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Terrain Resource

How does the Sunlight resource work in the game? I've been looking for it but I can only find the item, conditions and recipes related to it. Is its spawn hardcoded?

I kinda want to add something similar, Rain. It rains a lot in the game so it would be a good thing to use Tarp and other stuff to make a rain collector.

Water is not really hard to come by but if I can implement this, I'll probably change that. :P

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i don't know much about modding but i do know that the sunlight is only available as a crafting ingredient when it is sunny out and it cannot be cloudy or night.

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Yeah, sadly it is hardcoded. Looked into it not so long ago for my mod.

Didn't Dan mention he was hoping to maybe expose most of these hardcoded stuff post-release if he gets the time? Maybe there is hope yet for Total Conversions. ;)

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I was trying to figure this out myself, since I remember discussing this LONG ago (with Chiko, too) before modding, and when I saw "sunlight" resource added I got excited that maybe "rain" resource would be too. So not yet, then? Fingers crossed... would be a great minor addition to the vanilla game, or failing that just making "rain" accessible for crafting the way sunlight is now for modders to use.

Right now, my own personal mod has "rain collector" barrels you can hook up to indoor camp rooftops (love the tarp collector idea, Chiko!) but I've had to use a janky chargeprofiles setup and so far haven't been able to make it generate less than 1 water per hour (since chargeprofiles can't "refill" less often than this without a workaround).

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Aww... I guess we'll just have to wait, then. Imma shelve the idea again. :P

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Going to bump this old topic to see if Dan notices and maybe can finally expose/add "rain" as a terrain resource in the same way sunlight is now (i.e. displays a rain icon we can "craft" with when outdoors and it's raining). Not asking for more than just making it not hardcoded, since the game is "done"... us modders can do the rest of the work once "rain" is available to us. :)

I was revisiting my mods, and came here to ask the same thing I posted here in 2014! Hence, bumping rather than re-asking... :)

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I like the idea, but new builds are pretty unlikely for the time being. I'd be keen to add some more stuff someday if I could ever get that NS v1.3.0 Haxe build running. But I fear the old Flash builds are what we're stuck with until then :(

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