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Anyone want to RP?

As the title suggests, I'm truing to gauge interest in an RP thread. Anyone interested, let me know. You can already present your characters, with the following sub headings, like in my example below.

Name: Jenny "Cat" Warren

Age: 23

Character: Medic, Botany, Trapping, Athletic, Lock picking- Metabolism

Description: Cat has roamed the wastelands ever since she can remember, and she has learned to live off the land and has developed quite a flair for looting. Her nickname was given to her by Hatter, for whom she often "acquires" items in difficult to get to locations. Her compassionate nature means however, that she has a strong honour code and only steals from the wealthy. She also tries to help where she can, which is great, since she has learned a lot about medicine when patching up other team members after failed heists. Now with the Blue Rot coming, she wants to set out there and find the cause, in order to work on a cure.

I hope to get about six people to RP with.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

Sure, I'll bite. It's been years since I last participated in a forum RP.

Name: Eric Hochstrasser

Age: 22

Skills: Ranged, Melee, Botany, Hacking, Metabolism

Traits: Feeble, Human (x4)

Description: Born to a couple of computer technicians working for the Detroit Savings Bank, Eric was surrounded by technology and information growing up, and sheltered from real hardship. As he learned more about old Earth, he became increasingly fixated on reclaimed ideas, philosophies, and technologies taken for granted before the "apocalypse". Driven by curiosity, claustrophobia, and disappointment in the status quo, Eric migrated to the Sprawl and began cracking and pawning computers for a quick buck. Although well learned and quick to learn by most standards, Eric is dangerously absent-minded, green as all hell, and far too sentimental for the world in which he lives.

Eric is of average build but markedly low muscle mass. An otherwise inobtrusive gut betrays his pampered origins. His skin is pale and freckle-marked. He has long, wavy, black hair, usually swept loosely behind his ears. Eric's facial features are notably slight, except for an angular, pronounced nose.

Name: Andrew "Nails" Borisov

Age: 35

Character: Botany, Tough, Strong, Trapping, Ranged, Mechanic / Metabolism, Myopia

Description: a man of complicated fate and unusual desires, Nails is perhaps somewhat strange, but kind and not aggressive man. Much like quite many physically powerful people, he does not use his physical force aggressively. Some of his distant ancestors were of russian origin, but he doesn't speak russian at all. His last name and some 1/16 of his genes are pretty much the only remains of the family's past.

He wanders around, in search for the answer to one quite difficult and complicated question; a question which appeared before him when he found the definite answer to one other, also difficult (but not as complicated as this new one), question. He knows not if he'll succeed, and years of search taught him to be patient. Harsh life of a nomad made him unwilling to trust a stranger, so it takes quite a while of knowing him before he even tries to talk about what bothers him all those years - and, of course, he won't talk about it with anybody he knows for a while, but only with the few who earned his trust and respect. Reliable and able, this man is a good friend to some and yet a consistent enemy to some others.

Nails' biography (warning: lengthy!):

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Nails' biography: born in Minnesota, he lived there till the age of 6. Then, one day, he tried to protect even smaller kid from two 9-year-old assailants, which ended badly when one of them kicked Nails in the gut with such a force that Nails flew some 2 meters backwards. Next morning, Nails was almost dying - 41°C body temperature, barely conscious. They damaged his internal organs, which resulted in general blood sepsis and from it - acute heart problems. Local doctor said that the kid is likely to die. About two weeks later, his desperate mother learned that sea-buckthorn berries can help very much to boost immune system, and went great lengths to obtain them and make drinks out of them for her only son - every day. Some 3 more weeks later, the kid's immune system managed to prevail, and he gradually recovered. Same year, some months after Nails recovered, the family moved - with great difficulties - to eastern Canada.

After nearly a year of harsh times, the family settled down rather well. Following 4 years of Nails' life was the best time he can remember. But then his father died - all of a sudden. Local doctor said it was some circulation problem, possibly related to smoking. Anyhows, one usual evening, Nails' father was all OK, and shortly before the bed time, he died in 15 minutes - nobody could do anything. He was 42, and Nails was 11 years old at the time.

He and his mother worked hard to have food and shelter. He knew he'd need lots of skills to survive - either on his own, or with aging mother to care about; and he definitely knew he needs to be as physically fit as possible - memories of near-death experience in the past, caused by physical superiority of the attacker, were strong. After his father died, Nails and his mother was all what's left of the family (two older brothers of Nails died in their infancy, and other relatives were quite distant - both geographically, and in terms of blood relation). This was one more reason for Nails to train his body as much as he could - there was nobody else to count on. Those efforts, and also Nails' extreme care about picking his fights (he knew how bad consequences of just _one_ hit could be - better than nearly anyone else around) - resulted in excellent physical development of his body. By the time he was 16, few adults could match his strength.

From the same experience (his trauma back when he was 6 years old), he knew the power of healing plants. And so, during his teenager years, asking around and observing in his spare time, he gradually learned lots of things about plants. Going out for them required ability to deal with wild animals, to make fire with things at hand, etc - and so he also became somewhat competent trapper. Spending much of his time in woods of Canada, he grew up one tough man. Most of this toughness was not from his physical constitution, which was nearly average in terms of his size and endurance - but from his cunning mind, which helped him to survive where others wouldn't by both preparing in advance, and also by reacting quickly in the most safe way against any danger.

When he was 17, his mother went sick. She died few months after. May be it was old birth-time damage to her lower spine or something, or may be she didn't tell him why - anyhow, last few weeks, one of her legs was completely paralyzed, she had stronger and stronger pain in the back whenever she tried to move, and eventually she just passed out. She was 48.

Nails stood, half a day, motionless above fresh grave of his mother. Pretty much alone in the world, able hunter and strong fighter, he was thinking what his life is for. The answer to this question he found only some years later. That day, he decided he needs to learn more than just living in the woods. He decided to move east.

