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I'm all for a smoker trait. Honestly I feel like taking smoker and asthmatic should just make it so you have asthma attacks all the damn time.

In other news I might be able to get back into this since I have something that resembles free time. What's changed since I've been away Chiko?

Hmm... I'm not sure what was the last version you played but some of the things that might be new to you could be:

-Ability to assemble/disassemble bicycles and make bicycle carts.
-ATN Warriors have a different equipment table, which adds leather boots, footrags, waterskins and makes them more likely to spawn with bows, spears and war clubs than guns or other melee weapons like crowbars, wrenches, etc.
-Since Feral Dogs are a bit too common, they now give less meat and hides.
-Added a new condition, foot injury. It's like blisters but they might occur when moving over rough terrain while barefoot. Rough terrain hexes are forests, hills, ruins and town/city hexes.
-Rebalanced footwear a bit. They have different degrading values. Footrags won't protect against foot injuries and other small changes to their stats.
-Wound dressing treatments from the ATN and DMC clinic or using a Nanorobot medical kit will also heal foot injuries.
-Added a new camp. "A secluded shack in the woods" is found in shack in forest hexes.
-Breach ammo for shotguns as a new way to open locked storage sheds and metal lockers.

And lots of other things I can't remember. The game got new stuff some days ago. Stuff like feral dogs, new shoes and the like.

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I still believe this mod needs this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a1FU_ncz48

A kind of shelter that can be camo'ed so us (sneaky, non brute melee PC's) can hide and survive or retreat after a battle since an encounter with a dogman means absolute death or with any looter with the strong trait -_-

I mean... seriously, shouldn't a botanist/stealthy/trapper be able to survive better in the wild than all those guys with big arms and weapons??

I've been meaning to add stuff that increase camp concealment but I always leave it for later. :P
Might be a good time to actually work on it next since I don't really have solid ideas for the next update.

Also, ppl with wilderness survival skills are actually able to survive in the wild easily... the thing is, a shotgun blast to the face is a different thing. Since these "raider" types can't survive on their own like that, they then kill others for their stuff. It works for them. :P

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I have some possible bad news for everyone. I just checked my bank accounts and I'm running low on funds so my vacations from society will soon come to an end. I actually ran out of local money already and I've been using my american and canadian dollars to pay the bills. Having a job will probably eat all my free time since I also like to party a lot so further updates might take a lot longer unless it's bugfixes. :(

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I found this gem on Steam only today. Congrats to the company and Chiko for the awesome mod. One question (for now). How can I create a makeshift sack. I saw in the mod that it is craftable, but I can't find the recipe. Also, does the makeshift sack degrade faster than other backpacks?

The makeshift sack is actually a vanilla game item. This mod used to have a Tarp Pack some updates ago but it was removed when the developer added the sacks, since they were essentially the same thing.

To make one you only need a large sheet and a medium string. A large sheet can be a Tarp or a hide coat... there might be another thing that falls into that category but those 2 are the ones I know for sure.

The sacks do degrade faster than any of the backpacks. Another thing about them is they cannot be carried in the backpack slot, so you will need to carry them either in a hand or in a vehicle.

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Thank you for the quick reply. You are awesome.

I've been thinking about what to add in the next updates. I'm working on a DMC assassin that will start to spawn once your low reputation with the DMC has reached a certain point or maybe after you have killed a certain number of guards and drones.


Apart from being sneaky and see in the night, they will be equipped with an armored longcoat, silenced pistols and use AP ammunition. I have yet to think how should they work. Maybe once the DMC marks you for death, there will be a chance every certain hours for an encounter to happen, which will spawn them right on the same hex than you. Either that or just make one spawn near the ATN and patrol the area looking for you. Also, they should despawn after some hours have passed so there's less chance for them to die and stuff.

I'm thinking about something similar for the ATN, if you choose to make them your enemy. Maybe a leather clad hunter. No idea about Blue Frogs or Bad Muthas. Maybe they should stay like that since you usually end up killing lots of them even if you don't want to.

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This looks pretty cool and that would be cool to have the chance to get some new loots from new enemies. I was wondering would it be possible to add a side mod that makes ammo and guns more common but all enemies attack you no matter what to make the game really challenging but fun.

