Simple zombie mod?

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Simple zombie mod?

Maybe a melonhead model and random chances of 1-3, custom move called Push only for zombies and you push them 3 spaces back with a chance of them falling, and they just get up. Sounds a little OP but when you have 3 on you at once and a chance for infection that equals Blue Rot maybe, it would be nice to push them back and deal with others. Blade weapons give a move that you can try and execute with a jab to the eye. Anyone that could do this, would be epic.

5 Dollars for water!?

I'm... kind of doing something similar. It has nothing to do with the game but it's a necromancy mod. It will let you raise corpses and even "craft" corpses to be raised.

I'm not giving it much of my free time so it will take a while.

Pew pew pew!

I had planned to make one. Haven't had much time due to work but been working on it over here.