He moved east. For a few years, he lived near the ocean. Fishermen there taught him some great things about fixing and making boats, and sails, and various equipment needed for a sailing ship. That was the beginning of his mechanical skills.

The nickname "Nails" appeared during those years. Unlike one would think, it was given not for his toughness and strength, and not for any special love for using nails when constructing a ship or some wooden items - but for exactly opposite trait of the man. Namely, he disliked the use of nails very much, on the grounds that items constructed with the use of nails, - are not as durable as otherwise possible, and not as structurally strong as otherwise possible. Plus, he has strange - and strong - disgust to any well-rusted old nails he sees whenever disassembling old wooden things made with the use of nails. He, usually calm and very rational, would enter heated discussions with anyone who would try to convince him to use nails instead of inventing and implementing time-consuming nail-less designs of his own. This "allergy" to using nails in constructing wooden pieces of ships and furniture never went away no matter what arguments other mechanics used, and the nickname stuck.

When Nails was 26, living near the ocean got old. It took few months to complete all affairs and pack up and say goodbyes to all the good friends. Then he moved west and south, slowly, meeting new people, learning new things, but never putting much roots into the ground. One of those years, he met one short and fat old man - about 60 years old, - who was never talking any loud. The two became friends. Turned out, the old man was, in the past, a sniper. Nails never learned what horrors his friend went through to scar his soul so much he nearly never smiled, but he learned a lot about shooting guns and bows - especially about shooting a rifle, with and without any optics. The two lived and traveled together for 2 years, but then, Nails decided to leave. He didn't see any more things of interest in the area, and he learned all he could about shooting things already.

With a rifle, he is good enough to hit a dime 50 yards away, 100% of the time, while using a rifle without a scope. An amazing feat, considering Nails' Myopia; the secret to it is custom front sights designs for the rifle he uses, and special exerсises for his right eye's crystalline lens - both of his own design, and the latter being practiced for over half a year before he could sufficiently negate his myopia even for a short while. Even so, any prolonged aiming session of such precision is literally painful, as Nails' right eye is much stressed internally by required unnatural eye muscles' contraction. So, Nails obviously prefers using an optical sight, for its ability to be tuned in order to provide completely clean picture - without the need to force his right eye into stress or even pain.

Nails wondered around ever since. Great lakes, with their amazing features and vast - almost endless - space of open water caught his attention for much of this period. His skills in making and using boats was helpful, as were his living-off-the-wood skills. Hundreds of calm and peaceful evenings, spent in thinking and analyzing, were not spent for nothing: the answer to the question which Nails asked to himself above his mother's grave - was finally found.

The answer was definite, rational, and extremely challenging. One of consequences of what the answer was - was that Nails has to go back to where lots of people are, and get to know some of them, and try to cooperate with them. And that's how Nails went back to the remains of the civilization, seeking people and items which could answer this next question he got: namely, HOW to achieve the goal his very being and existence is for. He doesn't know the answer to this new question yet, but he knows for sure that he can't achieve the goal alone - only efforts of rather large group of people could give any hope for ever achieving it.

Now 35, he wanders Detroit area, in search of those extremely very few who could possibly aim to achieve the same goal - the goal which he realized is both required and inevitable, during one of those calm evenings on the shore of one of Great lakes. He wanders for some 3+ years already, so far without success. But he won't ever get desperate about his attempts: to him, this is the only thing worth to do in his life. Even if he fails to find others who are ready to join him - he'd die content, knowing he did the right thing till the end.

P.S. Before you'd think this is one far-fetched story - please note that while a work of fiction, the majority of most "seemingly unrealistic" details of this story - are not just realistic, but in fact were very real events, since i personally know (for years) people who had them happened in their life. Including the story of 6-year old hit in the gut and being real close to dying for a few weeks as a result. I've seen 41°C on the thermometer taken out from his armpit with my own eyes - for a 6-year-old, this was a severe case; and basically, human body can't ever survive higher than ~42°C even for half an hour, so he was quite close to dying that morning. 4 ambulances refused to take the kid into the hospital - on the grounds that ambulances' personnel was afraid that the kid will die during transportation. Only 5th took him into the hospital, where he was put to the reanimation right away, which probably saved his life. Released from reanimation the next day, the kid then had 11...13 injections of various antibiotics _every day_. His butt was so badly hurt by all those that he was completely unable to sit. The sea-buckthorn thing is also true - what all those antibiotics failed to do, 2-3 abundant drinks made of those berries eventually healed. This all happened in 1980s, with quite powerful synthetic antibiotics used - still, those failed, but mother nature didn't! And i have no reason to not believe his story about his attempt to protect some 4-5-year-old child assaulted by two ~9-year-old boys - the kid says the two pressed the little one to a fence and were demanding nasty things from him; "our" kid then went in and tried to tell the two big boys how unfair it is for them to push the small kid so badly - for which he got that nasty kick right to the stomach, which hurt badly right away, and produced the deadly condition next morning; hospital scans revealed that some of his intestines had ruptures, from which gradually increasing amounts of infection entered his bloodstream. Few days into the hospital, the kid developed strong inflammation of the entire heart muscle because of the sepsis, and real-life doctors estimated his chances of survival - upon diagnosing the heart condition, - as ~30%. The kid lived, and is now a good man whom i talk with sometimes. :)

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Sure. I like these things.

Name: Alexander "The Silent" Haelstein

Age: 49

Skills: Hiding, Athletic, Ranged, Tough, Metabolism.

Disabilities: Insomnia

Description: Old by recent standards, Alexander is a man certainly old enough to have lived through Earth's Fall, however, whatever he knows, he does not share, as he is one of no words, being completely silent. With downcast eyes which look towards the ground, Alex displays very little outward emotions, occasionally communicating with gestures, but always quiet, a silence that he will not even break under pain or torment.