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It should be possible though making separate mods for special features make me lazy. :P
I wouldn't have any problems if someone else wanted to do that, though.

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Hmm... I guess it was easier said than done. I have no idea how to make it so the DMC tracks their current disposition towards you and tie it to the DMC assassin spawning. Maybe I could sneak in stuff like different attack battlemoves when fighting DMC Guards so when actively attacking them while not hidden will increase a counter and after you have gathered enough "points" it will trigger the encounter. Another stuff that could slowly increase the counter could be selling DMC guard equipment in the junk market like their tactical vests.

Also, in other news. Welding Masks.
Decent head armor and eye protection against the "a handful for an eye" combat move but, with lots of penalties like less vision range, less detection rate, less sleeping quality, etc. There will be small chances to find them in auto repair shops.

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Holy hell literally everything has changed since I last played this game.

Ye mean the main game, lad?

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Yeah, nothing is at all like it was. What on earth is sunlight for?

Well, the point system is pretty much like the one in Cataclysm DDA. :P

Apart from that, sunlight can be used as yet another way to start a fire. So for instance, is you combine sunlight with the lens of a scope or a bottle and kindling, you get a small fire.

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Figured sun would be something like that. I'm swimming in hide now from these armies of feral dogs though.

Thought you might enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor Chiko.


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Hey Chiko, a quick heads-up - your mod is being Let's Played!

Watch Falcon fail at your mod here!

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Awesome. I always wanted to actually see someone trying the mod and upload vids. It's like the best feedback I can get. xD

Thanks for letting me know!

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Is the current Build Compatible with Neo Scavenger 1.0? If not, do you have any Idea when this may be remedied?

It is, since the beta listed there is pretty much the same as v1.0. I'll update the main page with its compatibility in a moment.

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I think the Strong nerf is unwarranted now, considering how many points it eats up. Not worth taking anymore unless you put it back to normal.

I'm inclined to agree actually. For that many points the effects are pretty negligible. It should be brought back up to default levels methinks.

Hmm... I'll think about it. The melee damage nerf affects NPCs too and there is a new move you get from choosing strong.

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Only thing is most NPCs have strong, tough, and melee for free.

Well, not most. All of them have a certain chance to spawn with a skill. I did raise that chance for DMC guards since ppl were killing them easily.

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BTW Chiko, is the nanokit the only way to fix an injured foot?

I believe that if you get proper footwear on and avoid more foot injuries it should just go away after a little while.

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Yeah, it's like blisters so it heals after a while. Another way to cure it is to get healing from either the DMC clinic or the ATN doctor. The ATN doctor is free so have that in mind.

Also, wearing shoes will make you immune to future foot injuries.

Hmm... maybe I could make it so the nanokits also heal blisters.

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Why i cant use any bottles in crafting, is it a bug? Btw does this mod work good with 1.012?

Bottles cannot be used to make noise traps anymore since it was kinda weird. Tin cans are the only items that can be used to make them in this mod.

Also, 1.012? I know it works with 1.0 but I can't see a version 1.012 of the game or info about it around.

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Well, the upcoming scrap metal armor and welding mask for this mod is making things look a bit more like something out of the fallout games or Mad Max. xD

I still haven't worked on how the hell am I gonna make the DMC Assassin work so I will probably leave it for the update after this upcoming one or shelve it with the other things I haven't been able to do.

Apart from that, I've also added a new random looting encounter and hunting vests. I also found some easy to fix bugs so I think I could just upload the update today.

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Hey Chiko, I know you've been thinking about making it so bottles show the proper liquids they're filled with and I had a thought. Would it be possible to make three or four separate images (one for water, one for corn a cola, one for whiskey, and possibly a brown one for tannin tea and coffee) and then just allow us to change them ourselves via the right click menu? Kind of how you did with the shotgun sling between the sawed off and the tactical shotgun?

Hmm... that's actually a good idea to deal with that issue. The game engine prevents us from having an automatic way to do this but this sounds like the closest thing.

Edit: Actually, a similar feature was already implemented and there's a compatibility version of it with this mod. :P

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Just keeps getting better!

dud i love ur mod but occasionaly it glitchs and i cant save and quit and it atou skips my turns until i die. PLZ HELP ME IM TIRED OF DIEING THE SECOND I GET TO MEGA CITY!


