod - but until then, I prefer to focus on making one thing well ;)

Question - which changes in the MoD do you think are not in the spirit of the native game, and why?

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Thank you for your quick reply. I think i understand the aim and purpose of the mod pretty well now, as a matter of fact i would suggest you put an explanation like that in the mod's description.

I now see that there's not really a simple way to fulfill my request. I accept that, and will have to live with it. With some luck i might find a mod akin my ideal in the future. But hey, don't get me wrong, i'm having lots of fun with your mod currently.

As for things in the mod i strive too far from the vanilla game. One of my main gripes is that you start out with way too many things. A new Neo scavenger 'run' for me always refreshingly starts out with me being symbolically born anew in the cryo facility having to find even the most basic things to survive the night. The thrill of finding my first few items always color and differentiate my different games and determine my early game strategy. Now i don't claim to know exactly why you have decided to include a batch of starter items, and i'm sure it has some sound reasoning behind it. I won't therefore claim it's a bad decision, i'm just saying that it leaves me, personally feeling too powerful, and robs some of the randomness and agency out of my new game starts.

A proper explanation of the reasoning behind the inclusion of these items might help me understand why it's in the mod and help me change my mind... or it might not. But an explanation would be nice nonetheless.

I actually assumed that was a bug. I've been deleting all the starter items. o_o

I think my favorite part of this mod is the crowbar/shovel scavenging rebalance. In the base game you can safely spam click flashlight/crowbar/nightvision/spidey sense/lockpicks and hope three dog moon t-shirts explode onto your hex, every time. There's no real strategy to scavenging past the first 1-2 days of a game. In MMoD carrying a crowbar feels like an actual choice instead of a necessity and lockpicks feel very useful instead of sortakindamaybenotactuallyreally useful. I also scavenge differently depending on where I am located, where I'm headed, what my current food situation is, etc.

It's such a simple change yet it makes NEO's basic scavenging gameplay quite a bit more engaging. Have you thought about adding any similar mechanics? Things like, and these are just throwaway ideas:
- Lockpicks reward more loot... but increase scavenging time and are far more expensive to compensate
- Flashlights utterly /destroy/ your sneak meter and may be lost or broken during accidents
- Removing NVGs during the night or using them to scavenge (while not also wearing them) blinds you for a turn, as your eyes need time to readjust
- Lighters use more charges and generally suck as light sources (you can scavenge w/ lighters in MMoD, right?)

...and so on. Doesn't have to be quite so involved but these little mechanics/balancing changes add a lot to the game. Plus I assume they easier to mod in than brand new weapons/items, right?

Anyway: great mod, mate. Been alternating between MMoD / extended neoscav for the past week or so.

do you even scavenge

Now I feel kind of silly for not updating my first post with the proper info (it was there, but I've seem to deleted it at some point), cause for me (and my old time users) the answer is pretty obvious - the items you find simply lying on the ground of Cryo Lab at the start of the game are the examples of the new items added in the current build. They are not meant as a part of the mod, but are there so that people checking the fresh build don't have to play for 2+ weeks to see them. And they change from version to version.

Basically, those all should be deleted if player wants a proper game. The only items that are "in" the mod are the few goodies (matches, rag and cola) found inside the metal locker at the Exam Room.

Sorry for the missing explanation ;(

Yeah, the vanilla scavenging is really lacking in the risk/reward department. And I am glad you like the change. With the specific stuff you mention - there is no way to make the scavenging last longer that I found so far, without creating new exploits/silly stuff. Similarly, destroying items during accidents is a bit clunky, and it would not be limited to the flashlight alone.

But I did made it so that the lockpicks actually degrade into less than their required components (you make them from 8 parts and they degrade into only 4) so that player need to "fix" them, so to speak, every once in a while (in the vanilla they degrade back into 8 parts, so you can endlessly recycle the same parts).
I also already made the lighter to use 5 charges per scavenging (in vanilla its 1) so it is, again, more of a choice instead of spam.

As for the NV Goggles... Turn lasts an hour and I am pretty sure removing them don't blind a person for that long :D And I am actually OK with Goggles and Flashlight being good, since those require charges and batteries, so there is already some sort of balance in the game.

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I feel like a bit of an idiot for not understanding you have to delete those things a the start, but thanks for telling me. Everything makes so much more sense now.

While we are in the spirit of jolly discussion might i suggest the inclusion of Knapping into the mod. Knapping as in the art of smashing rocks, mainly flint together to shape said rocks into desirable shapes such as that of a spear or arrowhead. A system for knapping could be an immersive way to work around the aforementoned "glass-tipped spear of total destruction" by having to find flint, and work it into the right shape. Like in real life.