Whether it is by trauma or choice, very little is known about him and his past experiences. However, his silence is one that he expresses, as he is able to hide well. His athletic capabilities are easily made out by his gait, and he has proven himself to be a capable Marksman on more than several occasions.

Alex has recently began wandering the wastelands. Seemingly aimlessly, yet seemingly with an aim, he is searching for something. However, few have dared to ask, yet, those few have gotten no answer, as he wanders the wasteland, a lost soul.


Yep, lads, I'm going completely silent on this one. I do know what I'm doing, though, and with any luck, it won't screw things over. Now, let's hope that this thing actually gets off the ground, there have been quite alot of attempted RP's here.

So we have 4 people already. Hopefully few more will appear as it is. However, i guess defining the rules (if there will be any) may help to bring people in sooner than otherwise possible - and if rules will be, then we'd need to know them anyways. Any news on this front, Nemo? And also, am i correct to assume that the process will be, in general, a kind of ?

Looking forward to it. :)

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Hey All,

Great to have gotten some people interested already. As said, I'm still hoping to get some more, but we could certainly do something with the number of people and their general background already.

As to the rules, I'm fine with being the GM, as I've already thought of some stories that fit the current characters we have very well. Things will happen post by post, but of course, if someone doesn't answer for a long time (more than two days), their move will be decided by the GM.

Mechanics work all according to the main game, and I'm using one turn= one hour as a basic measure of time. Combat will work just like in the main game, with the addition of the following things- anyone that has strong or melee as a skill can try to strangle opponents. anyone with melee or tough can try to eye- touch. The main thing here is to be as detailed as possible, while writing always in the form of attempts. This is to enable the GM to decide whether an attack was successful or not (done by dice throw).

As to crafting, all characters can craft with respect to the craft recipes in the main game. I also think that some additions can be made, here a few suggestions:

camouflage- 1 large or medium sheet, 5 bark, 5 string, Hiding skill: Increases objects', campsites' and players' hiding chance
simple backpack- 8 chunks of hide, 10 string, 2 medium string, 1 sharp edge: creates 8 x 10 spaces for inventory, carried in the backpack slot, or over left shoulder.
large trap- 3 medium shafts, 1 sharp edge, 1 camouflage, Trapping skill: enables the trapping of deer (chance 33%)

Also, rags can be wrapped around hands and feet to serve as some protection. In general however, just as with everything, going into detail as to the crafting process is more enjoyable for every one- e.g. "X decides to make a fire. Kindling was found quickly and after a while x also found two nice pieces of hardwood, that would make for a perfect ember. He started rubbing them together. The effort made him sweat, but after fifteen minutes, the ember was glowing slightly. Quickly, x added the kindling, which luckily caught fire immediately. then he added some larger branches he had gathered previously, until he had a nice bonfire going." is much more enjoyable to read than, "X crafts bonfire with Trapping, two medium shafts, one bark". As Crafting always has a hundred percent success rate, go into detail.

If you have any other suggestions let me know. If you don't agree with these things, let me know too.

Game play wise, this will be much like a classic game of D&D, so fighting, travel and quests will all be part of it. There are generally no rules of engagement, so anything from complete cooperation between the players to utter betrayal is possible. You will also decide in the group how to handle encounters and solve quests or puzzles. There will never be a wrong way, although that doesn't mean it will be easy. If you die due to any reason (either injury, exposure or mishandling of an encounter) the GM should not prevent death, but instead find a way to make reentry, in the form of a new character, possible. For example: X dies in battle. Some time later, the group spots an old lady sleeping near a treehouse. If the group decides to, then the old lady can be brought into their group, and be taken over by the person whose character met an untimely end. Of course, this will not happen very often, and it will also be tied to some risk.

Last thing, items, clothes and loot in general will be handled like in the original game. There is a limited amount of inventory space, and if you don't have strong as an ability, or if you are weakened due to any reason, you can become encumbered, just like in the game. The only difference is, that you will all only start out with a choice of one pair of cargo pants, two t-shirts and a hoody or one pair of jeans, one t-shirt and one pair of boots. Before the group sets off, some items that may come in handy for the given quest are presented to you as a group, and you have to decide how to share the items between the group. I want to add one simplification though, namely for the timespan that we play in, the only things that degrade are uncured meat (cooked still does), berries, mushrooms, air filters in gas masks, shivs and broken bottles, cardboard boxes and plastic bags, newspapers and finally blades. Blades can however be sharpened (requires one hour to do and a stone and some water).

Again, if you think that these things are ok, then let's roll with it, if you want to change something, add something or remove something, then let me know.

PS: These are the general guidelines. It's at the GM's liberty to allow/ add elements to the RP as they see fit. If someone for example describes some sort of combat move that isn't strictly speaking vanilla, but he has the requirements for it, then it can be allowed. Also, if someone crafts something that isn't in the original game, but that could be crafted in the way they describe, with the necessary resources and skills at hand, then it can be allowed too.

Hope this is all clear… sorry for the long post, but wanted to have it all in one, for easy reference.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

All clear to me, thanks! No worry about length, too - people here prepare to do a forum RP, which in total is TONS of text. Right? :)

A question from me: when we'll be ready to start, will we need/have some sort of brief "starting point" in terms of the group's recent past? Like, what the group is going after at the time, where the group is located, possibly - current (initial) conditions of characters (if different from perfect health) as a result of recent activities - this sort of things.

And i guess that the fact that everyone's is starting with little (if any) more than a few clothes could perhaps be attributed to an early-morning forest fire quickly spred with unusually strong wind, which almost fried the group in their sleep; saving their lives, members of the group barely escaped, with little if anything more than few clothes on their back. The rest of their possessions was consumed by the fire. If this idea would be used, then perhaps allow players to choose what is contained in pockets of their pants (and hoodies, if chosen to have one). How does this sound? :)

P.S. Smiles policy? Can/should we use " :) " and such while RPing here?