I've never seen that bug. Where does it happen? And what do you do before it happens? I did hear about it happening in the vanilla game, right after visiting the mental institute.

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Update 3.0 of this mod is now available for download, lads. It includes:

-Added a new craftable armor, Scrap Metal Vest. It's armor rating is in between the leather vest and the tactical vest but it's uneven on certain spots. To craft one you need 4x Scrap Metal, 8x Small Mechanical Parts and 5x Strong Fasteners.
-Added a new headgear, Welding Mask. It's armor rating is in between the leather cap and the tactical helmet and it also protects the eyes against the "A handful for an Eye" combat move. It also has penalties similar to the clown mask, which are a reduced vision range, reduced detection rate and it makes it difficult to fall asleep, if you sleep with it on your face. It can only be found in Shabby Auto Repair Shops.
-Added a new torso clothing, Hunting Vest. It protects less against cold than a hoodie but has more inventory room. It can only be found inside forest shacks or on Hunters.
-Added a new Loner bandit, Hunter. They are always equipped with a Hunting Vest and matching Pack Boots, the rest of their clothing is random. They will either be equipped with an scoped rifle or a compound bow. They are probably the most deadly of the Loners.
-Added a new looting accident, Hunter Ambush. It has a really small chance to happen when scavenging an open field. It will spawn a Hunter, which will try to hunt you and anything else down. It's the only way to encounter hunters.
-Made it so string rope can be reversed to get the string back.
-Made it so you can use the Deltec Tactical Holster as a belt now.
-Made it so the nanokits and the nanorobot treatment from the DMC clinic also cures blisters in a few turns.
-Fixed a small bug in one of the loot tables for the metal lockers, which was giving you rifle clips instead of rifle rounds.

I think that's all. Have fun!

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Found a bug the Bicycle Cart crafting doesn't work it just wants to craft the regular bicycle.


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The recipe needs an extra wheel for some reason. It does the same when you want to craft just a bicycle again... Weird bug.

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Alright one more thing the recipe posted at the beginning for scrap metal vest doesn't include that it needs a tool kit that's small but i crafted the new vest and it includes the condition of the metal in the recipe so it causes the vest to be of poor quality depending on the metal found, and i have already made multiple vests and all of them fall apart after one turn. are these bugs or purposeful?
Also you cant put bags in the Bicycle cart?
(Sorry i posted 3 times it was saying i was blocked and didnt relize it had posted it

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No worries. Also, yeah it scrap metal machete, shield and vest take their conditions from the materials since they are quite useful and easy to make. If the scrap metal is too damaged, it would be best to use that metal for scrap metal knives, since those are the only ones that will not get their condition depending on the metal used.

The recipe and inventory bugs with the bicycle cart can be fixed easily so I'll upload the fixed version in a moment.

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I just uploaded a hotfixed version in the main page.

The issue with the recipe was something with the properties of the wheels and the frame, which the recipe was identifying as the same.
And the the issue with its inventory was I simply forgot to add the rest of the allowed stuff in there. It was only allowing big misc items inside.

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How fast is metal armor supposed to degrade because a full 100% one degrades in like 2 turns? Is this supposed to happen as it seems a little buggy. Metal Sheild is the same way.

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Well, it's set on 0.008
The shield on 0.001

I understand 0.01 is 1% so that isn't right. Imma see what the problem is.

Edit: I just tried a 100% scrap metal vest and it went from 100% to 80% in 25 turns. Are you, by any chance, using an old save game?

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How much Aluminium is actuly required to make the pot? Also, In my last 4-5 games, 3 of wich I made it all the way to the city, I have not found a single pot, they were significantly more common before I installed your mod, did you mess with those figures?

You need 14 pieces to make one. Also, I haven't changed their loot tables. It might be just coincidence coz I have found them like usual.

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Oh yeah I am using an old save so that may be the answer ill try within New save and see or it might be an individual problem like the giant shotgun and monitors nail bat

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Oh, I forgot to mention something about a feature I added in the last update. Putting handfuls of small twigs and bark in your camp slightly increases the concealment of your camp. The bonus is really small so you will need to use a lot of room with them for a decent concealment.

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