Sorry if this has been suggested already, but in my head it sounds like a simple and cool addition, what are you guys's thoughts on it?

*EDIT* Just occured to me that the inclusion of flint can bring other things into the game, it's for example something historically used to start fires, which i feel is quite relevant to this game as well. Flint rocks were also shaped to work especially well as slung projectiles.

Hmm, I just had a simple idea. You know the dirty blanket? Why not be able to clean it with some water and detergent? If you wanted to go an extra mile, give the blanket a condition percentage and have it turn into a dirty blanket needing to be washed again.

I was thinking about adding flint as a fire-starting tool. However, I don't believe that such a skill could be known to a modern day blogger by default, and the only skill that makes sense to include such skill is Trapping, which already has a fire-starting technique - wood friction. What's more, getting wood is banal in the game, so creating another, identical but much rarer technique would be really redundant.

As for knapping, it's similar case. Not only would it have to be reserved for a particular skill (probably Trapping too, maybe Mechanic, since there is no really fitting one), but it's also highly redundant. It's main purpose is to make "something sharp" and in a world of ruins where shards of glass and metal scrap lie left and right, there is no really need for anyone to invest their time to manufacture stone knives/points.

Also, in therms of primitive knife and arrow-heads, bone is already a material that can be utilized in the mod. You can make knifes out of bones and bone slivers created as a by-product of that, can be used for the piercing arrows.

The dirty blanket is not simply dirty, in my head. Cause let's be fair - all the clothes/items that Phillip uses are most likely very dirty, in a standard way. When I named it "disgusting, extensively used old blanket" I meant a kind that someone died and then rotten under.

And anyways, I did considered making not only blanket but also clothes dirty/clean. But it would be a massive amount of work, with a very little pay-off (most people would not bother wearing dirty ones since, honestly, the penalty would be minimal). So instead, I chose to leave that part of the survival for the player's imagination :D

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I think you did mention that in the blurb you had when you first introduced it, but that's fair. Do you have a record of all that version information? I kinda liked having an expanded explanation of the features.

Also, I'm trying to make bone arrows but the slivers aren't working, but I can use bone knives to make arrows .-.
EDIT: Didn't realize you needed to use a knife to make piercing arrows, or bone ones.

That arrow thing is due to the sort of bug/limitation of the main game - the arrows need sharp edge to make, but if you are making broadhead arrows, the glass shards count as both the knife and the arrow-head. But it's a minor annoyance.

As for the explanations - I was deleting them, like a moron, instead of archiving them :(

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Quick Update
Just tested out and the mod should work alright with the full vanilla game. I updated the download link. It leads to a version without starting test items, to avoid confusion. Otherwise it's the same, so no need to download if you are using mod version 0.81.

More to come soon!

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How can I make the dogman fur not raw? I tried curing it like meat but yielded no results.

There is no way to do that, right now. "Natural" (as in, non-industrial) tanning and generally processing of a raw hide, especially of a very large animal, is a long process consisting of many steps: scraping, stretching, drying (can take up days even) smoking, etc. It is simply not really doable for a single guy, without proper tools and constantly on the run.

So I decided to leave the player only with an option of preparing a raw fur instead (also, in the vanilla game it was an ultimate clothing item, available from the start, which I find to be a design flaw).

So maybe in the future, I will add some way to process it, but for now it will stay raw :D

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Awh, damn, well maybe there can be a way to clean it? The lice and fleas are super annoying.. I found detergent but I have no idea what to do with it so I ended up drinking it and I think that led to my death. Is it just pointless garbage?

You need to go and take a bath in a water source - marsh, lake or river (by right click -> "Use" on them). Taking a bath alone has 10% chance to remove parasites, with detergent it is 25% and with a special paste made out of poisonous berries (Botany skill) it's 50%.

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New, story-focused version of the mod is up!

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Really Kaaven...

Right when I finish the compatibility patch for my mod...

Anyway, cool update.

My Mod: I-Neo-More Remastered
- Jake

Sorry mate! Really wanted it out before Christmas.

There are not many real changes to the Treasure Tables or anything, so your patch should be easy to update.

And thanks for making those patches for MoD!

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When I saw the Luger, my first thought was, "What if I combined this with a black longcoat and military boots, and gave myself a really bad fake German accent? It would be über gut, ja?"

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"

Yup, the true villain's wardrobe is slowly filling up. Just don't forget the wide brim hat to finish your set!

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so are you gonna make it so your mod and the extended neo scavenger mod compatible

From The Zman

Nope, at least for now. Merging two mods as big as Mod of Doom and Extended is a massive amount of work on it's own and, what's worse, would have to be repeated each time any of those mods gets an update. Plus it would be a nightmare to balance.