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Although your idea sounds awesome, I've already got a scenario planned that allows players to get starting items, gives them an overall mission and potential reward, and that defines a starting point. I think everyone should start at full health, I'm sure they will suffer soon enough.

I am absolutely fine with smileys, although I don't use them. What are other people's thoughts?


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I like that you're preserving the mechanics of NEO Scavenger itself, although in the spirit of the game, I don't think actions taken in "encounters", e.g. conversations among players or NPCs should necessarily take an hour of game time to carry out.

In any case, I'm really excited to get the ball rolling. It sounds like you have a compelling plan in place for us. Thanks for being willing to start your own campaign!

EDIT: Should we use the actual game client to calculate things like encumbrance and storage capacity for our respective characters?

Oh yes, of course, that was something I neglected… I meant it more in the sense of as we play continuously, there aren't any such things as turns, but after something like 16 rounds or whatever, depending on the context of course, fatigue sets in, etc.

In terms of encumbrance I use an approximation again. Feeble characters can carry 20 kg, Normal character can carry 30 kg of stuff (including clothes) when fully healthy, fully rested and fully quenched and fed. Strong characters can carry 40 kg of stuff. Any detrimental effect, depending on its severity on a scale from 1 to 3 (i.e. light injury, moderate injury, severe injury or hungry, malnourished, starving, or thirsty, parched, dehydrated or tired, weary, exhausted) will take away 2kg times the severity. So to give an example, a character can minimally carry 3 kg and maximally 35 kg. Any type of vehicle (provided it has wheels) adds a further 20 kg that can be carried, for the known penalty of not being able to run in combat and fatiguing quicker (times 1.5). I find this system is easy to work with and can be done with pen and paper, rather than needing the computer for it.

For invetory space, we go with what the game has got, any changes to what the game offers in terms of items, will have their dimensions defined by the GM when they first appear (i.e. say if someone were to find a katana, then it would be defined as a Katana that weighs 1.6 kg and takes up 7x1 hexes of inventory space). I think this is again the most intuitive and easy way to go, and should we want to bend the rules of the original game slightly, then it is in the power of the GM to decide as to the changes that can be made.

I hope that cleared things up.


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Just so you can all follow the calculations, here are the things I'll be going by. It's a rather long list, but I think it should be fairly comprehensive.

Health: Decreases as per injuries or illness, depending on severity. Feeble players can have maximally 2 severe injuries in non lethal areas. Normal can have 3, Tough can have 4. A severe injury, if left untreated, becomes fatal after 3 hours.
Severe injuries to any part of the body cripple it. Severe injuries to the Head and Torso are fatal.

Thirst: Decreases 1 level/ 4 hrs if nothing is drunk (for normal). Is replenished by 1 level/ 1 l. Coke replenishes the same, adds 1 level of rest and 2 degrees of temperature for 2 hours for a 1 level/ 2 degree penalty after. Alcohol decreases 0.5 levels/ 0.25 l. Food. Berries and Mushrooms restore 0.125 levels per portion, small portion of meat restores 0.25 levels, large portion of meat restores 0.5 levels. Metabolism is either 0.5 or 1.5 times normal intake

Hunger: Decreases 1 level/ 6 hrs if nothing is eaten (for normal). Is replenished by 1 level/ 600 cal. Coke: 1l = 600 cal, Berries= 100 cal, Mushrooms= 200 cal, small portion of meat= 300 cal, large portion of meat= 600 cal. Cured foods restore 2/3 of normal equivalent. Metabolism is either 0.5 or 1.5 times normal intake.

Rest: Decreases 1 level/ 8hours if no rest is granted. Is replenished by 1 level/ 3 hrs rest or 2 hrs sleep. Sleep has a success chance of 66% normal and 33% if Insomniac. If carrying close to maximum weight (-10%), Rest decreases at double the rate. If running without athletic, decreases at 1.5 times the rate. Pulling a vehicle decreases at 1.25 times the rate. When sedated or drunk, sleep success rate is 100%

Temperature: Each player starts at 36 degrees. They need at least two layers of clothes (with exception of Dogman fur coat) to stay warm in normal weather and three in snow and rain. If not, decreases at rate of 1 degree/ 2 hrs. When 30 is reached, player dies. Replenishes at same rate, if layers are applied, player is by a small campfire or sleeping/ resting in an average sleeping bag. Medium campfires and good sleeping bags double the replenishing rate. Rags can be wrapped around hands and feet for some protection.

Inventory: Jeans/Hoodies/Birchbags: 2x3, Cargo pants: 3x3, Plastic Bag/ Duffle Bag: 4x5, Cardboard Box 8x8, Small Backpack/ simple Backpack: 8x10, Yukon Backpack: 10x10. Feeble characters can carry 20 kg, Normal 30 kg, Strong 40 kg. Any detrimental effect detracts 2kg x level of effect. Any vehicle adds 20 kg.

Crafting: Camouflage: 1 large or medium sheet, 5 bark, 5 string, sharp edge, Hiding skill; simple Backpack: 8 chunks of hide, 10 string, 2 medium string, 1 sharp edge; Large trap: 3 medium shafts, 1 sharp edge, 1 camouflage, Trapping skill. Crafting is always 100% successful, whereas repairs have a 66% chance.

Combat: Strong/Melee- Strangle opponent; Melee/ Tough- Eye- Gouging. Normal players have 66% hit chance in melee, 33% chance in ranged. Specific skill increases chance by 16%. Damage done depends on whether attack is successful and gets decided by dice throw. 33% chance of light injury, 16% of moderate injury, 8% of severe injury, without modifiers. Strong/ melee increase chance by 8%. Bladed weapons have the same chance of causing bleeding of the relevant severity. Blunt weapons create internal bleeding with sever injuries which are fatal if untreated within 3 hours. For ranged combat, Pebbles are as above, stones and arrows only have a 16% chance of moderate and a 16% chance of severe injury, firearms only have 33% severe injury.

