Any idea when 1.0 is on the way?

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Any idea when 1.0 is on the way?

This is probably not known yet, but I think this game is getting close to v1.0. Any idea when we will have a complete product?


As you said "any" idea... Why, i have an idea when: "very soon"! To find out what "very soon (tm)" actually means, please refer to the page for all important details, or, at least, read the following quote:

"Very Soon" is guaranteed to arrive between now and the end of time with a higher chance of arriving on the "now" half of the time table. Although this means closer to now than "soon" there is no guarantee that you will live long enough to see the content finally release.


I regret i am unable to be any more specific... Hopefully someone else can.

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"Very Soon" is indeed a good descriptor :)

I'm definitely trying to get v1.0 done as soon as possible. This latest update (v0.9940 and v0.9941) was a major push to get the ending added to the plot, and most of my effort now is focused on balancing and fixes.

Once the game seems to be stable and balanced, I may add a few more things here and there for variety/color. However, we're pretty close to feature and content complete right now. I could see v1.0 launching this or next month, if nothing gets in the way.*

*As always, I reserve the right to be completely wrong!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

mine only loads v.9937. am i missing something?

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Awesome news! Will be fun to play it as it is meant to be played!