So, let's be honest here - until both of those mods are complete and over, there is a very little chance there will be a compatibility patch for them (that lasts more than 1-2 updates).

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hey is it possible for someone to release a compatibility patch with this and neo scavenger extended? thanks in advance

(insert signature here)

As Kaaven explains with much more detail in the post right above yours, no, it isn't possible right now. ;)

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

I had some questions about crafting... I made a sturdy shiv, but I'm unable to make a scrap metal knife using Mechanic, 2 medium parts, rags for a handle, & a screwdriver. Is there some other way to do it?

I can't seem to make boiled soup from the condensed soup either... is it the "creamy crumb" condensed soup you can get in the DMC convenience store or something else?

Also, is there a way to craft the Rag Hood?

And one last question: Is it possible to actually catch fish using a lake, river, marsh, etc. & spear? I've tried many times & the failure text makes it sound like it's not possible at all.

To make a knife you need a hacksaw, not a screwdriver. It was my mistake in the recipe, here on the site. Sorry for that - already corrected this!

About the soup, I honestly don't know. It in fact does not work and I cannot see why :\ Will have to look into that. Thanks for reporting this. And yes, it is supposed to be that soup from the C-store.

There is no way to make the hood - player's character does not have enough time for knitting clothes, I believe :D

And there are no fish there. They all died, due to yet unexplained circumstances, so there's no way to catch any. A red herring, that spear-fishing.

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I have gotten part way through the quest and I am now stuck at the Carpets camp unsure what to do... help please.

Also 9x19 parable rounds are now adays very common and can be purchased in almost every gun/ammunition store.

Cannibal Family Picnic

Sorry, but what Carpets? And what are you unsure about exactly?

And I know that this ammo is common in real life, but there is no sense in making it appear in-game as long as there exist exactly one, very rare, gun that can shoot them :D. I will have to make another gun that fires them to justify the drops. Any ideas/propositions?

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Stupid auto carpet* I meant Scrappers

Edit: Correct

Cannibal Family Picnic

I guessed that much - were just messing with you mate ;D So, which part is problematic?

There are two ways to fail - one death, but it's really for people who are way too cocky, and one where you make a chain of bad decisions.

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Is it compatible with Extended NEO Scavenger?

'Ellow Govnah!

No, extensive mods like Extended and MoD are not compatible. They simply chance too many of the same things.

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I'm making up a few art resources if you want to check out my thread.

I use your mod and Banjo's mods. So I hope you will decide to use my work =D
Also I am planning redoing the rabbit, frog and the can of soda to be a little less cartoonish. I had done those from scratch originally by hand instead of photos I took. I didn't have any dead animals laying about at 3 in the morning when I got the urge to create stuff lol XD

PS- can you make the usage of Detergent liquid any easier? People drink the stuff at first and there is not apparent way to use a lot of your items. Even a .txt item reference packed in would be fantastic. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of bug and dirt. I "used" the several water sources only to jump in without the soap. Help? =/


1-Could make a function to clean clothing? My character keeps getting parasites even from stuff just scavenged. Blood suckers do not feed on air, maybe make the parasite chance from scavenged worn items rather low?

2-"Ragged pair of Jeans" should be re-named to "Ragged Denim Shorts"

3-I have a bunch of ideas I'd like to see in your mod. I would not mind sharing them with you and even making art for items. But I didn't want to badger you with to large a wall of text. If you don't mind in a few weeks when I can post again, to read through like...5-7 ideas let me know =D

Thanks for your time and keep up the great modding ^_^

@P.S. You use cleaning products (detergent or poisonous paste) while taking a bath. There is really no other way I could make them work, which would be even remotely sensible, that I can think of. And the chance of parasites being removed is random (bath alone 10%, bath with detergent 25% and bath with paste 50%), so if the gods of RNG don't favor you, you might have to try several times.

1 - There is no need to clean the clothes cause you don't get parasites from items - as you said, they don't live on air alone. You can only be infected by direct contact with a carrier.

2 - Those are not shorts, but a standard pair of jeans that lost some material in the process of being used ;)

3 - If you have some ideas or hints, please leave the most interesting here. The chance I will use them isn't big, but a good suggestion or two never done anyone any harm, right? :D And thank you for the sprite offer, but I prefer to draw my own stuff - it's 70% of modding fun for me :D

Honestly, if you have some bigger/more complex ideas and suggestions, the best way for you to go with them, would be to make a separate thread in general modding forums. If not me, someone else might want to use them, especially if you can add some sprites to support them.


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