Healing: Moderate bruises and light wounds in general heal up in 3hrs. Moderate cuts and severe wounds in general need medical attention within 3 hrs or they become fatal. Illnesses heal 1 level per day of rest, given that the conditions that caused it are removed and player is at healthy levels otherwise. Healing is boosted by having a Medic look after injury (healing rate times 1.5), having a high Metabolism (x 1.5), using correct procedure (x1.5) or using medication (x1.5). Healing rate is divided by level of conditions. Amplifiers can stack.

Moral standing: Players start as neutral 0. The Axis runs from -10 meaning Evil to 10 meaning good. Reactions of each character to encounters change their standing. Depending on moral standing, reactions between players and reaction of NPC to players can differ. In general, options in encounters are: helping selflessly +1, helping somewhat, but keeping own interests in mind +0.5, walk on, ignore plea -0.5, take advantage -1. There are however scenarios where this differs, for example mercy killing +0.5

As per usual, if there is anything you don't agree with, let me know.


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So far, it seems pretty good, though for the sake of RP, I think the default attack moves should be used as a guideline rather than a specific requirement.

Yeah ok, that's reasonable enough. We'll see how comfortable we get in our roles and as we progress, we will also develop a better feeling as to where we can bend the roles a bit to make it fit our style.

To all, I decided to change the Morality levels to include a second dimension, going from egoistic to altruistic. This has nothing to do with good or evil, but rather on how each character thinks about the decision they made.

I think if we don't get any other people by tomorrow, we'll start.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

I think if we don't get any other people by tomorrow, we'll start.

I'd like to do it, but i think we shouldn't - tomorrow's too soon. This topic took some quite attractive shape for people who could be potentially interested in forum RP, but this shape formed only very recently - mostly due to those excellent detailed and definite posts by Nemo, i must add.

I believe it is therefore rational to give it few more days. Perhaps till this saturday - i.e. not in 1, but in 3 days from now. It would be nice to have one or two more players from the very start, i think. And it has to do with psychology, too - players more readily join "starting soon" games than "recently started" ones, i think. And to this end, it would be worth to define game start date (and possibly time? =) ) in a definite and concrete manner (whatever day/time it'd be), so that anyone who could possibly want to join us - could see clearly when the game is about to begin.

I wonder, will it be in a separate topic with an "official" name, and i wonder will our game have its own name? Some years ago, i've led a team of hardcore bnet D2 players though an ironman playthrough. We had a name for our group/game - "Ferrum", - and i found that having a name for the group was one excellent thing.

Just thoughts aloud, though. And, if it'll start tomorrow, i'll be here for sure, of course.

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

I'm ok with waiting until Saturday , if that's the general consensus, and yes, I will definitely set up a separate topic. As to planning for start time, it would be good to know people's time zones first. personally, I'm on GMT, but my guess is that I'll probably be the only one.

So yeah, let me know and we can organise things further. Also, I realised that I need to rethink exactly how turn by post is gonna work in combat, I'll let you all know once I've got a solution.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

I am in GMT+3 currently - Moscovite here. We don't have seasonal 1 hour clock change twice a year here. But 26 of October 2014, the Moscow time zone will be changed (permanently) to GMT+3 _winter_ time, GMT+2 _summer_ time (i.e. this summer is the last one i am living in a GMT+3 time; following summers will be GMT+2). This winter i'll remain GMT+3, that is.

Considering my general availability for serious RP play, i can do it reliably (i.e. every week) within these days/times (all times are GMT!):
Mon: 16:00...23:00
Tue: 16:00...23:00
Wed: 16:00...23:00
Thu: 16:00...23:00
Fri: 16:00...01:00
Sat: 10:00...01:00
Sun: 10:00...23:00

Oh, and Nemo, that idea of mine above - about contents of pockets of players' starting clothing items - i gave it some more thought, and realized there is in fact a problem of possibly "OP" items introduced right at the start, and another problem that some players may actually get jealous to others as a result. I now think that if those pockets are to be filled with anything at the start, - then it is actually you, our GM, who should define everyone's pockets' contents at the start. Or just leave 'em empty, as you see fit. Can't delete or edit above post, it's too old apparently for that to work... Silly me, i was. Sorry! %·)

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

GMT - 6 here, "mountain time".

Could you all let me know your availabilities for when you can reliably and regularly play?


Wanderer of the Wasteland

Well, I can squeeze time in on most days, although Monday, Wednesday and Sunday are usually a little harder for me to manage. The one exception to my general availability coming up is this weekend, most of which I'm going to be spending camping with a couple of friends.

I guess Nemo meant something more like what i posted, Turnglehat. I can see how combat could be a big stuck thing if all of us are not present in the same time, and if so, then it means particular hours when we all can be around would be good to know... And the fact we are in different time zones makes it quite untrivial task to find such hours, you know.

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Yeah, Fins is right, a list of times when you can make it would be much better. I do however realise that you are quite far out of GMT, but if possible try and give your availabilities in GMT, as then I can plan without having to convert and possibly make mistakes.

Lunasa, same goes for you. Having a list of times people can actually regularly play would be great, as then even combat doesn't pose a problem. I do however think, based on what Fins and TurngleHat have said so far, that starting this Saturday might not work out. So, either, we move things to Friday evening, or we start on Monday. Thoughts, anyone?


Wanderer of the Wasteland

I'll budge whatever day it will be; saturday was just "for example". As you can see from my own days/times availability message, i can be there any day of the week. The times are important though, as most of hours which are not included - i am either at work (from where i post right now - but obviously much of the time i work the work, so those have to be excluded), or am asleep. Other than that, you get my full attention whenever needed.

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Hey all, apart from the timing issue we still seem to be having, I've got a solution for Combat now. In detail, I was thinking for quite a while on how to include/ make combat possible in the Forum RP. My idea is to follow the atmosphere of the main game in having nasty, brutish and short fights. I also want to allow as much freedom as possible and let your fantasy dictate the fights. With this difficult aim in mind, here's my solution.
In order for this type of thing to work, I think the system will have to be redefined. I tried out the following system, and it seems to work well. Fights are balanced, but none lasts longer then six to eight turns, which I think is realistic. So here goes, I apologise in advance for the length of this, but I needed to explain in full:

Hands, small bladed objects, light blunt objects can deal light or moderate damage. Medium bladed objects, heavy blunt objects and ranged weapons that don't fire bullets can deal light, moderate and severe damage. Firearms and bows when fired can only deal severe damage. Success depends on the severity of attack chosen.

The base rates are modified by various things. Combat skills increase success rate, whereas Feeble limits a player to light and moderate attacks, unless using firearms. Attacking a vulnerable enemy increases success rate even more. Attacking a fallen enemy can only deal moderate or severe damage, but again with a higher chance of success. These effects can stack, but an enemy is either fallen or vulnerable, never both.

Any successful severe attack immediately cripples the affected body part. Two successful moderate and four successful light attacks to the same area also cripple them. If the crippled area is critical (head or torso), the fight is over. A player with a crippled leg cannot run, a player with two crippled legs can no longer move. A player with a crippled arm can no longer use two- handed weapons.

Any non- damage type action has the same chance of success. If an enemy attack is successfully evaded, they become immediately vulnerable. If evasion or parry is unsuccessful, the attack hits the player, but is reduced by one severity level, or affects a different area, at the players discretion (light attacks are not reduced). If you think that your character in the fight could use one of their skills to their advantage, then the action falls under the same rules for damage and non- damage type actions, i.e. if you use your skills to make the opponent vulnerable, it’s a non- damage type. If you try and damage him with your skills, then it is a damage type action. A normal player has a small chance of tripping, when running. Athletic and Eagle Eye reduce, and Myopia increases this base rate. Night and rough terrain increase tripping chance further.

In terms of distance, I think that range needs to be included, but in a simplified form. At maximum range, three movements are necessary to close the gap. Only firearms and bows have that range. Medium range is covered in two and slings or spears can be thrown that far. Close range is covered in one and is the only distance at which hand thrown objects other than spears can reach. Clinch means that two players are in hand to hand combat and ranged weapons can no longer be fired.

To speed things up, s player can perform as many non- damage type actions as he wants, until he either trips, or chooses to attack. Only one attack is permitted per turn.

Here is the is what sum you need to throw for any given thing. All are done as the sum of two throws:

Base Damage type action: Light damage: <6 Moderate damage: <5 Severe Damage: <4
+ Combat Skill: Light damage: <7 Moderate damage: <6 Severe Damage: <5
+ Vulnerability Bonus: Light damage: <7 Moderate damage: <6 Severe Damage: <5
+ Fallen Bonus: Light damage: - Moderate damage: <6 Severe Damage: <5
+Combat and Vulnerability: Light damage: <8 Moderate damage: <7 Severe Damage: <6
+Combat and Fallen: Light damage: <8 Moderate damage: <7 Severe Damage: <6

Non- damage type action: Successful: <5

Tripping: Athletic: 1 Double Eagle Eye: 1 Double Normal: 2 Doubles Myopia: 3 Doubles
Tripping+ Night: Athletic: 3 Doubles Eagle Eye: 3 Doubles Normal: 4 Doubles Myopia: 5 Doubles
Tripping+ Rough: Athletic: 3 Doubles Eagle Eye: 3 Doubles Normal: 4 Doubles Myopia: 5 Doubles
Tripping+ Rough+ Night: Athletic: 4 Doubles Eagle Eye: 4 Doubles Normal: 5 Doubles Myopia: 6 Doubles

I give an example to show how this works in practice.

X decides that she wants to dodge her assailant and, if successful, leg trip the enemy and then attack him whilst he is down. Dodge is non- damage, so she rolls for that. She rolls a 2 and successfully dodges the attack. Now she wants to leg trip, but she decides that, if successful, the enemy is not hurt in the fall, so again, non- damage. She rolls a 4, and so the leg trip is successful too. For the last part, she wants to attack the fallen enemy severely and aims at the head. She rolls a 5 so the last part is successful too.

She then writes in her post what happened in as much detail as she wants, e.g. “X skilfully dodges the bandits’ whirring blade and with a spin kick to the kneecap brings him to fall. Before her assailant could get up, she grabbed a nearby rock and smashed it into his face. Again and again and again, until the bandits’ skull caved in with a sickening crunch.”

Here another example, using skills.

X decides to search the surroundings for an opportunity to lure her assailant into a trap with Eagle Eye. If successful, she will then aim to severely injure the enemy by luring him into a trap. The first part is a skill- based non- damage type action. She rolls a 4 and it is successful. Now she wants to cause sever damage with Trapping. She has no other combat skill and the enemy is not vulnerable. She rolls a 4 and is unsuccessful.

Then she writes something like “Y frantically scanned her surroundings for anything that she could use as a trap. She spotted a protruding piece of metal from the wall, and noticed that, with the sun against him, he wouldn’t be able to see the small hole before it. As her assailant charged her , she therefore backed away towards the bit of metal. Then, with a quick movement, she spun out of the way, so that the sun blinded her opponent. But, rather than charging into the trap, the bandit stopped dazed and turned back into the shadow. Whilst still alive for the moment, she had missed a great chance."

Although it might seem complex at first, this is easy to get used to and guarantees the most freedom for RPing, as you can describe the actual fight yourself in much more detail after you know your actions. In essence, this means that the thread should end up like a story that anyone can read and understand. All dice throwing is done privately, you only write down the outcome of what happened. Although there might be a temptation to cheat, as the GM won’t be able to control whether or not your character really didn’t trip, I hope you don’t abuse it, as it obviously takes away from the game if someone decides that they are an unbeatable war machine. Also, if the GM suspects anyone of dispatching of opponents too easily, they can always pour some sand in the gears, as the GM controls both his character’s as well as the opponents attacks. In short, just don’t cheat guys, it’s not worth it.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

I didn't want to make the previous post any longer than it already was. I know I'm going quite far with what I'm supposing, but I just think that it's gonna be much more satisfying to play, when you can choose to for example desecrate your enemy's corpse, or when you can describe the sadistic pleasure, or utter disgust, or anything, your character feels. It adds a lot of depth to the characters and therefore the RP. This all said though, if you think I left something important out, or I have created a monster and you much rather just go with the vanilla "attempts to strike" where the GM has to decide whether or not the attack was successful (in the background, I'll do the exact same thing as described here), then do let me know. I do however think, as said, that this is a good solution. It also allows the GM a lot of scope to script events around a missing person, e.g. "X has frozen in terror, cowering behind cover and unable to think clearly", so that sessions could be played with a person missing without a problem. But again, if you're not convinced, or want to change something, do let me know.

Also, Lunasa, I still need your timings.


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I like the system, Nemo. There is one small thing which i see different - is that whenever someone's not present at the time, his/her character does not have to be said "frozen in fear" or something, - rather, i'd portray them as simply absent at the scene, for whatever reason. "Went to scout nearby forest", "Desired, for some time, to leave the group and travel alone", "Stayed behind to search a big office building, saying he'll catch up later", etc.

Oh, and about throws. What's the dice? D8? Something else? And, i hope it's no problem if players would use not real-life dice, but software-emulated dice?

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

The "frozen in fear" was just an example, I was thinking exactly the same things could also be written there. Essentially, the GM will make clear that the person is not joining the fight for whatever reason. Sometimes, they may still be present at the location, but say, hiding, which means that they witness what goes on, but don't partake. They will not be injured.

No, throws are calculated for two D6 dice, but yes Software- emulated dice are perfectly fine. In fact, if you know of any good site, or any good free software, then do share the link, as I guess that there might be others who would like that.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

Ah, ok! Ditto about "absent" ones.

2d6, darn, silly me, of COURSE it's 2d6. Geeez, do i feel stupid, after all those KotOR games... And for rolls - right now, seems to be the thing i'd go for it. Just put 2d6 into the field above, and it works like a swiss clock. And i especially like it keeps all the past rolls displayed. Very handy!

And since it's 2d6, thus possible range is 2...12, then i'd propose a different damage table, - here it is; i've done some tuning of values (including reversing the general direction of numbers, so that "bigger" roll would mean "better" result, which is imho more intuitive in general):

+ Base Damage type action: //moderate damage twice as likely as light or severe
- Light damage: >8
-- Moderate damage: >9
--- Severe Damage: >11

+ Combat Skill: //same chance for light (1/12), 1,5 higher chance for moderate (gets 3/12), and double chance for severe (gets 2/12) in compare to the base
- Light damage: >6
-- Moderate damage: >7
--- Severe Damage: >10

+ Vulnerability Bonus: //can't cause light damage ("oh, he's vulnerable! I hit! Now he got a small bruise on his foot - hurray!" - strange situation, no?), but it has 1.5 higher chance for moderate damage and double chance of severe damage in compare to base - i.e. nearly as good as a combat skill effect
- Light damage: >7
-- Moderate damage: >7
--- Severe Damage: >10

+ Fallen Bonus: //boosts to light and moderate damage chances, as it's so much easier to hit less mobile target, but no boost to severe damage chance, as the target can still block, curl itself (protecting vitals), or use some minute cover easier than when standing
- Light damage: >6
-- Moderate damage: >8
--- Severe Damage: >11

+Combat and Vulnerability: //summing corresponding bonuses
- Light damage: >5
-- Moderate damage: >5
--- Severe Damage: >9

+Combat and Fallen: //summing corresponding bonuses
- Light damage: >4
-- Moderate damage: >6
--- Severe Damage: >10

Do you guys like it?

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Seems to work, I like that you inverted them. In fact, I like what you've done a lot. I assume you left tripping be doubles, correct?


Wanderer of the Wasteland

Simply didn't consider tripping at all. Not sure what all those "doubles" mean in the 1st place, too. I can see numbers increase, but what exactly they mean - no idea. I mean, i understand those reasons for increased/decreased chance of tripping (that you've described) perfectly - i'm just not sure how exactly 2d6 throws would translate to the tripping events. An example how exactly tripping would work according to your system - would help.

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

A double is when you get the same number twice. Essentially, I thought that, whenever you decide to move your character, when determining whether you are successful or not, your character trips, if you roll a double- i.e. X wants to charge at an enemy, but rolls two sixes. This means he trips.

But, I'm happy to change it.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

I don't see any need to change it, if you'd ask me - if i get it right, that is... Which is still a guess. Say, is the following - correct?

" Tripping+ Rough: Athletic: 3 Doubles Eagle Eye: 3 Doubles Normal: 4 Doubles Myopia: 5 Doubles " - i guess this means:
- any roll with is not a double = no tripping occurs;
- a 1+1 roll: tripping occurs for any character in said conditions (which is - "rough terrain");
- a 2+2 roll: same;
- a 3+3 roll: same (possibly except a character who has BOTH eagle eye and athletic, though?);
- a 4+4 roll: characters with eagle eye or with athletic - do not trip, characters with neither - trip;
- a 5+5 roll: only characters with Myopia (and possibly without Athletic?) - trip; the rest don't trip;
- a 6+6 roll: no character trips.

If this is correct, then i think it'll do alright.

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

To all, I'm officially setting the beginning of this RP for Monday 15th of September, 21.45 GMT. Might only be for a bit over an hour, but if we're all there, we should still be able to get a good start down.

To anyone who hasn't yet written anything in this thread, but who would like to join, you'd be welcome to. In general, I'll allow newcomers for up to a month, after that, the RP is closed. You have been warned.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

I guess I'll join in.

Name: Robert Vobacney
Age: 18
Traits (positive): Ranged, tracking, trapping, enhanced vision(eagle eye)
Traits (negative: feeble, insomnia

Back story: Ever since he could walk,see, and hear, he remembered the woods.
he spent most of his time there, but one night, when he was 14, a group of bandits burned his home, he was the only survivor.
He vowed to get revenge on the ones who killed his family, it's been 4 years, and at night, every night, he hears the screams of his brother, mother, father, and... for this reason he stays awake most nights, putting out his fire and thinking, slowly gaining on his prey.


Awesome, great to have you join. Have a read through of the thread to get up to speed with how things are going to work (if you haven't done so already).


Wanderer of the Wasteland

Okay, I read it a bit quickly, but I think I got most of it.

Sunday: 10-7 AM|PM
Monday: 4-7
Tuesday: Same
Wednesday: Same
Thursday: Same
Friday: 4-9
Saturday: 9-9

CA (Central American/America)


I hope you can still make it for tonight though...


Wanderer of the Wasteland

The RP is now off and running under the Thread topic named "Cat and Crew". Please post anything IRL in here. If you want to join the RP, post your character sheet on this thread as well.

Excited to start this!


Wanderer of the Wasteland

What's our turn order here?
Also, hope I'm not late! Converted the starting time to 15:45 here, but I see the thread's been up for an hour.

No worries, as per turn order, I don't care which order you take your turns in, as things all happen at the same time, but through the different perspectives. I just make sure everyone has either commented or excused himself before starting a new round


Wanderer of the Wasteland

No worries, as per turn order, I don't care which order you take your turns in, as things all happen at the same time, but through the different perspectives. I just make sure everyone has either commented or excused himself before starting a new round


Wanderer of the Wasteland

Nemo, I can stay online tell 8:30 PM, I was just saying 7 as a precaution, so yeah I can RP tell then.

Also, I started a pre-RP story for Robert tell he got to the hatters


It would help if everyone would follow Nemo's request to post all times in GMT, by the way. I mean, expressly. Speaking of times, Nemo, please define how many times a week, and at which day(s) of a week and which time(s), you'll be RPing. I'll try to come along even if it's somewhat beyound boundaries of times i've posted.

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Saw it and liked it!


Wanderer of the Wasteland

Note about the green duffel bag which Nails purchased in the RP topic: it's not on wiki, but i have one in the game, 100% price for it seems to be 50$ (mine is nearly 40% condition in game, price tag on it is nearly 20$). It has 10x6 space inside of it, iirc. Oh, and i've used , rolling d50 and adding 50%, to define condition of all used items Nails bought. Hopefully it's OK.

P.S. The 1 dollar 30 cents bit - is indeed a coincedence. Not made-up. The only thing i had to change in the shopping list after calculating the sum was reducing number of arrows from 10 broads to 5, so as not to exceed 400$ (it's 398.7$ exactly). Funny. %)

P.P.S. Oh, and Nemo, it seems we've started alright. Four of us, that is. Please tell us here if there's anything you'd want us to correct during future RPing, OK? Like, if i'd post too long, or some things which are not too directly related and thus shouldn't be there - this sort of thing. It's my 1st serious forum RP, you know. =)

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Well everything seems exactly as it should be up to now, you've all taken very nicely to the format. I'm just waiting for Lunasa to make his move before moving along.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

Personally, i love this line of the official RP topic the most, so far:

... an empty soup can (priceless!) ...

Oh the irony. :D :D

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Yeah, I had a good chuckle at that one too actually. To be fair, when playing the game and I find a soup can, I usually go "Jackpot"!


Wanderer of the Wasteland

With four people active and one inactive, how long should we wait until we proceed? I'd say tonight we go ahead, that would have been the two days. In the future I feel however that everyone should be able to post at least once a day (or make clear in advance that you won't be able to). Leaving the group hanging will just mean that I'll carry on and write around you, which means no loot. I try and write things so that people who aren't there can join later, but with people who aren't there tom the beginning, that requires a lot of creative rewriting.


Wanderer of the Wasteland

I agree.

Additionally, i believe that for people who "aren't there from the beginning", you could arrange quite simply: the initial group have _met_ someone else _after_ they started the journey, and the leader decided to take them in, on his own terms (which may differ from what Hatter's proposal was). For example, someone could simply decided to join the group in order to get connections, and/or for a smaller reward (some 1...2k is still good money in Neo), and/or because he was someone'e friend, or simply to increase their own chances of survival, since they see the Cat's group as powerful enough one to fend most if not all dangers of the wild, etc.

In other words, i don't think we'd need every other person in the group to have in-group history "from the start". I don't even think "future members" would nesessarily know - initially, - what the group is after; they could or could not be told about it by one of "from the start" members of the group, could even be a part of RP perhaps.

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Ok, I think I'll move on then.

Sorry Lunasa...


Wanderer of the Wasteland

Also, in general, I think it would be best if everyone could at least check in once a day (or let me know that you can't beforehand). I see weekends having the best potential for some more focused group play, so how about we try and have low activity once a day per weekday and set aside maybe three hours each saturday or sunday evening for more high activity playing. Does that sound ok?


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